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Human Milk Oligosaccharides (Group 01(M))

  Literature Cited: Charbonneau, Mark R., et al. (2016). “Sialylated Milk Oligosaccharides Promote Microbiota-Dependent Growth in Models of Infant Undernutrition.” Cell 164(5): 859-871. Sprenger, G. A., et al. (2017). “Production of human milk oligosaccharides by enzymatic and whole-cell microbial biotransformations.” Journal … Continue reading

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Group 04(M) – Human Milk Olgiosaccharides and Growth

Sialyated milk oligosaccharides study by Mark R. Charbonneau et al.

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Group 02(M) – Milk Oligosaccharides, Microbiota, & Growth

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Group 03 – Human Milk Oligosaccharides Help Infants Grow

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