Group 20 – Eutrophication and Fisheries in the Arabian Sea



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63 Responses to Group 20 – Eutrophication and Fisheries in the Arabian Sea

  1. akvg3 says:

    I thought the information was really well presented and thorough. The members talked at a reasonable volume and pace to fully understand them. Good Job!

  2. jpelzer3 says:

    I like how they presented the information through a newscast. It was very easy to understand them and had good visuals.

  3. drusso8 says:

    I liked this video almost simply because its format was different from the common (although still very good) drawing with narration scheme while also not being restricted to simple presentation slides. Everything else was very nice, too, but the shaky camera was a slightly annoying—though that’s a minor complaint.

    Nice job.

  4. iariza3 says:

    Very original idea! I thought the content of the video was organized and clear. Also, it synced to the audio and it provided a better view of what Eutrophication is. Great job!

  5. cfares3 says:

    Good video! easy to follow and presented information clearly

  6. shoover30 says:

    Aw. the R.I.P was creatively cute to show the fish dying indirectly by the plants not receiving enough sunlight. The News cast idea is unique and different from most of the videos uploaded so great job for being creative.

  7. mpzd3 says:

    Great timing for filming the video! Love the sunset in the background 🙂 good balance between visuals and speakers/video. Sometimes the video glitched a bit, but overall you all did a good job. I liked the doodles to show the effects of eutrophication.

  8. achoo3 says:

    Creative idea in the production of the video using news caster. Lacking in better visuals and story.

  9. sdonaghy3 says:

    I liked the concept for the video and I think you all did a good job presenting the information.

  10. preisinger3 says:

    The audio was extremely hard to hear and there were some glitches in the video. However, the visuals were helpful and the concept of the newscast was creative. Also, the information was well conveyed in an understandable method.

  11. cbattle6 says:

    Camera shook some, but information was very well explained and pictures helped!

  12. tdiaz8 says:

    I liked how all of you had your own sections to discuss and the news channel idea was very creative and stood out to me apart from the other videos. I also liked your inclusion of an image that helped me to visualize the cultural eutrophication.

  13. nwatson9 says:

    This is a fun video. Good use of visuals and explanations. The news report format was a cool touch as well.

  14. wsugianto3 says:

    The important terms were explained clearly. The animation in the middle of the video helps the viewer to understand euthropication in a simpler way. Also, the idea to present the articles as a news report is really cool. I really like the sound effect.

  15. lchen352 says:

    Cute drawings and great use of including all of the members.

  16. smitra36 says:

    Nice way to present the material.

  17. sbasta3 says:

    Loved the idea of a newscast. The information was presented very well.

  18. kbates9 says:

    Very mature understanding of the material and very well done presentation.

  19. klarson30 says:

    I really enjoyed the creativity in this video. The information was displayed in a unique way that kept me interested in learning more.

  20. jknipe3 says:

    The video was very informative and I liked the pictures used as descriptions.

  21. psanghvi7 says:

    A news report is a great way to present the information in a clear and understandable way. The visuals are also fun.

  22. ghadam3 says:

    Great information and the video kept my attention! Loved the news setting.

  23. gpfundt3 says:

    This was a great video! It looks very professional and all of the speakers were easy to understand. I also feel like the information was portrayed well and I really understand the topic.

  24. lbarre3 says:

    This is a good idea and execution while also very informative

  25. mdsouza8 says:

    This was one of my favorite videos! I liked the news theme you guys had going and the information was presented very clearly. Good job! 🙂

  26. tconnors3 says:

    Well done presentation, a little hard to hear though

  27. gnoh6 says:

    I like the way you presented the topic with a “news theme”. The flow was easy to follow, and I learned a lot about the Arabian Sea.

  28. kabdella3 says:

    Love the newscast idea! Information was presented very clearly.

  29. jbuehler3 says:

    Both the content and the presentation method worked very well and helped to make your information interesting.

  30. jeverett30 says:

    Information was great, very helpful and in depth, but it was a bit boring at time as the narration went on with no visuals. When there were visuals, however, it was very easy to follow and informative

  31. smihm3 says:

    Creative idea for the video, engages from the beginning. The visuals are also good and help add to the what is being said well. The video is also packed with information and I learned a lot. Great video!

