S16-26 Co-Dominance and Incomplete Dominance

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4 Responses to S16-26 Co-Dominance and Incomplete Dominance

  1. ALee says:

    Video contained the concept of co-dominance and incomplete dominance. It explained well what co-dominance and incomplete dominance and how offspring will be like in cases of each incomplete dominance and co-dominance. It will be probably better if they provide another example for different cases for different geneotype.

  2. OCote says:

    The video was great! The visuals correlated well with the material, and the information was clearly outlined. The voiceover volume for the narration seemed to shift a lot, but other than that the video was fantastic!

  3. LHarkness says:

    I liked how you had the paper cut outs that was cute, but maybe a little less story and a little more biology content, also it’d be nice if you sped up the voice over a little bit.
    -Lauren Harkness

  4. SSarkisian says:

    The video production was really cutesy but effective. It was helpful to see the Punnett square explain and then showing the difference in what the offspring would look like based on co-dominance or incomplete dominance

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