Group 17: Effect of carbon source on bifidobacteria and regulation of genes

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52 Responses to Group 17: Effect of carbon source on bifidobacteria and regulation of genes

  1. Stubbs Isabella says:

    The hand-drawn sketches are really pretty and impressive! The narrator’s speaking speed and pronunciation of complicated vocabulary was very good and minimized audio distraction as well. In addition, the hand-drawn figures were nicely done and I was impressed with its detail (inclusion of error bars, etc.). Great job overall! 🙂

  2. Barone Cassandra says:

    The drawn illustrations are very good and really effective in visualizing. The narration was hard to hear though but the subtitles helped.

  3. Schulz Laura says:

    The illustrations are very well done and creative! The storyboard is easy to follow, and the data is backed up with supporting information, making it easy to understand the key points.

  4. Su Steven says:

    Nice visuals. Audio was really low. The methods could have been simplified by not mentioning PBS and just skip straight to they put bifidobacteria on the cells. The figure was slightly too confusing.

  5. White Samantha says:

    The visuals in this group’s video were great and really helped convey the concepts that the group discussed. At some points, the audio was low and hard to understand, but overall great job!

  6. Meyer Alexander says:

    The audio was very soft, but the illustrations were creative and illustrative of the ideas presented. However, the speakers did not seem very engaged in the topic, and I lost focus a few times throughout the video. The ideas were presented well and clearly, but the summary at the end of the video could have been better utilized to reinforce these ideas.

  7. Koo Jun says:

    Fairly good video and the illustrations were helpful and pretty to look at. However, I had a hard time understanding your explanations of the methods used for this experiment; ironically, I think you guys were a bit too specific on your explanations. Most people would have to look up what a “sterile phosphate buffered saline,” is. I think you should have explained the methods in a more general way so that anybody could understand them.

  8. Murray Hannah says:

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this video. There were some times where it was a challenge to understand because the concepts were confusing on top of low audio quality. However, the illustrations used were phenomenal and very detailed!

  9. Moye Lauren says:

    I really liked the drawings! They definitely emphasized and clarified your points. It was hard to hear at some points, but great job overall!

  10. Bakare Oladipo says:

    The title was good enough to capture my interest among the other videos. The volume of the narrator was really low at first, but I eventually caught on. All the information provided were relevant. Nicely done!

  11. Chawla Rishab says:

    The audio was very poor. Excellent high quality drawings, especially when describing the bifidobacteria experiment and statistical results. Well done in explaining everything.

  12. Anum Ul-Haque says:

    The drawings are extraordinary! I love looking at the amazing pictures while watching the video. The only problem I have is that the first speaker was very quiet and hard to understand, but the captions really helped with that. But other than that, great job!

  13. Milburn Emily says:

    The hand drawings were unreal! I enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures while watching the video. They really kept me engaged. However, the first half of the video was very difficult to hear because the audio was so low, which made me lose interest. I eventually put on the captions, but I still feel like I missed a lot of information. Besides that, good job on the video!

  14. Patel Krishna says:

    The hand drawn colorful illustrations were great and eye-catching. The first half of the audio was hard to understand. The speaker also seemed kind of disinterested in the topic. The second speaker was great. Overall, great job! The video had all the relevant information needed.

  15. McCullough Hannah says:

    The visuals in this video were great! Sometimes the audio was hard to hear, but the subtitles matched up really well, which helped. The information was clearly presented and was easy to understand. Good job!

  16. Carkuff Rachel says:

    The audio was very quiet for the majority of the video. The method used in this experiment was difficult to understand, and it may have been helpful if it had been simplified. Definitions for some of the terms would have also been helpful. However, the hand drawn visuals were really cute. I especially liked the “Mr. T Test” drawing!

  17. Carroll Resa says:

    I thought that the hand drawn visuals in the video were very impressive, and that the argument laid out was very clear and concise. The narration at the beginning was a little low in volume, but the closed captions easily fixed that problem. Also, the visuals and the narration complemented each other very nicely. Overall, a well put together video argument.

  18. Delgrego Megan says:

    The visuals were extremely detailed and looked really nice. The video had a nice structure and flow to it which made it easy to follow. Although the audio was too soft for me at the beginning and maybe too fast at the end, this group did a great job.

  19. Madeline Lazar says:

    The visuals aided the script very well. The beginning audio was too low, but that is an easy fix when compiling the video. It was very informative, and overall a job well done!

  20. Ferguson David says:

    The figures and depictions for the concepts were very informative. Although, the narration was beneficial the speed and sound of the narration was challenging to follow for brief periods. However the video was very interesting especially the description of the relationship of this research to other diseases.

  21. Hebert Mason says:

    The visuals are AMAZING!! I wish I could draw like that! Anyways, the audio volume becomes a bit low at one point, but other than that great video!!

  22. Kouba Amelie says:

    The drawings are very impressive (as everyone has said so its true). I had trouble hearing certain parts of the audio, however it was a very informative video. Great job!

  23. Glover Blake says:

    The drawings in this video were very impressive. The content of the video was very good and helped me to understand the experiment. However the narration was hard to understand at time since the audio seemed to be very quiet. Once I turned on subtitles I was able to understand it more. The narrator spoke at a good speed and did a good job of saying complex words clearly. Overall good job.

  24. Iyengar Mayuri says:

    The audio was too low, but I got accustomed to it rather quickly. The hand drawn images were so beautiful. I had a little trouble understanding some parts of the experiment, but it all came together the end. Great Job!

