Group 19 – Conversion of Forest to Cropland and Its Effect on Climate

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60 Responses to Group 19 – Conversion of Forest to Cropland and Its Effect on Climate

  1. akvg3 says:

    Very good information presented but some of the slides were erased too fast for me to read hear what the announcer was saying and read what was on the slide.

  2. hgreenwald3 says:

    Great video with lucid explanations of information!

  3. drusso8 says:

    Some of the slides definitly go by too fast, and I had to re-watch parts of the video to fully understand the information being presented. The presentation was nice, though, and I could hear the narrator without a hitch, and the words on each slides were easy to read.

    I also liked the nuance that this project added to the causes of climate change.

  4. cfares3 says:

    I liked how you defined many terms which made it so that anyone could learn about the topic regardless of background knowledge.

  5. kdoughty7 says:

    Good summary of information, but there could have been longer delays between transitions so that viewers could read as well as hear the information.

  6. slee913 says:

    I think that the clicker problems are more helpful to understand the materials in this video. The background music at the end of this video makes me laugh.

  7. shoover30 says:

    This video reminds me of the videos I watch on YouTube to understand the information of a particular class. I like this because it defines all the words in detail. I learned a lot of vocabulary words and deeper understand of the cropland, BVOC emissions and its contribute to warming temperatures.

  8. mmosgrove6 says:

    Great video! Very step-by-step presentation, made concepts much easier to follow. Also the questions at the end were a good idea!

  9. sdonaghy3 says:

    This video was nicely made and very informative. Good job!

  10. preisinger3 says:

    The visuals were well done, however they were erased to quickly and the viewer was unable to completely read them or understand what was on the slide. The information was valuable and presented in an organized manner, however.

  11. cbattle6 says:

    Very informative, cute pictures to explain!

  12. tdiaz8 says:

    I liked how instead of just slides you guys had information presented in written form and included a conclusion section to wrap everything up. The narrator could have slowed down a little so we could focus on both the speaking and writing. Overall the video was easy to understand and good job.

  13. jlee963 says:

    Great video. I really liked how you guys wrote out everything because it seemed like a classroom setting with a whiteboard. But I agree with the other comment, some of the pictures and writings were erased a little too fast and I’d be concerned that some people might not be able to see them in time.

  14. dolaiya3 says:

    This video was simple and very easy to follow. It gave an interesting view on how we should combat global warming. The clicker questions at the end were a nice touch as well.

  15. jlee961 says:

    overall, easy to follow video. talking was slow but writing was really fast. It’d be nice to see some images though to see the effect more in detail.

  16. mdt7 says:

    The slides go really fast and it is really hard for me to follow. I would prefer to have 1 narrator rather than 2. The content is very well presented. It is very creative way to do your presentation.

  17. esims7 says:

    GREAT use of technology! This video is well crafted, and easy to understand.

  18. klarson30 says:

    The information shown in this video was excellent; however, it was presented too quickly and the slides changed too fast. This made it difficult to absorb the information and really understand it.

  19. nderussy3 says:

    Very informative. I liked the Q&A at the end. The conclusions about BVOC’s and how they should be factored into the global climate equation was intriguing.

  20. jknipe3 says:

    I liked your information, but the just watching someone write on a white screen was a little boring.

  21. ghadam3 says:

    Great information! Could have used more pictures and graphics rather than just words being written

  22. gpfundt3 says:

    Slides went by a little fast at times but this was a very informative video. I really liked the topic and feel like I understand the material presented. I also liked all of the visuals.

  23. gbacardi3 says:

    Good presentation of the information. Very organized and planned out. A little bit fast to be able to read and listen.

  24. wcook31 says:

    Some of the slides got erased before I could take in the information but this has been the most compact video as far as content to time ratios (that’s good). You presented all the information in an easy to understand way and I actually learned from your video, thank you!

  25. tshaw30 says:

    I thought the information in the video was very informative, but there were times where the video went a little too fast. I wish I could’ve seen that graph at the beginning of the video again after learning what the terms meant.

  26. ntaylor37 says:

    Some parts of the video went too fast but overall it was very informative!

  27. jno9 says:

    Very informative! I was little bit hard to understand since the writing was fast.

  28. gnoh6 says:

    Good video. I like your voice. It’s very soothing. Also, the information was presented very well.

  29. jeverett30 says:

    The writing was fast, but I liked the method of how the video was produced, and thought the speed was necessary in some parts to fit it into the required time slot.

  30. swyfl3 says:

    Nice video. Legible handwriting, audible good paced voice and the way the information was presented helped enhance the video. Great way to wrap it up with some questions.

  31. bposadas3 says:

    The video was easy to understand, and the digital writing makes the visuals easy to read.

  32. nabdulkadir3 says:

    The written text supported the audio very well. This video was very informative. The only constructive video I have is that the voiceover does not match to the visuals at times.

  33. klanthier3 says:

    The animations kept my focus. I really liked how you tried to keep viewers interested

  34. smargan3 says:

    The way the information was presented made it easy to absorb. The topic that you guys covered was also interesting. One thing that could have been made better was the speed of the writing. It was a little too fast to grasp at times.

  35. mtaylor306 says:

    Overall good explanations, but you went over some of the information quickly.

  36. arathor3 says:

    Good presentation, but the slides moved to quickly at parts. Also the handwriting seemed sloppy at some parts. But otherwise, excellent presentation.

  37. shoque6 says:

    I really liked the voice over in this video. The text and pictures were good aids, but from this video I mainly learned from their voice overs.

  38. gwang76 says:

    Good presentation, but sometimes the slides passed too fast

  39. ahendrix9 says:

    You did a very good job of explaining all the topics. Really nice video.

  40. eferrando3 says:

    The way that the text is written out while the narration is going on does a great job of getting the point across. Also the speed of the narration is perfect and allows the reader to process everything but is not too slow.

  41. jsandmann3 says:

    It was very easy to listen to and pay attention. Sometimes the writing and erasing was too fast.

  42. sglandorf3 says:

    Good information and I liked the questions at the end, but as mentioned by others more visuals would’ve been more interesting

  43. lbuchanan3 says:

    I liked the ‘to conclude’ section and the quiz at the end. It help reinforce the topics that were discussed.

  44. jrogers89 says:

    Your narrators were very clear and easy to understand. Also, I liked how you incorporated different methods to present information, like concept maps, diagrams, and definitions. The summary at the end was a great idea because it broke everything down even more and helped to set the information solidly in my mind.

  45. bkatz30 says:

    I liked the visual style of drawing on the board. It was really attention-grabbing and the narration was easy to listen to and informative.

  46. achen87 says:

    Very good and thoroughly explained information. The visuals were very helpful in understanding the ideas delivered by the voice overs.

  47. asellers9 says:

    The video was very well made. The information was easy to understand and clearly explained. The graphs and writings also helped convey the message. This reminded me of a Khan Academy video. The only bad thing is that it got a little boring.

  48. chaynie6 says:

    Great information, but some of the slides disappeared before I could read them.

  49. amorris45 says:

    Presented very clearly as an informative paint video! Nothing distracts from the point!

  50. hbrar6 says:

    This was a great video and I learned a lot about climate changes! I really loved the drawing and the ease to follow the narrator throughout the video. However it could have been slowed down somewhat for clarity.

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