Group 9 – Selective Gender Transition in Common Houseflies

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17 Responses to Group 9 – Selective Gender Transition in Common Houseflies

  1. Vitaliy Popovych says:

    Really cool animations and layout for the video. Language was a bit technical at times but you guys had a strong understanding of the topic. Good job!

  2. Elizabeth Stevens says:

    Lots of good bullet points and information added in. The bullet points really help to get the most important information understood.

  3. Cristina Rosello says:

    Cool layout for the topic. Bullet points and visuals helped to make a more difficult topic understandable to those of us who didn’t read the article. Good job guys!

  4. Ruthrajeevi Venkat Govindaraj says:

    The visuals were really fun to watch and made the information easier to digest- however better audio quality woulda been welcome.

  5. Branndon Booth says:

    very interesting topic and covered well

  6. Kathryn Stauduhar says:

    Visuals were great! It was a little confusing, and audio was pretty distracting, but overall really cool.

  7. Avery Jones says:

    I liked the creative graphics! It was easy to take in the information you were presenting.

  8. Casey Erb says:

    Some slightly muted audio but the condensed bullet points were very informative so I still understood the experiment. Very conclusive results, well delivered.

  9. Ji Eun Lim says:

    The audio could be improved. Other than that, the visuals and the overall work turned out great.

  10. Piper Brownlee says:

    I loved the animations! It made the video look really polished and emphasized the important points

  11. Atikud Rouf says:

    The animation for this video is very well done. The audio for some narrators is not that clear though

  12. Tyler Oliver says:

    The animations were really good and I will definitely have to consider using such a website in the future for videos. The only thing I think that I personally would have wanted to see out of the video is better quality audio, which can be edited in Audacity or audio program.

  13. Anthony Gideon says:

    Great sense of organization in your explanation. The variation of speakers made the video more enjoyable despite the loss of some audio.

  14. Mythri Ravoori says:

    Woah, this is a pretty cool topic to listen to! The information was presented really well and it was really easy to follow along with the video!!! Cool video!

  15. Joseph Davis says:

    The illustrations were great and helped explain the topic. Well done

  16. Erek Humm says:

    Great job with the animations they made this video really easy to follow and understand, I only had to watch once to understand it fully

  17. mmullins9 says:

    The animations were unique to all other videos I previewed. Great team effort! It was great hearing multiple people discuss Selective Gender Transition

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