S16-09 DNA Replication

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4 Responses to S16-09 DNA Replication

  1. PDorsch says:

    Good visuals and explanation. The car concept is very clever and helpful to think about

  2. VWu says:

    I liked the idea behind the presentation using frame to frame pictures. It makes it easier to see from one step to the other. One improvement to consider is perhaps the lighting of each picture taken. Some pictures were difficult to see changes or follow in due to the shadows.

  3. MMccanless says:

    -The variety of visuals used helped keep the video fun and interesting
    -Ending seemed sort of abrupt

  4. CKim says:

    The narrators did a great job of explaining DNA replication concept by editing clear visuals and appealing tones to convey the content clearly. The video was high quality and well edited. No criticism for this video.

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