Group 11: Stromatolites Suggest Life Originated Earlier Than Previously Thought

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73 Responses to Group 11: Stromatolites Suggest Life Originated Earlier Than Previously Thought

  1. Black Natalie says:

    Firstly, I like the Harry Potter font. I actually really like watching the drawing on the computer. Fairly simple figure (1). I like how you focus on certain peaks in the second scientific figure. Clear connections to evolution topics from our course and origin in life (module 3 and 4). The group clearly new the purpose and thesis of the research paper, and address the open-endedness of this topic, calling for more research to be done. Informative an entertaining video.

  2. Mavris Sophia says:

    The graphics in this video are really well drawn, and because of this I makes the video more visually interesting. One thing is maybe to zoom in on the video so the viewers cannot see all the editing done in the frame. Other than that it was really good, especially how the speaker was informative and clear.

  3. Carroll Sally says:

    This video was so well done! It was very educational, and it felt like I was watching a video made by the researchers themselves! I love all of the tie-ins to all that we have studied thus far in Biology 1510. Job well done!

  4. Kern Ryan says:

    This video was so well done It was very interesting, I felt like I was watching a video. I hate all of the blatant tie-ins to what we have studied so far in Biology 1510, what do you think i’m an idiot.
    Anyway this research is crazy.

  5. Stubbs Isabella says:

    The computer drawn animations were a perfect fit for conveying the experiment. The control and neat handwriting was quite impressive! The narrator does a great job sounding engaged while explaining the experiment. I liked the direct tie-in to Module 3 as well- it helped make clear the relationship.

  6. Barone Cassandra says:

    The animations for the video were very effective and not too distracting. The overall layout was to the point and engaging. Very good use of tying the info to class topics!

  7. Elisabet Ruiz-Torres says:

    The animations were easy to follow and helped in understanding the information given. There was also clear connections to information we learned in class in earlier modules. However, the speaker could have been a bit louder to be easily understood.

  8. Schulz Laura says:

    Harry Potter font was awesome! The video was very informative and an appropriate amount of background information was provided, so that an audience who didn’t know much about the topic could still understand the content being given in the video. Nice job! My one critique is that I would add some background music – it makes the video more upbeat!

  9. Andrew Matson says:

    I really enjoyed the Harry Potter font at the beginning of the video. The computer drawing was also very entertaining, and this is obviously a very interesting topic! Great job on the video!

  10. Vacko Katharine says:

    I found this video to be very engaging. The speaker was easily understood and concise. I also appreciated how they drew the images using a computer, I thought this was really unique. They also stressed WHY the experiment mattered which was important.

  11. Su Steven says:

    Really good visuals. Connected back to the modules very clearly. Had a really good flow and funny visuals to go with. I think the figure (regarding the rocks samples) wasn’t really useful.

  12. Adithi Anil says:

    I liked the visuals because they were engaging and enjoyable to watch while staying connected to the topic. The audio was also easy to listen to and understand. The topic was covered well and easy to understand.

  13. Moye Lauren says:

    This was a really cool, interesting way of presenting this information! Very clearly presented, well done!

  14. Koo Jun says:

    Very good video. I liked the open ended nature of your conclusion. Also, I liked how you gave some context before jumping into your topic and I also liked how seamlessly you integrated the requirement to link the biology modules into the topic of your video.

  15. Bakare Oladipo says:

    The font at the beginning made me unsure of what to expect, but it turned out to be a further study into what we already discussed in class, evidence of how life began based on stromatolites. Great video overall!

  16. Xie Jingwei says:

    Love the Harry Potter font and the drawings! Your demonstration of the study is very well explained and easy to understand. Awesome job!

  17. Phillips Haley says:

    I thought the video was very interesting and loved the use of Harry Potter. I also thought the visuals were new and creative and different from the things I’ve seen in other videos. The video was also interesting due to the visuals and good narration.

  18. Wilson Isaiah says:

    The video is very refined from both a visual and information aspect. Recording your drawing via software was very effective at conveying concepts visually and making the video engaging. Concepts from the course were adequately related to the topic.

  19. Patel Krishna says:

    I like how you started off with a connection to bio 1510, and the Harry Potter font was fun. The visuals were well drawn and engaging. The information was well delivered, and the video was not difficult to understand. Good job!

  20. Ogan Soseimiebi says:

    The voice throughout the video was very clear and convincing. The video was very easy to follow and the pictures and drawings were well paced with the speech. The diagrams were clear and carefully thought out and as a result really helped me to understand the topic even more. Nice job!

  21. Satapathy Aparajita says:

    Loved the theme of your video because it was a very interesting way to present the content. It was also very clear and informative. Good job!

  22. Qin Nina says:

    This is my own fault, but I thought the Harry Potter themed introduction would carry over :(. I liked everything about the video though. It was evident that the drawings for every point of information was well planned out. Could totally use this to study during finals week.

