S16-10: Chemical Equilibrium and Enzymes

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18 Responses to S16-10: Chemical Equilibrium and Enzymes

  1. NTait says:

    I think that all of the material was presented very well and was extremely easy to understand. I liked how the format was similar to MinuteEarth without exactly copying it. My only criticism is that the narrator was sometimes drowned out by the music and that made it harder to understand what was happening due to the extra concentration needed to pick out the narrator’s voice.

  2. MParker says:

    Overall, I think the video covers the topic well, and has the appropriate amount of information. I found the background music was too loud and took away from what was being said. And a higher quality video probably would have made the white board a little clearer to read.

  3. LGhazi says:

    I think this video did an awesome job of explaining a pretty difficult subject that has a lot of crossover between two disciplines. I would say, however, the video could have spent a little more time explaining the reason why a lower activation energy is better for the metabolic processes that occur and to give an example.

  4. PDorsch says:

    The visual presentation was a little difficult to read at times, and the camera quality wasn’t very good. The material covered however, was excellent and well thought out.

  5. MHavard says:

    I liked the use of the graphs and images to explain chemical equilibrium. One thing that could be improved is that the background music is a little too loud and the narration is hard to hear.

  6. POlds says:

    The information was well-presented and explained with clear drawings. Resolution of the video was a bit fuzzy and made it (somewhat) difficult to read annotations at times. The music also overpowered the narration at points, but was generally a nice addition.

  7. MBlack says:

    Very succinct in giving the information, easy to follow and understand. To improve, maybe put the section on reaction coupling right after the graphs, to continue with that same train of thought.

  8. KGando says:

    The explanation of the contents of video was well presented; however, the visual aid is very difficult to read. I believe that the video would be in a much better condition if it was recorded in a brighter place. Overall, the presentation of the video was very informative, and it helped clarify a few basic chemical concepts that take place in the biological world.

    Commentator: Kelson Gando

  9. YUtkina says:

    The voice overs and the visuals were on synced together well, the visual representations were also explanatory.

    The background music interfered with the voice overs, and since three different voices did the voice overs it may have been better so switch the voices as in a back and forth conversation instead of chunking into beginning, middle and end for each person. And maybe make the visuals a little less blurry,

  10. WLi says:

    The content of the video is accurate and appropriate for the intro biology audience. The video itself could be more entertaining and creative with more visual aids, like pictures, cartoons, etc.

  11. MonLee says:

    Very instructive video! I find the music audio tends to obscure the narrator a lot so it’s hard to hear what he’s saying. Perhaps you could do subtitles to help facilitate this.

  12. SRayburn says:

    Good visuals and content, nice song.

    Song is a little loud at times and it gets hard to hear narrator, trying turning it down just a little.

  13. MAdams says:

    everything is explained very well, but the music was a little loud an distracting. The visuals are good, but could be a little more professional

  14. ANicely says:

    The video had a lot of content regarding types of reactions, and was very informative. Less time could be focused on the types of reactions and more focused on enzymes and their chemical makeup and their specific role in chemical equilibrium and they body/cell.

  15. CKim says:

    I liked the sounds editing. Very clear. The concepts were very understandable. The visuals would’ve been better. The screen was a bit dark and letters on the board were a bit hard to see.

  16. APatel says:

    The content for this video was very clear and straightforward, which I thought to be very effective. The visuals also were very unique and detailed. However, the audio sometimes came in and out.

  17. Moye Lauren says:

    This was very straightforward and easy to understand. The whiteboard was a great way to present this information, great job!

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