S16-56 Mitosis vs Meiosis


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7 Responses to S16-56 Mitosis vs Meiosis

  1. BSilkebakken says:

    very clear and well put together. easy to understand the difference between the two when it is usually tricky

  2. CMoss says:

    The content is very useful and easy to follow. Great step by step processes. There are some generic vocabulary woulds that could use a definition or description, but overall great video.

  3. GWetherbee says:

    The drawings were helpful in understanding, but the video could have talked more about mitosis.

  4. JGeorge says:

    I really like how the differences between the two are summarized at the end. The most trouble I’ve had with mitosis and meiosis is differentiation between the two in some aspects, and this helped a lot.

  5. JGeorge says:

    ^^ahhh sorry had multiple tabs open with videos. Commented this on the wrong one. This is actually my video. My baddddd haha.

  6. MDe Simon says:

    The drawings added detail and made the content much easier to understand. Propping up the camera could help though; after speeding up the video it looks even jumpier.

  7. POlds says:

    Great step-by-step explanation and whiteboard drawings. Narration was clear and easy to understand. Not sure if the music fit, but hard to say no to LCD Soundsystem. Maybe could have stabilized camera more as well.

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