Group 02(M) – Milk Oligosaccharides, Microbiota, & Growth

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28 Responses to Group 02(M) – Milk Oligosaccharides, Microbiota, & Growth

  1. Crystal says:

    The information from the study is explained very well; the video was easy to take in. Also, the images used were engaging and interesting.

  2. Sonya says:

    Really enjoyed this video. I think they did a great job of condensing and explaining the information from the experiment in a way that most people would be able to understand, not just scientists. The beginning had a good hook; they didn’t dive into the science right away, but instead talked about the bigger picture/issue.

  3. Ariel says:

    Study is explained very well, and video does a good job of illustrating the points made. It was easy to follow, and was introduced/concluded nicely.

  4. Zongru says:

    The background music makes the video quite fun to watch, the content in the video is very easy to follow and interesting.

  5. Taylor says:

    This is an interesting topic and your video did a great job explaining all the details of the study in basic terms.

  6. Suma says:

    The information was presented in a really concise and coherent way. I also found it interesting that the human and pig intestinal tracts are similar!

  7. Emma says:

    Pigs are very cute.

  8. Malek says:

    The animation really help capture the audiences attention. Furthermore, information was very relavent.

  9. Jesse says:

    Great visuals and production quality. Information flowed well and was easy to pick up with everything put together.

  10. Gabriel says:

    Excellent! Clear concepts and procedures. I enjoyed a lot the video. Thank you!

  11. Zara says:

    Really great video. The music in the background helped keep me interested and was at a good volume. The visuals were timed perfectly with the audio and contributed to my understanding of the study. The explanation was easy to follow and informative.

  12. Carole says:

    love the animation and script! it was very engaging and informative

  13. Heyward says:

    Great video and pace. The illustrations were very good and professional loooking. The narrator did seem to talk a little fast in some places though, and it made it harder to understand what she was saying.

  14. Emily says:

    This video is really well done. The visuals are very engaging and easy to follow and were explained well. It was overall a great video!

  15. Gabriella says:

    This video was very easy to follow, the music was entertaining but never out-shined the narrator. The narrator did a good job of condensing a lot of information, and the transition slides were very helpful and allowed the viewer to know what she was going to discuss next. Overall very well done!

  16. Sarah says:

    Graphics were relevant and the video provided interesting information

  17. Sarah says:

    I liked how they were very to the point in this video. All the information presented was concise and easy to follow. Really enjoyed the visuals as well!

  18. Duy says:

    Great manipulation of visuals as a tool for presenting the information in a concise way.

  19. Hyunwoo says:

    Great video. Really nice visuals and the narration was clear to understand with a lot of well-organized information!

  20. Jonathan says:

    Good use of graphics. I enjoyed that there was backgroungd music throughout, good touch to keep us engaged. Good representation of the article.

  21. Shelby says:

    The information shared was summarized and presented effectively. The music was almost a little too loud though and distracted from the narration.

  22. Pragya says:

    Love the clear cut-style of this video, especially the background music with its corresponding animations.

  23. John says:

    The information was presented very clearly and concisely for the most part. The drawings were great although some of them seem to have been done by different people. I also wish the slide transitions moved a little slower towards the end.

  24. Michael says:

    Very impressive video. You did a great job tying the experiment back to concepts that we learned in bio 1510. I also enjoyed the visuals as they added humor to the overall video.

  25. Hao says:

    Definitely the cutest and most complete video project in the course, and the background music is pleasant to listen to too.

  26. Divjot says:

    This video is really well made! I really enjoyed watching it and learned a lot! Awesome job!

  27. Adam says:

    Very nice visuals, and all the experiments and data were clearly laid out and explained. You could speak a bit slower as you were tripping over yourself at times, but definitely packed a lot of information in the short video.

  28. Triston says:

    Nice aesthetic, but the speech compared to the music had some balancing difficulties. Good job making an overall effective video.

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