  32. ttsung3 says:

    The format of the presentation was unique and made for clear understanding.

  33. jjallorina3 says:

    Great video! Very informative. Audio could be a little bit better.

  34. mmcintyre7 says:

    The way the information was presented as a newscast kept it interesting. Good work!

  35. tho9 says:

    Wow the news theme was very creative idea! I like the step by step talk about the chain starting from diatoms!

  36. doakland3 says:

    I like the format of the newscast. More interesting that way. Great job

  37. cgomez37 says:

    Interesting way of presenting the information. The visuals were cute

  38. nabdulkadir3 says:

    I thought that the idea was creative and the video provided an excellent definition and overview of the problem with eutrophication in the Arabian Sea.

  39. Shane Clawges says:

    The newscast format made the information being presented easy to understand. The visuals also helped to further illustrate the point.

  40. smargan3 says:

    The newscast setting was a great way to grab the attention of the audience. The video presented the information in a clear manner that was easy to understand.

  41. ahendrix9 says:

    Really like the newscast format. Few spots where the image is distorted, but it is only a minor inconvenience. Overall great video.

  42. rgolding3 says:

    The video and information were great, just a little hard to hear in some parts. It was very professional and well edited; I loved the hand drawn picture!

  43. kmartin65 says:

    Great job presenting the information in a fun way! The information was in-depth and well organized

  44. akell3 says:

    Well organized, informative, and the format was great.

  45. jsandmann3 says:

    Loved the idea. It’s a little hard to hear and sometimes the video is glitching. The information was very well presented though.

  46. xguan9 says:

    Very creative and fun to watch

  47. lhuddleston3 says:

    This video is very informative and I like the basis of a news broadcast. It is a little rushed though and there is little time for the viewer to absorb the information said before the next topic begins.

  48. ybelhseine3 says:

    Very innovative and not just an informative video.

  49. sglandorf3 says:

    Good theme and information, would’ve improved if the notecards were behind the camera instead of to the side

  50. npittman6 says:

    News cast was such a good idea!!!! I had a bit of trouble with the audio, but your information was very easy to understand.

  51. rpuvvada3 says:

    Really original! I love the BNN idea. I also liked the cartoons, which make it more interesting. Also, really good information.

  52. nnuthivana3 says:

    I really like how well the video was organized, and how the topic was very simplified so it was very easy to understand. The newscast idea is very unique and really worked out for this project. I also really liked all the visuals that were used throughout the video.

  53. sswitzer3 says:

    I thought this video was great! I really liked the way the information was presented as though it was news reportage and I liked that all the members of the group spoke. The information was clear and easy to follow.

  54. amomin8 says:

    I really liked the video. Not only was it presented well but you guys did a good job in explaining it thoroughly and in terms that students could actually understand. I liked the news report style.

  55. jjohnson396 says:

    Haha, nice creativity on the News thing. Definitely clear information that the viewer does not have to struggle to interpret. I like it.

  56. sstewart39 says:

    The news cast is a very creative idea to present the information. The entire video was clear and easy to understand. Great job!

  57. zgunnz3 says:

    Great introduction! Idea was very original and you guys did a good job of explaining key information. Overall, the video was very creative and presented the information in an easy way to understand.

  58. sreginauld3 says:

    The presentation was very informative as it went into great detail about the process of Eutrophication which helped clarify the certain trends when certain organisms were not present in the food chain.

  59. lsmith302 says:

    Great idea with the news show! It was very informative and well made.

  60. nwatson9 says:

    Excellent video! You has a great mixture of entertaining and informative. I especially liked how your sketches were able to tie together main points.

  61. imarkale3 says:

    I liked the concept of the newscast; however, the visual aspects could have been presented in a more organized way. All the information was easy to understand. Great Job!

  62. fbush3 says:

    I love that you organized you video like a news cast! It was much more interesting this way. Also your video was very through! Great job.

  63. apatel404 says:

    The video is really nice! especially the cool news theme to it helped keep it interesting. The audio was nice and the information was well portrayed.

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