(Summer 2015 Projects) Reprogramming Human DNA (Group #4)

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17 Responses to (Summer 2015 Projects) Reprogramming Human DNA (Group #4)

  1. CWALDEN6 says:

    Nice combination of human interaction and visual aids!

  2. OPOOL3 says:

    Absolutely loved the graphics in the introduction, that was a nice touch. The material in the video was very thorough and neat to learn about. Images and other graphics were edited very well in this video and were useful. I wish the speakers in the video didn’t read off paper/computer screens. I know it was a lot of material to read, but when they looked down, the voices weren’t as clear and I didn’t understand all of what they said.

  3. GGRESHAM6 says:

    The information in this video was good; however I did not like the fact that it was basically just a film of the group members reading a script. There was a lot more that could have been done to present the information in a more effective and creative manner.

  4. ANATHANI6 says:

    I wish you had more graphics, but you guys explained the concept really well!

  5. SBADNANI3 says:

    Concepts were explained well but the video is not creative. I think more visuals should have been added to further enhance the viewer’s ability to understand the concepts. In addition, I think this video would have been more engaging and entertaining if the group members did something else other than just read off of their script.

  6. SLEE862 says:

    The content of the video was good, but the video seemed to drag at times. More visuals would have helped as well.

  7. YLIEW3 says:

    Cool intro. The video presented the information well.

  8. CQIAN31 says:

    Very informative!

  9. LBELL9 says:

    On screen visuals were a nice touch to the speaking. They helped give visualization of the concept being spoken on .

  10. OMOORE7 says:

    There was a lot of information in your video! Great job on that! I really liked the picture of the molecule appearing at the beginning. However, I think the computers should have been left out of the video! Good work otherwise! =]

  11. TEVINGER3 says:

    I liked how the video was thorough in its covering of all pertinent information, and I liked the usage of the computer analogy. I also liked how very single person had a speaking role in the project, so it looked like all members of the group were involved. However, I think the video would have been a little better if there were mnore visual displays such as pictures or animation during the video. Also, the speakers were mostly looking down at their computers instead of speaking to the camera during the video.

  12. YNGUYEN6 says:

    The video contained a lot of good information, but it doesn’t look good when they’re just reading the words off of a piece of paper and a laptop. They could have made it a lot more creative than just inserting random pictures into the screen. Also, at some points you couldn’t really clearly hear what they were saying. I also think they could have made a few comparisons or analogies so that the viewers could better understand the nformation. Good information in the video, just a bad relay of information.

  13. JFEARS32 says:

    Great job on the project. Some of the recording was a little quiet and a microphone would have helped, but you were able to transfer some information over video.

  14. SCHEN438 says:

    The starting animation was very nice. The organization of the story was well done. However I think if you guys can add more evidence to support your idea would make the your topic more convincing. The presnters has good pacing and voice inflection, but I think holding a computer during the video was a little bit distract. Overall, The video was clear and professional .

  15. AVEITH3 says:

    Your video had fantastic information. Possible improvements could have been memorizing the script, however I don’t believe it detracts from the over all message.

  16. BPEABODY3 says:

    The narration from each of y’all provided a human aspect to the video. I also liked how y’all adhered to the rubric and provided analogies to better convey information. That said, I think the most effective projects find a nice balance between video (to better engage the audience) and pictures (to better convey information). So for a visual leaner like myself, it was a little hard to follow, but it was nonetheless clear y’all knew your stuff.

  17. MOGUNSUSI3 says:

    Information was great, wish the video was a bit more”animated”, but still a great job overall.

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