Group 8 | The Genetic Basis and Fitness Consequences of Sperm Midpiece Size in Deer Mice

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73 Responses to Group 8 | The Genetic Basis and Fitness Consequences of Sperm Midpiece Size in Deer Mice

  1. Sommer Elias says:

    I really enjoyed the drawings. They were incredibly creative and helped me connect the concepts together.

  2. vjohn6 says:

    I enjoyed the use of timelapse when creating the video. The visuals were good and really introduced the topic to someone who doesn’t know anything about. At some points, the video was slow paced, but other than that, it was pretty good.

  3. Warner Chase says:

    The video was very good. The visuals were informative and interesting. The only major distracting problem was the variation in sound quality between different narrators. One suggestion would be to connect concepts to in class topics as they are mentioned, for example discussing differences in gene expression just after explaining how transcription and translation are both necessary for the expression of a gene. The music at the end added a humorous touch to the video and made it overall quite interesting.

  4. Quintas Gabriel says:

    The video was great overall. Some room for improvement include making all narrators have the same microphone volume/quality. Also, maybe some parts could be sped up to keep the viewer engaged. However, overall the video was really clear and informative.

  5. Zachary Karpenko says:

    While the information presented was great and the group definitely seems like they know what they’re talking about, it is not a very engaging video and loses viewer interest easily.

  6. Muthuchamy Tarun says:

    I loved the hand-drawn animations! However, the voices are kind of monotonous and does not capture the listener’s animation that well so it is easy to tune out. On the other hand, I liked the video and felt that I learned something.

  7. Irondi Ogechi says:

    Glad to know the t-test is actually utilized in research and that we didn’t learn how to use them in lab for nothing! Great video. Animations were great but there could be improvements to the voice overs. Still a great job however.

  8. Mary Carolyn Hulgan says:

    The illustrations and narration were engaging, but writing the title of the illustration at the end of the section was sometimes confusing. Overall, good job!

  9. Nagesha Anirudh says:

    The idea to speed up the drawings is very cool. My group did this as well. It seemed a lot like some of the videos that are on the site as part of the modules and that made it seem a little more professional. I liked the illustrations and thought they were very informative. Good job.

  10. Reymond Brian says:

    Excellent video. The constant images/drawings were very well done, interesting, and helped be understand the topic better. The pace and volume of the speakers were also very clear.

  11. Grant says:

    I enjoyed the visuals and the paper drawings were very interesting. The explanation was also very clear and easy to understand. Great job. Awesome video.

  12. Amoss John says:

    Script was very clear and straightforward; very easy to understand. Audio editing was a little iffy, and the video overall was not entertaining- but overall a pretty good presentation of information.

  13. Rajchel Milosz says:

    I could tell that you put time and effort into this video. I liked the drawings and the voice over quality. Interesting topic too…. lol. The best part was the conclusion – I was able to easily understand the information. Well done!

  14. Sills Ann-Marie says:

    Funny visuals! Y’all really kept my attention! I also really appreciated how you guys matched up with what we covered in class. The pace and the script were concise and clear. Great job 🙂

  15. Bondarev Dmitry says:

    The content is clear, but some of the speakers talk too fast and the sound quality is uneven.

  16. Vezeau Alexandra says:

    Haha I really liked the song choice at the end! I thought the video was pretty good overall. I think it would’ve sounded better with one good speaker narrating, but the explanations were clear anyway and the drawings were cute. Good job.

  17. Okudoh Victoria says:

    Nice job. Very detailed explanations.

  18. Crane-Moscowitz Kenneth says:

    I think your video was pretty good. I liked the way you presented all of the information and I liked your use of pictures. I do think that you would have benefited a lot from having a better quality microphone or even using the same microphone for each voice over.

  19. Chen Morissa says:

    Great drawings. The video had good graphics and good audio quality. However I thought the best part of your video was how it tied together concepts form the research and our in class learning very well. The music was a great added touch too.

  20. Polik Hayriye says:

    Engaging pictures and easy to understand narration of the information. I really liked how you defined vocab that was learned in the previous modules.

  21. Tokos Margaret says:

    The drawings were great. Took a little long sometimes but they were very cute and well worth the wait. The video lacked some energy and the dialogue was unclear at times but still a solid effort.

  22. Popovici David says:

    The promiscuous gene drawing with the rat was very creative. Nice touch on the bow.

  23. Dowling Margaret says:

    This was a great video! Awesome job demonstrating your understanding of the topic at hand! I really appreciate the effort put forward, especially with the drawings! Awesome work!

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