  23. Kaparos Efiyenia says:

    The content in your video was very thorough and well-explained! One small detail that was slightly distracting was the paint tool box that kept popping up on the bottom right corner after every image was drawn. Otherwise, your visuals were very helpful.

  24. Zibitt Meira says:

    I liked that the presentation of the information was different from other videos. The speaker was easy to understand. Good job!

  25. Delgrego Megan says:

    Very nice video. The speaker spoke at a nice pace, making everything easy to comprehend. The visuals were effective and helped me understand the topic even better. I also like how you related things back to what we learned.

  26. Patel Tilak says:

    The video was very informative and intriguing. The visuals were used well and helped me understand your topic in more depth. One important thing that you did was that you related the video back to what we learned in class.

  27. Meyer Alexander says:

    The screenshot of the entire screen was slightly distracting, but otherwise the narrator was very well spoken and the drawings were very illustrative. The information in the video was clear and engaged the viewers interest. Overall very well done video.

  28. Grande Guillermo says:

    This video was very professionally done. The study was presented in a very structured, clear and engaging manner. The computer made visuals were excellent and complemented the narration very well. The narrator was energetic and engaging. The video was very educational overall, and ties in the concepts we studied in BIO 1510 very well. Great job!

  29. Warren Tyler says:

    This was one of the best videos I’ve seen. I like the style used. The commentary was clear and well done. Concepts from earlier in the course were neatly tied in. After watching this video I felt like I understood the basics of this subject very clearly.

  30. Watson Kimberly says:

    Really cool video. I liked the editing; I haven’t seen any other video that presented their topic this way. Presented your topic in a very interesting way that made it engaging and intriguing!

  31. O'brien-Russell Charlotte says:

    The connections between to the course were very clear. Overall, the drawings were very informative and well done. However, sometimes the video was hard to follow and the experiment was not explained very well.

  32. Jacqueline says:

    Using software for the drawing was a nice touch, and the synchronization between it and the audio was well done. The speaker spoke at a good pace and his expressiveness made me take interest in the science. I enjoyed the deliberate ties to the course through the mention of specific modules and definitions.

  33. Lever Alice says:

    The drawings were very clear and the speaker spoke at the perfect tempo; they were very easy to understand. Also the video did a good job of tying the study back to previous modules for review.

  34. Dubey Shresttha says:

    The way that you guys drew connections to the concepts that we already learned in the beginning of the video, was different but allowed me to relate to the video in a way that I haven’t been able to with most other videos.

  35. Megan says:

    Very engaging video! The drawings were cute, and the information was presented very clearly. I feel as though I really understand the findings of the experiment. Nice, clean design, and solid scientific support.

  36. Born Adam says:

    I really like the digital drawing style. I haven’t seen this style before and it was very engaging. However, it could have used a little bit of fine tuning. The taskbar was partially showing at the bottom and made it seem a less polished. The video quality was also a little bit low, but this might be unavoidable. Aside from these drawbacks, the video the cleanly delivered the content in the paper and was very engaging.

  37. Hoey Maeve says:

    Really awesome drawings! Made the topics a lot easier to understand and a lot easier to follow along with what you saying throughout the video. Great presentation of the material!

  38. Dowling Margaret says:

    The graphics in the video were awesome! Great job conveying the information clearly and in an engaging way! I really enjoyed this video!!

  39. Bresch Troy says:

    This video was very educational. It had nice illustrations that helped explain the topic being discussed. The video clearly related this information with subject matter that has been taught in 1510 Bio. Overall the video was very informative.

  40. Oliver Greta says:

    I really enjoyed the drawn computer figures and think they helped a lot in understanding the information. The audio was clear throughout and I think this video was well done.

  41. Noah Rittenberg says:

    The animation is amazing, the only problem I have is that it shows all of the editing. Besides that, this video does a great job of relating information back to what we have studied in class.

  42. Taylor Micah says:

    The animations look really good and the presentation of the information is very clear and easy to understand. Great job!

  43. Guilherme Pinto says:

    The drawings were great!! It really helped to explain the content and make the topic more interesting for the viewers. The audio was also really good, engaging me the throughout the entire video. Great Job!

  44. Bhayana Shivika says:

    Honestly, when I saw the title of the topic I thought it was going to be super boring. But you guys managed to explain the topic in an interesting fashion with clear visuals. I loved the harry potter font by the way đŸ™‚

  45. Umair Alvi says:

    Wow the results of this experiment was super interesting. One of the things I really love about science is that it can always change, and this a prime example of evidence against some of the information we accept as fact.

  46. McGlothin Molly says:

    The visuals were well done and interesting. Good job relating the video to topics learned from class. The audio was very easy to listen to.

