S16-08 Behavioral Ecology

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8 Responses to S16-08 Behavioral Ecology

  1. OAdekonye says:

    The presentation was very good the voice and picture was fine and understandable but too many voices for short presentation

  2. OAdekonye says:

    Too many voices for short presentation, but good presentation

  3. OAdekonye says:

    Good presentable but one or too voice would be fine

  4. MMalone says:

    The content of this video was very interesting and the visuals were engaging. There was a bit of lag between the finished drawings and the content they went with but otherwise this was an excellent video.

  5. PDorsch says:

    Great explanation using good visuals and a humorous example. I appreciated the puns as well

  6. ALail says:

    The example used was cute and witty. The changes of voices really helped the video by making it less monotonous. The silence at the beginning was less than ideal, and made me question whether my sound was turned on.

  7. ANicely says:

    The visuals and production of the video were extremely appealing. Some of the biological concepts seemed to not officially connect until the end of the video.

  8. mtucker41 says:

    I felt like there should have been only one person speaking because it was a little distracting with how separated they were. However, this was such an amazing video!

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