Group 2 – The Effect of Environmental Factors on Senescence

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72 Responses to Group 2 – The Effect of Environmental Factors on Senescence

  1. Koo Jun says:

    Very well made video. I clearly understood the information you guys were trying to convey however, I have one question; wouldn’t the snails that self reproduced have a lesser lifespan than those that didn’t? You said in your video that snails that inseminate other snails use up more energy than those that reproduce by themselves but wouldn’t the self-reproducing snails spend a greater amount of energy producing offspring than the snails that simply mated with another snail?

  2. Murray Hannah says:

    I loved this video! I love the visuals and how you drew every concept out of the dry erase board. I clearly understood every aspect of this experiment down to the results. Very interesting concepts and approach!

  3. Mavris Sophia says:

    I really like the video! It was easy to hear the speaker and it had good balance with the background music. I liked how the style of this video is something you would actually find on YouTube for a science video.

  4. Couvillion Cristina says:

    The snail drawings were super cute. This study is a great example of research allocation and I thought the concepts were very well explained. The methods part of the study could have been shortened a bit though.

  5. Andrew Matson says:

    I was able to clearly all the topics presented in the video, and the connection to resource allocation especially hit home, because we just discussed that in class recently! The drawings and the background music made the video much more entertaining and fun!

  6. Calhoun Ciandra says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video. I appreciated how there was never a standstill in the video; the illustrations were always changing, so it was easier to comprehend the voiceovers that were concurrent with the images. The information provided within the illustrations and voiceovers were composed in an easy to understand manner, while still relaying all the major points towards the viewer.

  7. lwilson64 says:

    Connections to what we are learning in class was quite helpful. I liked the use of the drawings throughout the video that really helped convey the information in a helpful way.

  8. Herath Dinushka says:

    Loved the introduction. The background lyrics were annoying and distracting while you were talking.

  9. Vacko Katharine says:

    Great video! I found it very engaging and easy to understand. I really liked when y’all drew the chart showing the experimental set up. This made it so easy to understand while also relaying important information. The balance between the music and the speaker was great, I had no trouble hearing it.

  10. Olaniran Peace says:

    Superb video!! The music was engaging and the information and the corresponding images drawn were easy to understand. This video was very informative and for a person like me who did not know what senescence was, the definition was explained. Furthermore, I loved how your group went into detail concerning the process of the study given. Your video was one of the most put together videos I have seen. Great job.

  11. Su Steven says:

    Good video. Content was concise and clear. For me, I would prefer an even more simplified version of the methods. I don’t think talking about 720 snails split in to etc etc etc was very helpful and only confused me.

  12. Aldrete Carlos says:

    This was a great video. I hadn’t seen many groups use music during quiet parts of their videos and that was a great addition to keep the video exciting. The visuals on the whiteboard were well drawn and relevant to the script making it easy to follow along.

  13. Kyzer Amelia says:

    Video was set up nicely and mimicked that of a tutorial. short sentences worked well and made the concepts in the video concise and easy to understand.

  14. Moye Lauren says:

    I really liked this video! Good job you guys đŸ™‚ The information was very clear and well presented. I especially liked that you all took turns drawing out your visuals! It was very engaging.

  15. Xie Jingwei says:

    The figures are very straight forward and informative. I really appreciate how you guys made the topic easy to understand and interesting!

  16. Harris Sarah says:

    I love the introduction! You all used very adorable and straight forward figures and the background music was a great touch! Your figures were also very easy to understand and comprehend. You spoke at the perfect rate – not too fast or too slow. You all should be very proud of the video you produced.

  17. Phillips Haley says:

    Great video! I loved the way you guys used the whiteboard and made the video entertaining as well as informative. It was very easy to follow and easy to understand.

  18. Wilson Isaiah says:

    The explanation for the experiment was very detailed and easy to comprehend. The implications of the experiment were conveyed in a way that demonstrated a relationship, not causation. This along with the figures and explanations of the figures provided for a very comprehensive informational video.

  19. Filmer Andres says:

    I really enjoyed the intro with the music and drawings. That really drew me in. The background music was also a good touch. Your explanation of the study simplified it and made it easy to under stand. The drawings were also very well done.

  20. Zou Qing says:

    I really like the music and the audio. The music is cool hahah. And the explanation is simple and clear and also unified. I prefer one person talk to multiple different people talking.

  21. Satapathy Aparajita says:

    Very nice video! Loved the drawings and you all did a great job explaining all the concepts in the experiment.