  47. McKean Thomas says:

    The presentation is very engaging and clear, I enjoyed watching it.

  48. Goggans Griffin says:

    I think this is an excellent video despite the lack of background music. You were able to narrate with very few pauses which kept me interested the entirety of the video. You explained the information perfectly and kept the speech interesting.

  49. Torres Samantha says:

    I really like how professional this video is! The computer generated drawings helped to make this project more unique, and the narration were synchronized well. The way the topic was explained was clear, concise, and quite enjoyable to watch. One of the best videos I’ve seen!

  50. vjohn6 says:

    Nice drawings and there were strong connections to the course, which made it much easier to understand your topic.

  51. Bonitatibus Rachael says:

    This video did a really good job relating to the modules. It also gave a very good amount of back ground information for those who don’t know much about the topic. The visuals were very engaging and the video was successful!

  52. Likes Taisha says:

    This video was very well done. The narration and visuals were engaging and interesting. Good job!

  53. Quintas Gabriel says:

    Video was clear, informative and concise. The narrator was clear and had a good voice volume. Graphics were engaging and easy to follow.

  54. Warner Chase says:

    Overall, the images are clean and interesting. The audio is easy to understand and the explanations of class concepts are obvious and clear.

  55. Zachary Karpenko says:

    Nice video that was obviously done very well with correct information that keeps viewers intrigued and entertained. Great work.

  56. Stawara Lilla says:

    The computer graphics for this video were great! You explained everything very well and it was an interesting presentation. It seems like a professionally done video! Awesome job.

  57. Kayastha Ayush says:

    This information was really interested, and I was really impressed by the video because of the drawings. The narration was aided by the drawings that were drawn in time with the information as it was presented. I know that could not have been easy, so that really impressed me.

  58. Muthuchamy Tarun says:

    Great video! Very professional but still entertaining so I could tell y’all had a great understanding over your topic. Also good job syncing the visuals to what you were saying, that must have been pretty tough. Overall, I really liked this video and think y’all did an excellent job!

  59. Bullock Kate says:

    Good job! Your video was very interesting and informative. Although I thought “figure 1” was unclear, and I couldn’t really make out what it was trying to convey. But overall I enjoyed the video.

  60. Jenkins Alexandria says:

    This video was very interesting! I enjoyed all of the graphics. The speaker’s voice was very clear throughout the video. It was also very informative and interesting. It helped clear up some of my questions about the origin of life in our BIOL 1510 modules. Great job!

  61. Ali Shan says:

    Interesting use of presentation. It was quite creative and engaging. Visuals were well presented with great rate of audio. The video was well put together and easy to follow. Great work!

  62. Amoss John says:

    Great video. Presentation of material was very clear and information was linked to class lecture which helped me understand it better. Audio is great, and the visuals were very well done!

  63. Sills Ann-Marie says:

    Did anyone else notice that the font style was like Harry Potter? Immediately caught my attention. Honestly, i was enamored for the whole video because of this haha. Well done. The information was easy to comprehend, especially because of the cute visuals that were drawn.

  64. Dunford Eden says:

    Your video was so well done! The topic was a little hard to get into but you explained everything really well while keeping it engaging with the visuals. The drawing made it great. The figure was a little vague but overall, great job.

  65. Swope Jason says:

    Great opening slide that grabbed my attention. The animation was fantastic and really kept my engaged in the video and want to learn more about what was going on. The audio was clear and explained the topic very well along with the experiment. Overall very good video.

  66. Mohammad Awan says:

    There were good explanations and good job tying this into module 4. Nice voice quality as well and there were good visuals as well.

  67. Couvillion Cristina says:

    Good tie-ins to the class, as well as “why it matters.” The findings were explained clearly and the visuals matched well.

  68. Garg Pallavi says:

    This video was very engaging and presented all of the points from the experiment in a way that was very easy to understand for the viewer. I loved the Harry Potter font!!

  69. Crane-Moscowitz Kenneth says:

    I really enjoyed the opening with Harry Potter font. You elaborated really well about this topic. I feel like some of your drawings lacked detail but for the most part were very demonstrative. I also liked how you related your topic to the modules.

  70. Okudoh Victoria says:

    This video is very interesting, though I thought the visuals could be better. The explanations are very well detailed and I was totally engaged the entire time.

  71. Diaz Noah says:

    I liked seeing more Stromatolites. We brushed over them in class but I didnt know t

  72. Chen Morissa says:

    This video had very good production quality. Although the visuals were simple they were a great addition to the information you presented. This video related to what we learned in class much better than most of the other videos.

  73. Tokos Margaret says:

    The one thing I didn’t like was the drawing application they used. It was a little distracting to me with the tool bar and color pallet popping up. Pretty fascinating topic that the narrator explained very well with the aid of clear, simple, colorful drawings.

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