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16 Responses to F15-31

  1. bwinters3 says:

    Excellent inclusion of a story along with the information. This makes the video significantly more interesting to listen to. Constructively, try to avoid ambiguous/misleading terminology such as “cell eating” and “when the cell is ready.”

  2. rzs3 says:

    Great video! It explained the cell cycle very well without being too complicated. I would suggest including a photo of the the entire process at the end of the video. Other than that, great video!

  3. wkuzia3 says:

    What worked well: The pictures were very clear.
    Suggestion: Perhaps keep a single narrator to avoid jarring cuts.

  4. cjordan45 says:

    I love that this video was able to follow a storyline and be so informative. You did a great job of disussing the processes of cell division in an easy way to follow. The only criticism
    I have is that the pictures lack some of the detail that is explained in the voice-overs. I would either make the pictures more detailed or just cite some images from online.

  5. abenton6 says:

    I liked that this video mentioned how errors in mitosis can lead to cancer cells and how it covered the phases of mitosis.
    To improve the basic’s could be explained, such as what is a centromere, etc.

  6. cferden3 says:

    The voice over was clear and I honestly felt like I understood the video more when I didn’t try to follow along with the illustrations. While they are adorable drawings, the stillness of the cells lost my interest and I spent too much time trying to relate the voice and pictures. Overall, I still loved the concept and was able to get a good refresher on cell division.

  7. cscott64 says:

    My one suggestion would be to speak slower. Recordings make everyone sound like they’re rushing, and in this case, that makes it a little difficult to catch all the details. Other than that, I think the video is great.

  8. wgalloway6 says:

    I thought this video did a great job of explaining a complicated process such as cellular division in a simple way. On the other hand I had to run the video back a second time to catch all the information since it seemed kind of rushed

  9. prasania3 says:

    A very nice video! I think the audio could use a little work, but I thought the video was very informative. Though the pictures were helpful and the cells were cute and entertaining, I think that a more effective method of explaining cell division could have been done by making an animation (either with a white board or with software). Great video overall!

  10. rpitrone3 says:

    This video is so cute! It really breaks down the process of cell replication in an understandable way. The transitions were also very smooth! It’s a great introductory video, and one improvement could be to take it further and elaborate more after initially introducing the concepts.

  11. clide3 says:

    A few suggestions are to use only one speaker to make the audio flow more smoothly and to make the script and animations a little more engaging. Overall, the video did a good job explaining the process of cell division and was easy to understand!

  12. jlary3 says:

    I love the narrative along with the cell cycle; very nice. I would suggest including an explicit title of the topic on the first slide because I was slighty unsure what the video was about.

  13. nwoubshet3 says:

    I liked that this video simplified the concepts and had good visuals to go along with them, but giving some background information as to what the key terms were would have made it even better. I think it would have been good to label the cell parts the viewer could easily understand what was being said. And finally, a single narrator would have worked better.

  14. jclark91 says:

    Nice video. I definitely like the idea of creating a story. One easy suggestion is to make sure there is only one narrator. That makes the video much easier to keep up with! Overall solid job.

  15. tskapetis3 says:

    I really enjoyed the way that this video was presented! Some animations within the cell would have been extremely helpful as the explanation was going on.

  16. enguyen9 says:

    I liked the pictures and diagrams! They were very clear and easy to understand. The audio was very quiet though, and the use of multiple narrators made it a little less streamline. Overall very good!

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