  22. Bonitatibus Rachael says:

    I enjoyed this video. it was visually pleasing and the back ground music was very appropriate. I understood the concepts and information in the video very well. However, I felt like the introduction to the video was too long and it took a while to get to the actual experiment and information.

  23. Qin Nina says:

    The animation itself was entertaining. Very tastefully risque ;D. The explanation was very clear and every drawing corresponded to it very well. You guys did a good job of showing the significant implications of the study.

  24. Loftin Sidney says:

    The video quality was awesome, as well as the content in the video. Very easy to understand

  25. McCullough Hannah says:

    This video is great! I like how simply everything is explained and how clear the drawings and speaking is. Very easy to follow, and super informative.

  26. Patel Tilak says:

    This video was light-hearted and enjoyable. The information was all there which is important. It was easy to understand because everyone articulated well.

  27. Bentata Benezry says:

    I loved the figures you used, they are very easy to understand and comprehend. Besides,they match with what you guys say at the same time. I really enjoyed the video.

  28. White Samantha says:

    Great job you guys! I felt that the visuals perfectly matched the concepts being discussed and the background music along with the intro was a great touch.

  29. Grande Guillermo says:

    I thought this video was great! The visuals were very good and the music paired perfectly with the tone of the video. The narrator also did a great job presenting the information in a simplified, coherent manner, which made understanding the method and results of this study much less tedious. Great job overall!

  30. Reeves Devon says:

    The video is funny and the music fitting. It is entertaining and kept my attention. The video conveyed the concepts clearly and was interesting!

  31. Carroll Resa says:

    This video was very entertaining, and the visuals fit with the narration perfectly! The background music helped to make the overall video flow better, and the topic was presented in a very engaging and informative way. Overall, this video explained the article well, and was very effective.

  32. Li Danny says:

    The video was very well done. The narration was done at a good pace and was very easy to follow and understand with the illustrations. The the background music was a very nice addition to make the video more engaging.

  33. Mohammad Awan says:

    Nice figures. The video was engaging and it overall had did a good job of presenting the idea in a fun way. I enjoyed it. Nice Music As well.

  34. Punyarthi Sayali says:

    The background music added transitions to the video that allowed viewers to regain attention throughout the video.

  35. Wauldron Natalia says:

    This video is awesome! You guys’ additions, such as music and funny drawings, make the video enjoyable the entire time. The talking in the video was at a good speed and the information was portrayed very clearly.

  36. Hebert Mason says:

    Background music was VERY loud and it was hard to understand what you were saying. However the drawings were cute. Overall, it was a good, informative video.

  37. Jacqueline says:

    The timing was spot on! I enjoyed the illustrations and the winking snail at the end. I couldn’t help but pay more attention to the movements and the music, but I found the content that I did hear to be very interesting. I didn’t know snails could reproduce asexually, and I enjoyed how you transitioned from the definition of senescence into how it related to this experiment.

  38. Reeves Olivia says:

    I love how you guys drew along with what you were saying – it made it a lot easier to follow the video. Without the subtitles, it would have been hard to know what you were saying at times since the music was loud and it might have been good to do a few jump cuts when you were drawing. Overall great video – really gets the point across and shows that you know what you are talking about!

  39. Iyengar Mayuri says:

    Really loved the music choice haha, fits so perfectly! I like how everything was drawn by hand as well. The voice over was very engaging and kept me listening. Good job!

  40. Reynolds Kirsten says:

    The music immediately grabbed my attention, as did the drawings! Everything was very well-explained and very easy to understand. I really enjoyed learning about this topic, it was very interesting! The video kept me very entertained, and you illustrated and explained the information very well! Well done!

  41. Taylor Sydney says:

    The snail drawings were really cute! The information presented was easy to comprehend. The background music during the narration was a bit distracting, but overall you did a great job.

  42. Born Adam says:

    The narration was a good speed and clearly explained all of the topics. The methods section was thoroughly explained, but perhaps a bit too long. I would have liked to see a little more discussion about the results, as they seemed very interesting. The visuals were very engaging and easy to understand.

  43. Smith Jaeiza says:

    I loved your drawings of snails. I think that you explained the topics clearly. I think the intro could of been a little shorter,but it was cute.

  44. Tordoya Henckell says:

    I loved the music choice! You presented the information in a fun and interesting way, so good job!

  45. Lucas Council says:

    Best video I’ve seen. The drawings were great, the concept was simplified nicely, and the music was hilarious.

