S16-44 Enzyme Kinetics


Athel Cornish-Browden. 1979. Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics. Science Direct

Brenda Walpole et. al. 2011. Biology for the IB Diploma.

Khan Academy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWrJssS76XE)


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3 Responses to S16-44 Enzyme Kinetics

  1. JHaines says:

    The biological example was very creative and was overall effective in demonstrating competition at the active site of enzymes. However, I thought it would have been better to perhaps give a summary on the material or a brief introduction on enzyme kinetics to give the audience a more concrete idea of the material discussed.

  2. NTait says:

    The examples, while very cheesy, were extremely easy to understand and well written. Overall the source material was covered very thoroughly. The part of the video with the “Dr.” explaining things was a little harder to follow than the rest of the video, its relationship to the inhibition material was not as easy to pick out as it might possibly have been.

  3. ASteele says:

    This video is very interesting. I like how they engaged their audiences by including themselves and scenarios. Also, the use of colors in the video made it look extremely visually pleasing. However, it could have been more professional and academic.

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