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11 Responses to S16-18

  1. CLewis says:

    The video was really well put together. The music in the background made it seem exciting and the overall tempo/ delivery of the video was perfect. The only improvement could have been finding some way to show the drawings a little more when creating them (not blocking them out) not a huge problem though.

  2. MParker says:

    Overall, a well-made and informative video. What was drawn on the white boards was concise and matched with the audio. In some parts the audio had some loud background noise that distracted from the content, but I liked the music.

  3. LUlmer says:

    Nice order of the information presented so that it built on itself throughout the video. It was hard to see what was written on the board behind the people writing, and the last visual of people on stairs didn’t really connect with what was being said.

  4. MVan Avery says:

    Good explanations. You guys could add examples to further the audiences understanding because a lot of people are visual learners and will really understand a concept when they can actually see it.

  5. IDyagilev says:

    The in formation is accurate and easy to follow, the audio and video are synced and good quality. Overall, good job! One suggestion is to add some subtitles or to talk slower.

  6. TRogers says:

    I think that the audio, especially the music, does a great job of establishing an atmosphere. It makes watching the video more enjoyable. My only wish is that there was more color. I think using multiple colors of marker would help separate concepts visually and aid in memory techniques.

  7. MBlack says:

    The music really made the video more entertaining while not detracting from the information. If anything, maybe level out the sound so there’s not so much shift in loudness.

  8. POlds says:

    The background music and full combination of narrators kept the video upbeat and made the video more enjoyable to watch. Visuals were sometimes blocked/obscured by the drawers but generally quite helpful. Might’ve been nice to have some subtitles at the end, with the quick wrap-up points.

  9. WPenniman says:

    Very well made, excellently fills the time with a lot of good info. Very entertaining as well.

  10. LHarkness says:

    Nice Job, love the visuals, they were really cute and good video quiality

  11. CTysor says:

    The video was very good overall. My only complaint would be that sometimes the person writing on the board would be covering the writing with their body but all of the material and visuals were very good.

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