  46. Arpinar Omer says:

    Great drawings kept the video interesting while the group as a whole did a very good job explaining how different factors such as predation and mate availability have an effect on age at death.

  47. Karius Alexander says:

    The video was very informative and effective at combining visuals and audio in a clear and understandable way. Amazing job!

  48. Cho Soo says:

    I like your video because I was able to think about the connection to resource allocation which we’ve learned in lecture. Also, the music made me concentrate on the video.

  49. Courtney Queen says:

    Awesome job with the video! Everything was easy to follow and understand! Great drawings, too!

  50. Green Madison says:

    The video was great! The concepts were presented clearly and in an interesting way. The video was produced and put together very well and the visuals and sound went well together.

  51. Kulkarni Amrut says:

    This was really well done! All ideas were expressed clearly.

  52. vjohn6 says:

    I really liked this video and how it was presented. The timelapse of all the drawings with the voiceover made it super easy to visualize the concepts and gain a deeper understanding of your project.

  53. Likes Taisha says:

    This video was definitely entertaining. You took something as boring as snails and made me laugh. It went by so fast, I had to rewind and re-watch parts to understand some of it. I really enjoyed this video. It made me smile.

  54. Ortega Michelle says:

    One thing I really loved about your video was the introduction. It immediately gets the viewer into it and makes one want to keep watching. The only thing I would really critique this video on was how some of the drawings took longer to draw so the information being spoken did not seem to match up with the drawing anymore; that was a bit confusing. Overall, great interpretation of this experiment.

  55. Marcos Schwaycer says:

    Thank you for your video.
    It was very funny and entertaining, yet still informative. The visuals and the audio combine very well to create a single piece and it is very effective. The speed at which you talked was good, if a bit slow at times.

  56. Jones Dillon says:

    Clear to understand/ Music was comical.

  57. Irondi Ogechi says:

    The music is extremely appropriate and goes with the theme. The introduction is so catchy and does a good job engaging the audience. I laughed a lot throughout this video, which is a great thing. Very entertaining and informative. Good job at interpreting the experiment.

  58. Turner Emma says:

    Very professional and well executed. I understood all of the information very well and enjoyed watching it.

  59. Phillips Matthew says:

    The music definitely made the presentation very exhilarating and easy to follow. The visuals were drawn very well ,and the voice-over was excellent throughout the video. I especially thought your group did a good job explaining about the researcher’s future ideas to test his hypothesis.

  60. Grant says:

    I enjoyed the visuals, and the time-lapse of each drawing was entertaining. You also had included some great information and you utilized your topic well. Awesome video. Good job

  61. Eling Taylor says:

    The narrator spoke steadily and clearly, and giving the information in short sections helped make the topic easier to understand. The pictures were a nice addition, but the background music (lyrics) was a little distracting when the narrator was also speaking. If the music didn’t have lyrics, it would be fine. Other than that, it was a great video!

  62. Swope Jason says:

    Great intro to capture my attention along with the great drawings to go along with the explanations. Overall it was very well organized and addressed the topics and defined any key terms very effectively while keeping me engaged through its presentation.

  63. Brockman Christine says:

    I really liked how informative this video was; the voiceovers were clear and appropriately followed and explained the visuals. Good job! I liked how multiple people were involved in drawing the visuals.

  64. smortley3 says:

    This video is very interesting and the illustrations and background music really add to the experience while making the information easy to understand.

  65. Svitak Ethan says:

    Very informative and well crafted! The organization was very well done and the results well presented.

  66. Garg Pallavi says:

    Very interesting way to present the information from the experiment. The visuals were well-drawn and the voiceover moved at a good pace to explain the material.

  67. Okudoh Victoria says:

    Nice introduction and ending. The visuals were well synchronized with the audio.

  68. Crane-Moscowitz Kenneth says:

    I really liked this video! I think the figures that you guys presented were very appropriate for the information you were providing. I also liked your use of humor. The editing was also very smooth and seamless. Well done!

  69. Diaz Noah says:

    I liked your inclusion of music during transition parts. I also liked the added intro you made

  70. Mendoza Franco says:

    This video is great! Not only it explains the procedure and reasoning for the experiment clearly and simply enough to understand, but it also provides connections to the materials learned in class

  71. Popovici David says:

    The snail drawings were very cute. I really enjoyed the video.

  72. Durrah Mirage says:

    The speakers did a good job of drawing connections to what we learned in class. I enjoyed the video, drawings were cute.

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