F15-19 Functions of mRNA, rRNA, and tRNA

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30 Responses to F15-19 Functions of mRNA, rRNA, and tRNA

  1. mbenton30 says:

    This video was overall quite well done. The narration was extremely informative. Perhaps the drawings could have been a little better explained and it would have been nice if the chef metaphor had gone a bit more in depth. However, it was a great video and you guys did a really good job.

  2. adas71 says:

    This video was extremely informative and was organized in a way that made it really easy to understand the differences between the different types of RNA molecules. I especially liked the metaphor with the cook.

  3. adas71 says:

    However, one suggestion to improve the quality of this video would be to make sure the entire board is in your camera frame. Some of the drawings were cut off due to the fact that the camera was too close/zoomed in on the board.

  4. cbleick3 says:

    I really liked your guys’ video! The music and tone of the voice made it intriguing. I wish that there was not that string/hair in the center of the screen during the whole video.

  5. jstephenson36 says:

    This topic was especially tricky to grasp because mRNA, tRNA, and rRNA all sound the same. The first part of the video would have definitely helped someone struggling with this concept. I appreciated that the sound and the video were perfectly synced, because I know how hard it is to do that. As for my critique, the example at the end was a bit confusing. If someone watched the video and understood the first part, I think they would have been confused by the example. My suggestion would to be either to scrap the example, or put it at the beginning.

  6. jkim3116 says:

    Your video is great and engaging, and I love that you incorporated a little story about the chef. It makes it more interesting and gives the viewer an anecdote to remember the information. One thing that can be improved is possibly adding in an explanation of start and stop codons. I also believe that your sources had to follow a certain format provided in the project guidelines. Otherwise, great video and good work!

  7. dluehm3 says:

    Great pacing. Very easy to understand. I appreciate the attempt at comedy with the chef scene, however it seemed a little forced and wasn’t very well done.

  8. vmaheshwari8 says:

    great video, should’ve seen this before the test.

  9. vmaheshwari8 says:

    This would have helped me a lot before the last test.

  10. csane3 says:

    Very informative and great pictures to help the viewer understand. Nice analogy at the end! The only thing I might change is use more colors or extend the analogy throughout the video rather than just having it at the end.

  11. esamantaray3 says:

    The straightforward graphics helped to grasp the concept better, and the explanation was clear and easy to follow. Really great job!

  12. ehaak3 says:

    This was really well done. I liked how concise the video was. I think the strength of this video came from the fact that the subject matter was very specific and therefore could be explained in under three minutes. A lot of groups, including my own, picked broad topics that were either under explained in the three minutes, or fully explained in 5 or 6 minutes. An improvement could have been a more fully developed metaphor with the chef.

  13. swhite85 says:

    The white board worked well to back up your information with visuals. I really liked the chef analogy and that super cute drawing. Sometimes the talking was a little quit or monotone, but the visuals made sure that the video was never boring.

  14. skang323 says:

    The whiteboard recording idea worked really well with the corresponding explanations and the comparison to the dish recipe helps with having the ideas stick better. You could try adding a few more labels to your drawings throughout the video as it is a bit confusing sometimes when you refer to things.

  15. asmith430 says:

    The layout of the video was great and the illustrations were very easy to follow! At the end, the chef comparison was hard to follow at first, but in the end it came together well.

  16. bcosta6 says:

    Like the comparison with the chef and the recipe. The video quality was good and the sound match the description, however, the images were too fast to follow and there is no logic transition to the chef comparison. Liked the tone in which the chef story was presented, accurate music choice for presenting the story. Recommendation maybe writing rRNA in the illustration would have helped to reinforce the concept instead of just mentioning it.

  17. mnguyen74 says:

    Okay, the animation where you erased parts of the nuclear membrane to show why DNA needs to be broken up into bits of RNA in order to leave the nucleus was pretty cool. However, I think it would have been better to integrate the chef analogy with the actual explanation throughout the video rather than splitting them into separate parts for better coherence.

  18. dryoo6 says:

    The chef example was clever and helped to reinforce the information presented in the first half of the video. One little improvement would be to zoom the camera out so that a larger area of the whiteboard was being filmed, meaning there would be more room for the artist to draw. Other than that, the video was very good!

  19. oosaigbovo3 says:

    The narration was clear and easy to follow, also the illustrations were used well and one could easily see the 3 types of RNA and the roles that each play. However, the chef analogy seemed out of place and a smoother transition to an analogy would have been better.

  20. cscott64 says:

    Kudos to you for picking one of the more confusing topics we’ve covered in class and explaining it so clearly. However, I think that, for as well as the video did teaching, the chef analogy was little superfluous.

  21. prasania3 says:

    Great video! The concept was very clear and concise and well explained, and the analogy was very creative. The audio was very clear, however I think the video moved a little too fast for viewers to fully grasp the concept easily. If I were learning from this video, I think I would have to watch it multiple times to fully understand all the information. Other than that it is a great video!

  22. rgallaway3 says:

    Very well illustrated, with good explanations to back it up. I do think the explanations could have gone into a little more detail, though. Also, the chef analogy didn’t really work for me personally.

  23. ameadows31 says:

    This video had really nice visuals and the information made sense. However, it could be improved by adding something that will catch the viewer’s attention.

  24. ksomu3 says:

    This was a high quality video. The pictures aided the learning process very well. Different colors were used to help differentiate the different parts of each phase. The music in the background helped the viewer stay focused. The only issue with this video was that it was fast-paced and a little difficult to understand.

  25. lmasters3 says:

    The video was very informative and easy to follow, but the animations went by a little too fast. It would have been better if they were left on the screen a little longer.

  26. mntende3 says:

    This is a great video, you picked a topic that is harder to understand, but you made it easier to grasp the concept! Way to even make an analogy at the end!

  27. fnguyen8 says:

    Great job with this concept! This is a difficult subject to understand let alone explain, but I think you did great with the video. I was able to follow the process clearly. My recommendation would be to integrate your metaphor with the subject more.

  28. jlogan31 says:

    This was really good! Your drawings were easy to understand and helpful. However, I do think you moved a bit quickly, especially at the beginning. Perhaps explaining more about what RNA and DNA actually are would have acquainted the viewer a bit better with the information. Good job overall.

  29. nwoubshet3 says:

    Great video. I think the material was explained very clearly and the visuals were excellent. The voice over was also clear. The only thing I had trouble understanding was the chef analogy. But good job overall!

  30. dsmith372 says:

    You all did a great job incorporating the whiteboard in a neat and informative way. That can be hard to do with quality recordings. I think your use of drawings worked really well for this topic of RNA. The chef analogy was a good tie in but I would suggest going a little more in depth with it and maybe incorporating it throughout the video instead of it being an afterthought. Great job overall though!

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