F15-22 “The Steps that Led to Life”

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39 Responses to F15-22 “The Steps that Led to Life”

  1. gwilliams81 says:

    This was a clever idea to understand the origin of life on earth. It would have been nice if you had a more aesthetically-pleasing backdrop/visuals

  2. boh33 says:

    I like the analogy the group made in relating ingredients of life to ingredients of cake. However, I think the video could have been a little more broad in the sense that it was very limited in just talking about the ingredients of life. Perhaps it could have talked about how it eventually led to evolution.

  3. pmishra33 says:

    First of all, I love the graphics in the beginning. They are very enticing and give off a Star-Wars esque beginning. I like that the information is relayed in a concise yet paced manner in the beginning. I love the analogy of the beginning of earth to Cake; this example really kept me interested throughout. The only improvement I would make to this video would be to have the voice-over speak in a more enthusiastic and louder voice, since at times I felt that I wasn’t listening to the voice-over as much because of its monotone. Overall, great video and great cake!

  4. vmaheshwari8 says:

    Good video, very informative!!

  5. mjung43 says:

    I liked the analogy you gave. “Life is a piece of cake.” The connection between cake and life was creative. Plus, the narrator’s voice is very calming and soothing.

  6. esamantaray3 says:

    Great analogy that helped me to remember the steps in a more ordered fashion! Brief yet covering explanations of how each component incorporates into the whole concept!

    • pnatarajan34 says:

      Really great analogy! It helped me remember all the steps and I will definitely use this one the test. Making this video brief was very helpful since this is such a broad topic.

  7. ehaak3 says:

    I liked the video a lot! It was creative and well explained. It could have improved by adding some text on the screen or some more exciting transitions, etc. Overall, well done!

  8. mdickey3 says:

    I love the idea! It was just a little slow for me.

  9. skang323 says:

    The comparison of the concept to baking a cake was a really neat idea. The animation in the beginning and the recording following flowed well. Some of the concepts that you explain could have been accompanied by other animations when you weren’t explaining the parts about baking cake.

  10. cdalluge3 says:

    I really like the analogy you used and it really helped explain the concept. Some extra visuals to while explaining some of the details could make the video more entertaining.

  11. dfogg3 says:

    I liked the analogy, “life is a piece of cake,” that is really going to help me remember these concepts. I think that a summary at the end would have been helpful.

  12. tmitchell44 says:

    Although the cake analogy was interesting and the narration was clear and informative, it could have incorporated better visuals to help the viewer understand the topic. It was overall very helpful though.

  13. kravi31 says:

    Overall, the video did a good job of providing simple analogies for the steps of life formation on Earth. However, the video was a little monotonous and some graphics could have been used to make the video more attention-grabbing.

  14. mnguyen74 says:

    The analogy between the ingredients of cake and life was really cool, and it’s a nice way to memorize the actual chronology of how life formed on Earth. I would have liked to see a bit more animation in the video because the portions where the ingredients were just sitting there were somewhat monotonous. Maybe the eggs could have been whipped, the flour could have been sifted into the cup, or something along those lines.

  15. lkeller8 says:

    The analogy and video was very user friendly due to the clever analogy and slogan and ended creatively with a cake baked as the world, but it was difficult to clearly understand the actually information because the voice was difficult to understand and the video provided no visual that actually matched up with the information. While it did have good information, the video wasn’t good at communicating that information in a constructive way.

  16. ksloan7 says:

    The analogy the group uses is fun and interesting. They do a good job keeping the video concise, but not all necessary information was portrayed to the audience.

  17. wgalloway6 says:

    I think that just about anyone would be interested when you compare something to food! I was drawn in from the beginning, but there could have been some more digital editing or graphics added to make the video pop a little more.

  18. jvalencia8 says:

    The analogy works really well to remember the different aspects of the origin of life, but maybe adding other images will help the visual learners when you are elaborating.

  19. nbhatnagar7 says:

    I really enjoyed this video because it takes something very complex and breaks it down into understandable bits. It also puts all the different steps to life together in a comprehensible list. However, one of the major drawbacks of the video is that it doesn’t really show all the visual additions come together the way life did– so the actual video aspect was not really that helpful. However, it was cute and well put together so I still enjoyed the video.

  20. agonzalez62 says:

    This video was very clear in its portrayal of the information necessary to the lesson. However, it could have been more creatively produced and visually pleasing.

  21. mooten3 says:

    I really liked the analogy you used comparing the origin of life to a piece of cake. This video was easy to follow and the language you used to describe each step wasn’t too technical. I would say make the plain text a little more interesting or colorful at the beginning of the video before you started with the cake analogy. Overall , this was a nice video!

  22. emoscoso3 says:

    Well done. One criticism would be that at some points it is at a still frame for too long. Should at least have some sort of moment after 10-15 seconds to keep the viewers stimulated.

  23. mvu31 says:

    Very informative and creative. I like the analogy to cake. I found it a very interesting way to memorize these concepts.

  24. mleach6 says:

    I really enjoyed listening to the speaker, and the connection to baking a cake was very useful! I think that was an interesting way to remember this section. However, the only real negative I noticed was that there were no images or video clips that showed actual information, just the metaphor.

  25. ameadows31 says:

    I think this video uses a very good analogy to grab the viewer’s attention. However, I think it could be improved by using more enthusiasm and explaining how each part relates to the cake ingredients in more detail.

  26. gvargas9 says:

    I liked the calm voice over as well as how you related the origin of life to making a cake. But a large part of this video was still images of things like pans or eggs. You could have made this video more like a video and less like a slideshow if you used more moving shots. Great video though!

  27. bkipreos3 says:

    Your video did a good job covering everything that we learned about the formation of life, and the cake metaphor was easy to understand. I think that in the beginning, there shouldn’t have been a list of steps to the formation of life scrolling through the page though. It was a little boring.

  28. acornell7 says:

    There are good analogies in this video, but I wish there was more on the screen explaining these concepts than just ingredients.

  29. kahmadi3 says:

    The analogy helped to make understanding the concept easier which kept me engaged. However one flaw was that it was rather stagnant, some animation or just a video with people in there would have helped make it more entertaining and creative while still educational. Overall, it was a good video thought. Good job!

  30. jlogan31 says:

    It seems like you put a lot of effort into the video and the intro was nice. Lots of information. However, I found the cake analogy to be a little confusing. The steps to life didn’t correlate very well with the cake ingredients to me.

  31. csettle6 says:

    As others have said, the analogy you use is fantastic; your video works very well to concisely lay out the information presented in an easy to understand way. However, I think a bit more creativity in the graphics and visuals could have made the video more visually interesting to engage the viewer more.

  32. mhayes39 says:

    The narrator of this video has the perfect voice for it! The cake analogy is simple and easy to remember. My only suggestion would be to add more emphasis on buzz words in the narration with visuals.

  33. csims39 says:

    I liked the analogy in this video; it was both unique and well-explained. This is a surprisingly helpful tool for memorization. Other than that, the video certainly explained the topic well, and made it fairly easy to remember, though I would have appreciated a few more visuals for the terms themselves.

  34. rbonk3 says:

    Awesome analogy to cake! This video is very interesting, informative, and easy to understand.

  35. ydeng68 says:

    I really loved the cake metaphor that was used. It made the process much easier to follow and understand. However, the video lacks actual visuals of the process.

  36. tbansal6 says:

    Funny video. Really well used example and graphics at the beginning.. could definitely tell you’ve put a lot of effort into the making of the video. Only area of improvement could be further explaining the cake analogy because it took me a second to catch on to.

  37. tpham67 says:

    I like your content and objects that yall use to explain

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