F15-25 End-Permian Extinction


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15 Responses to F15-25 End-Permian Extinction

  1. adave39 says:

    The animations that you used enhanced your video. By using PowToon you’re appealing to visual and electronic communication, two topics discussed when reading WOVEN in English 1102. Your animations help your audience not get easily bored merely watching a single person talking the whole time. The only constructive criticism that I have is to incorporate more phrases, stats, or words in your video. In my opinion, by displaying these quick stats/facts, in addition to stating them in a voice-over, you can better ingrain the information you are trying to convey into your viewer’s mind.

  2. esamantaray3 says:

    Helpful explanations of each theory, including the effects of each theory which helped understand how the effects impacted the organisms. Great with connecting the concepts!

  3. hwarlick3 says:

    The animation really works for the topic and audience and I liked how you talked about another theory (not just the volcano and global warming). The narrator was a little quiet and the end was a bit abrupt, but the video really covers the concept and makes the audience think.

  4. swhite85 says:

    I really liked your video. The visuals all helped to explain what you were saying. The only suggestion I could think of was sometimes the talking sounded a little rushed, but other than that, it was really good.

  5. dsilverstein3 says:

    Good use of the animation to show your concepts visually. You could consider defining your key terms more clearly in the video.

  6. kravi31 says:

    This video clearly explained the concepts and factors of the End-Permian extinction well. The visuals used also were able to keep me focused on the video. One small change I would add to the video is to incorporate a little more text that reinforces what is said in the video. That way, information can be processed in multiple ways, leading to higher retention

  7. thowell31 says:

    Nice, concise explanation. Your animations help to incorporate an element of storytelling so that the information is easier to retain than if the video were crowded with text. Because they’re a strength, I would capitalize more on the graphics; for instance, include the chemical formula for carbon dioxide (about 1:00 in) and then change the graphic of the molecule when the screen switches to read “Greenhouse Gases.” Audio could use some fine tuning. Overall, good job!

  8. jthompson93 says:

    I thought the pertinent information was displayed in a cute and unique way creating both entertainment and education quality. I did think that listening to the same voice speak very quickly presenting in the same manner throughout the entire duration could cause some lack in audience interest, and it might of been better to use at least one other method of presenting the information.

  9. prasania3 says:

    This video is very entertaining with great animation. The End-Permian was explained very well with very helpful graphics, and the extra information about the crater in Australia and the mother of all mammals added to the interest of this video. I never knew about the mother of all mammals, and ending the video with a rhetorical question was very well done. Great Video! Though the audio could use a little work.

  10. tsmith356 says:

    I liked your use of PowToon to animate your video, it kept the video interesting and engaging. You also did a great job of explaining the concept and having appropriate illustrations to go with it. For improvement I would suggest slowing down the narration because it sounded a bit rushed.

  11. cgan31 says:

    The animation and pictures in this video complemented what you were saying at all times and that helped me understand the concepts. I was able to understand the possible ways of extinction and the effects each one has.
    One thing you maybe could add is a comparison of the theories and which one you think is more probable. Also, maybe end the video with a summary sentence. The video kind of ended all of a sudden.

  12. jhumphries30 says:

    I liked how thorough this video is. It is filled with information that is concisely walked through. The end result is a well polished narrative that is informative and easy to follow.

    I may advise adding a little more information about past extinctions and future extinctions, just as a way of orienting the audience so that they can relate the extinction to the time period better.

  13. amathur44 says:

    This video definitely has a professional, clean cut appearance. The information was concise and clear, and the visuals were helpful but not overwhelming. The audio was of good quality for all but the second clip, where it dropped in both sound and quality. In general slowing down would have helped as well, but the amount of information was good.

  14. nwoubshet3 says:

    Awesome video! The visuals were amazing and definitely kept me engaged the whole time. The explanations were good too, but writing out the main concepts in the video would help the viewer understand your points. But overall great job!

  15. csettle6 says:

    As someone who has also dabbled a bit with PowToon, this video is incredibly well done!! The animations really help solidify the information you’re presenting and the pacing and depth you went into in your explanations are perfect! If I have one critique it would be just some minor changes to smooth some of the animation transitions between ideas or to sum up your information at the end of the video more.

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