  25. Taylor Sydney says:

    The first narrator was a bit difficult to hear, but the subtitles made it easy to understand. The illustrations were nicely drawn and the figures were easy to comprehend, providing a brief but informative synopsis of the findings.

  26. Mathur Anmol says:

    I liked the visuals and the way they presented the information. I believe that the audio could have been edited in a better way. Apart from that, I think this is a great video.

  27. Higgins Lisa says:

    The drawings in this video were amazing! There was no overcrowding of slides and I enjoyed listening to the audio and seeing how it related to the text/ pictures on each slide. Sometimes the audio was difficult to hear like in the beginning but overall great job!

  28. Lucas Council says:

    You guys have a very good understanding of one of the most confusing experiments. The audio was not good, but your explanations were phenomenal.

  29. Oliver Greta says:

    The hand drawn figures and sketches are really impressive and complemented the video’s information well. The audio was hard to hear in the beginning, but became more clear in the figures section.

  30. Torres Samantha says:

    The hand-drawn illustrations were amazing! They really helped to convey the material presented in the video. Even though the narration was difficult to hear in the beginning, the narration provided a concise overview of the material. Excellent job!

  31. Beruk Samson says:

    The hand drawn visual aids really help listeners understand the explanations given by the narrators and serve to simplify some of the more difficult content the audience may not be familiar with. The audio was sometimes monotone or had to follow but the detailed visuals give sufficient support to facilitate understanding. Overall, a very good job!

  32. Joseph Shaver says:

    Video was well done. The drawings were awesome. The narration could have been a little louder because it was a little difficult to hear at certain points. But the narrator did a good job enunciating.

  33. Kayastha Ayush says:

    I enjoyed the drawings. They were really well drawn. I can imagine it took a long time to create such a good drawing for all the information they wanted to present. It was hard to understand and hear the narration for the video.

  34. Likes Taisha says:

    I absolutely love the drawings. They are beautiful. It was also nice to learn more about milk: something that seems to be everywhere, yet so many people who are allergic to it. The first narrator was hard to hear, but this was a beautiful video.

  35. Warner Chase says:

    The visuals on this video are quite impressive. The first problem is the difference in the volumes of the two narrators. Secondly, a bird was shown when discussing the use of milk for feeding young. I could be wrong, but only mammals feed their young with milk. Further, I wish the article was more explicitly linked to concepts discussed in class. Yes, the bacteria can be symbiotic and show coevolution, but what is a symbiotic relationship? How do things coevolve? By answering questions like these, this video can change from explaining the findings of a single study to explaining what that study means to the every day person.

  36. Jones Dillon says:

    Drawings were quite good. You have great talent! Thoroughly explained the findings and background of experiment. Well done.

  37. Patel Parth says:

    This video was cool and I especially liked the drawings. The topic was interesting and I wished I got it. I found some trouble with the audio and hearing your voices clearly. Overall, good job.

  38. Bullock Kate says:

    I really liked your use of hand drawn visuals; I can really tell you guys put a lot of time and effort into the video. Although the audio was kinda soft; it was hard to hear at times. But overall I liked the video; especially the visuals and graphs/tables. Good job!

  39. Kumar Nishant says:

    That was a very good video overall. Hit the right points, the narration was decent, and the drawings were excellent.

  40. Nagesha Anirudh says:

    I don’t think the quality of the drawings can be talked about enough. This group did a very good job with that. I was a little confused with the explanation of the results and their indications, and the audio was a little soft. In the video, there were mentions of a symbiotic relationship and co-evolution. One thing to make this video better would be to explain what those two concepts are.

  41. Ali Shan says:

    The video was quite informative and visuals were excellent. It was hard at times to hear the audio though, making it hard to understand the concepts in the video. The information was clearly laid out in order making the video quite effective.

  42. Turner Emma says:

    Over all this video was very good, even though some of the topics were confusing the illustrations did a good job about making the information more understandable.

  43. Eling Taylor says:

    The pictures were great and accompanied the narration very well. The narrators spoke steadily and clearly and it was very easy to follow the topics being discussed. The only small issue is that the audio was slightly inconsistent, but other than that it was a very good video.

  44. Reymond Brian says:

    There was quite a lot of background noise while the information presented was very soft. Could not hear that clearly. However the video very informative and the powerpoint images and slides were engaging.

  45. Sills Ann-Marie says:

    Overall, a great video, but the low volume made it hard to fully grasp an already difficult topic. On the contrary, the visuals were amazing and thoroughly aided my ability to understand.

  46. Swope Jason says:

    Great drawings used to explained the course material, overall the commentary was also very good. The audio could be a bit hard to understand at times, but it still did a great time explaining the material. Great job!

  47. Wah Katie says:

    the handmade drawings in this video were impressive but I found the explanations and information in this video somewhat hard to understand. I think that the information was presented in a complicated manner that only people who were somewhat knowledgeable on the topic would be able to understand. I personally found myself having to look up terms every now and then which I found kind of annoying, but I can tell that a lot of effort went into this video.

  48. Diaz Noah says:

    Great video with good illustrations. The audio was quiet so some parts were tough to hear. But I really liked how the information was organized

  49. Park Cassie says:

    The topic was very thoroughly covered and the visuals/drawings were relevant and appealing. The audio was difficult the hear with the first speaker but did not draw from the video too much. I wish there could have been more movement in the video, and background music could have been a nice touch. But it does the job by covering the material well.

  50. Tokos Margaret says:

    The audio in the beginning could have been louder and clearer. The pleasing and variated visuals and the powerpoint-like design were the best aspects of this video. Overall, very clear and engaging.

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