F15-02 Carbon Cycle

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22 Responses to F15-02 Carbon Cycle

  1. edernar3 says:

    Very good animations. The concepts could be explained in a little bit more detail.

  2. adas71 says:

    The graphics of this video were extremely entertaining and funny. I also really enjoyed how the group turned the process of the carbon cycle into a storyline with Carl the Carbon Atom. However, I feel that the quality of the video could be improved if the dialogue was as entertaining as the graphics. The audience would be more engaged if there was some humor or entertaining components to the voiceover.

  3. slarose3 says:

    The Carl examples are very creative. To improve this video, I would make the tone of voice more animated and excited.

  4. jsodwatana3 says:

    The video is straightforward and easy to follow, especially since you use a carbon atom to explain the cycle. The animation is also really good.

  5. esamantaray3 says:

    The introduction of a character made it more fun and interactive to watch and engage with! Great job!

  6. slawal3 says:

    I liked how you introduced carbon at the beginning of the video and said why it is important. The video is good quality and all the material contained in the video is relevant. Honestly, I could not think of anything that you need to improve on. Good job!

  7. khutchins7 says:

    Good video and explanation of the carbon cycle. I like how you showed every step “Carl” took in his long journey throughout the cycle. It made it easier to think of the carbon cycle as a step by step process rather than something complicated and confusing. It would have been helpful if you showed an overall journey map of Carl’s beginning to end journey at the end of the video. It would have been a good summary because I like to keep things in order.

  8. yan49 says:

    This video was well made and easy to follow. It did a great job using Carl as an example of a carbon molecule, and it was easy to pay attention. I would suggest going through the cycle a little more in depth, but as a basic outline of the carbon cycle, this video was a success.

  9. wporter8 says:

    All of the content is very relevant and informative. I liked the idea of following a single atom through the cycle.

    It is easy to get lost with all the different types of images, and the end graphic of the carbon cycle was really busy. I think since the video only gives an outline of the cycle, this graphic should’ve represented that more than it did.

  10. tzhao65 says:

    I really like the pictures and diagrams used in this video. It made all the concepts easier to understand.

  11. ameadows31 says:

    This video was great. I loved how the information was presented in a very entertaining way. The animations were so cute and it definitely kept the viewer entertained. I think this video could be improved by adding more specific details.

  12. arobertson38 says:

    The animation is very playful and helps to keep the viewer engaged. Furthermore the speaker is clear and speaks slowly which also helps to keep the viewer engaged. The only hit is that the speaker doesn’t seem particularly excited in the topic. How will the viewer pay attention if the speaker doesn’t even care?

  13. prasania3 says:

    Awesome video. The content is very clear and concise, and the video visuals are entertaining. The introduction in which the importance of carbon is stated captures the viewer and the personification of the carbon atom Carl makes the video entertaining. The audio is also very well done. Great job!

  14. mvu31 says:

    Your video was very informative, easy to follow, and pretty cute! I really liked it. Perhaps a more detailed explanation of the steps in the carbon cycle could be incorporated but very well done overall.

  15. vpatel301 says:

    As a broad overview of the carbon cycle and its relevance on Earth, the video fulfilled its purpose. I really enjoyed the graphics used to illustrate the concepts. The only suggestion I have is to perhaps make the script more engaging. But honestly, this video was great!

  16. clide3 says:

    Great basic explanation of the carbon cycle and the outside source was interesting and incorporated well. I liked the use of a character to let us follow along through the cycle. The only thing I can think of to improve is going in to a little more detail.

  17. vlee38 says:

    Great example that made it clear to the viewer the steps to the carbon cycle! I do feel like the video was a little flat though and wish the speaker would have sounded a bit more energetic to match the character.

  18. amathur44 says:

    This video took an often confusing topic and broke it down clearly. Carl made following the different steps of the cycle simple to understand. One possible way to improve would be to have explained the role of carbon in our lives a little bit more.

  19. jlary3 says:

    I liked the animations and documentation of Carl’s journey as a carbon atom. The cycle was simple and easy to follow. Well done.

  20. fnguyen8 says:

    Interesting approach to teaching the Carbon cycle. It was very informative and well spoken. The video could use some words to focus on key carbon sources or processes.

  21. mrajagopalan3 says:

    I really liked this! The animations were really well done and complemented the explanation of the carbon cycle superbly! The video does a really great job explaining this process in a concise manner, but it may be a little oversimplified for a college level biology course. For a basic outline however, it is really great!

  22. mhanon6 says:

    I really liked the video! It took a different approach. I liked that it covered step by step what the carbon cycle consists of, through a unique example. It my be a little simple, but in general it covered the different routes carbon takes throughout the Earth. Great job!

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