S16-21: An Overview of Food Webs


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13 Responses to S16-21: An Overview of Food Webs

  1. VBalayan says:

    I thought this was a great video. The whiteboard animation part was really effective in auditory and visual learning. I think a good aspect to add would have been to add in key words or definitions as subtitles or overlays while filming the squirrel and dog part… just to jog the viewers’ memories in the definitions of the different types of consumers.

  2. OMalice says:

    Constructive Comment: This was the best video I’ve seen! Loved the drawings on the whiteboard.

    Suggestion: Turn the audio up a little louder. The narrator wasn’t very easy to hear during the live action film portion.

  3. MMalone says:

    The overall content and presentation of this video was excellent. However in some sections that audio is somewhat difficult to hear and there is background noise that could be edited out.

  4. TRogers says:

    I really appreciated the inclusion of examples from campus. I think it is a great memory aiding mechanism. I would suggest for the whiteboard portion of the video to have secured the camera. At regular speed, a handheld camera is fine, but when sped up, the shakiness becomes more pronounced.

  5. MBlack says:

    Combining both the whiteboard and outdoor filming makes the video very unique, tying in the theory we learned in class as well as some visible applications. A minor improvement would be to keep the camera steady for the whiteboard part.

  6. TNadir says:

    The video was overall good. However, sound quality needs to be better. Sometimes I was confused as to what was said in the video.

  7. SSarkisian says:

    This video was really effective! The second portion of the video seemed a little unnecessary because the first portion was so thorough. But overall, this video was very comprehensive.

  8. HKemp says:

    This video did a good job on presenting the basic information about food webs in a detailed format. It also had good video segments in the second half of the video. However, while the drawings in the first half matched the information being talked about (and were good drawings), we were not given enough time to see the complete visual or read the information before the marker board was erased and something else was drawn.

  9. SRayburn says:

    The video addresses a lot of information and conveys it succinctly.

    Visuals are erased a little too quickly and the audience can’y see the whole picture for more than a second before it’s gone. May need to slow it down just a tad

  10. Mtbl21Yu says:

    The video was well made, it’s easy to hear the speaker and it coordinates well with what is going on on the screen. One thing that could be improved is the quality of the visuals. The handwriting is neat, but there are points where it’s pretty blurry and difficult to make out everything. Perhaps using powerpoint or etc to create the slides would make it easier to read for the viewer.

  11. CTysor says:

    The screen was a little blurry during the written portion of the video but it was good overall. The content and visuals were all outstanding and matched the project well.

  12. Ogan Soseimiebi says:

    This video was amazing because it employed different kinds of media styles. There was a voice over and a real time video. They went outside and used a real life example, which helped me to engage more with the content. It was a well put together video and I can see it took a lot of effort. The diagrams were awesome. Speech was clear and concise. The overall layout of the information was stellar. I really enjoyed this video. This was really great! Well done guys!

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