F15-23 Species Concepts

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11 Responses to F15-23 Species Concepts

  1. Angela says:

    You guys had a really great intro but increase the volume of your voice please

  2. bcosta6 says:

    Nice approach to the biological concept. I liked the initial way the video captures the attention of the viewer by presenting the example of the chef with the mushrooms. Is a good source of information for the species concept. Things to be improved are the sound quality of the video in the last part. When the biological species concept is explained it is a quite hard to listed with the white noise in the background.

  3. vmaheshwari8 says:

    The start of the video was interesting, a great way to draw viewers.

  4. cscott64 says:

    I think that presenting the real-world application first was smart because it is similar to the case studies we do in class. I also think that the material was presented very well. It was easy to understand and well organized.

  5. abrown365 says:

    I like the story and the unique examples presented in this video! One thing I might change is more writing/text in the video in order to emphasize the words you are saying

  6. cgan31 says:

    This video was very well put together. It provided a lot of information on species concepts, concisely and effectively. The biological concept seemed a little out of place though because of the change in people speaking and the change in volume quality.

  7. vlee38 says:

    The video was great and the example was eye-catching, allowing viewers to keep interested. A way to improve the video might be to add more visuals while the speaker is talking.

  8. pbrown39 says:

    I like the intro but I could feel the anxiety of the “biologist” through the camera. The pictures of the different concepts helped but next time either try focus on only the important things (the board or the camera). Other than that I found the video very informative and helpful.

  9. lmasters3 says:

    I liked the example you used to demonstrate the concepts. Your illustrations were very nice! The narration could have been a little more exciting. The tone was a bit boring.

  10. apietri3 says:

    I thought that your idea of presenting the information was very unique and I enjoyed the intro. It was slightly distracting how the sound/image of the video dramatically changed when presenting the biological species concept.

  11. bsanghani3 says:

    A voice over might have increased the quality of the sound in this video. Good information. Introduction was cute.

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