group 8, bioluminescence in ocean fish

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24 Responses to group 8, bioluminescence in ocean fish

  1. Malak Muhammed says:

    This video gave a good explanation of homology, evolution, and behavior. The pictures aided in the explanation of each of these concepts as well.

  2. Alayna Nicholson says:

    The video was a clear explanation of the study of bio luminescence. I like how you guys had both drawings and figures, although the figure with the phylogenetic tree could have been zoomed in to important places. The video was also too long, over the 4-5 minute range and was a little easy to lose interest.

  3. Shelby Webb says:

    This video did a really good job at explaining everything in your researched article and connecting it to previous modules. The only thing was the time. It was a bit long. Overall, really well done! 🙂

  4. Patrycja Kotowska says:

    The way that the video went into an in depth explanation of each component of the evolution module with bioluminescence was very informative. The editing between the words flashed on the screen and audio was well done as well as the images associated with the information. The video was a little long, but overall good job!

  5. Sierra Samie says:

    The use of screenshots and illustrations is a really good way to keep the information display interesting. Some of the information was a little extraneous to the topic, such as the in-depth explanation of homologous traits and evolution. I think including this information is what made the video so long. Even so, the video was very informative and had strong relation to the modules.

  6. Julianne Oliver says:

    The drawings were great and kept me engaged. Every topic was explained thoroughly also. However, the video was twice the given time limit and a little bit hard to stay interested due to the length.

  7. Lindsey Wheeler says:

    This video was throughly explained and went into detail on the topic which was overall very well done. It was helpful that he related the topic of bioluminescent fish to relatable associations which helped better understand.
    The only negative is that the video was well beyond the maximum length although there was a lot of information covered during the entire video

  8. Andrew Helbling says:

    I really like the drawing and they were super engaging. It was a bit long to stay entirely focused the entire way through.

  9. Yanwei Zhang says:

    The content is well presented and the music is very suitable too. I enjoy the simple but very engaging drawings. Only thing is that the video is a bit long.

  10. Van Vu says:

    great theme music, and very good flow. The content is attractive. This is one of my favorite video so far.

  11. Simina Avram says:

    I really enjoyed the video. The content was presented with a great amount of details and the images were great. The length of the video made it difficult to stay focused all the way through, but overall was a great video.

  12. Shelby Anderson says:

    This video did a great job of explaining the scientific article and relating it to topics studied in class. I really enjoyed the visuals which were hand drawn in time with the audio, making the video very engaging. The video was well done, although slightly long.

  13. Celina Russo says:

    Great job, guys! While the video itself was a bit too long and the figures weren’t all original, the information was presented in a good way. I really liked the incorporation of Finding Nemo in the beginning as it helped to catch my attention. I also really liked watching the drawing rather than having pre-drawn slides.

  14. Tyra Owens says:

    Even though the video was a bit too long, the drawings and analogies given kept me interested on the topic. So besides it being too long, the video was great.

  15. Alan Tolar says:

    The effort put into creating and editing this video was evident and made viewing it very absorbing!

  16. Youn Cho says:

    Great job! It’s slightly long but I loved the hand drawings with the great explanation of the study relating it to concepts studied in class.

  17. Grant Kang says:

    This video was very thorough, and I found myself much more knowledgeable on the subject of bioluminescence. It was very interesting and the information was presented in an engaging way, however I started to lose interest near the end because it was so long.

  18. Riley Donahue says:

    This video was very informative and thoroughly explained your topic. It was easy to follow and simple to understand; however it was on the long side and was easy to lose interest.

  19. Su-Yuan Yu says:

    Like what other people said, the video is too long. It should be around 4-5 minutes. After a few minutes, people start to lose interest. I think the video can be improved by writing out important terms, because it helps consolidate major concepts.

  20. Emily Powell says:

    The topics were very well explained. But, the video was too long. I think it would’ve been much more effective to edit topics down, and spend more time emphasizing only the most important concepts.However, the content was communicated very well.

  21. Joshua Congress says:

    Super long video, which made it hard to stay engaged. Overall good quality though.

  22. Joshua Morgan says:

    The video was a little long and hard to stay focused during. The production quality was really good though.

  23. Anant Bajpai says:

    The video was very informative and then visuals were well drawn, although I do have to agree with the others that the video could be more concise.

  24. Katrina Burch says:

    A little long. Great explanation though and I really liked the drawings incorporated.

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