Group 26, Mating and Predation Risk on Freshwater Snail Survival

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69 Responses to Group 26, Mating and Predation Risk on Freshwater Snail Survival

  1. Black Natalie says:

    This video is entertaining and attention grabbing. The snail drawings were fun and properly demonstrated the scientific ideas that were found in the article. I appreciated that the group defined some terms in the beginning to set the premise and what the paper was arguing. The ideas of the video tied in with some concepts that we have learned in class, but the group didn’t point it out as much as they could have. Very informative and fun video.

  2. Carroll Sally says:

    Thank you for defining your definitions before delving into the conceptual part of the material.It really helped when understanding the video!! I also appreciated how easy to read the graphs were!

  3. Kern Ryan says:

    Some of the speakers sound very uninterested with what they are talking about, as well you go over the same information multiple times

  4. Stubbs Isabella says:

    The hand-drawn animation turned out great. The definitions of difficult scientific vocabulary especially helped understand content presented later in the video. That was a very smart thing to do as it helped me get more out of the scientific side of the video. The narration was a bit monotonic, but overall great job!

  5. Elisabet Ruiz-Torres says:

    The definitions in the beginning of the video were a good idea as they helped the viewer to understand the concepts prior to them being used in context. However, while the speakers were clear and spoke slowly, some were too close to the microphone and their breathing could be heard which was a little distracting.

  6. Groves Daniel says:

    The reproduction-survival tradeoff from class was tied in nicely with the video. The experiment and results were described in adequate and understandable detail. The concept of resource allocation was emphasized throughout the whole video, a good touch.

  7. Mathur Anmol says:

    I really liked the drawings since they were very clear and to the point. The visuals were well-edited, but I believe that the audio could have been edited in a better way.

    The presentation of definitions in the beginning of the video was a good idea because it might have helped the viewers to understand some background of the study.

  8. Olaniran Peace says:

    The visuals in this video was so engaging and cute!!! In regards to the information given it was very clear and easy to follow. I do think the audio segment could have been edited better and that some of the background noises of some of the speakers could have been cleaned up. Altogether it was a visually appealing presentation and the mating and predation effects of snails. The visuals were so good!!!

  9. Adithi Anil says:

    The visuals were nice and engaging. The voices, while they were clear and slow enough, were a bit quiet at times and hard to understand. I like how the material was explained clearly and the steps of the experiment were explained and drawn visually (for example the part about the predation effects).

  10. Meyer Alexander says:

    The format of the video is great, as it makes the video seem more educational, rather than just throwing information at the viewer. The definitions towards the beginning of the video would normally be a good idea, except that some of the definitions were repeated later on in the video; the speakers should have either kept all the definitions towards the beginning of the video, or simply give the definitions in the actual context in which they should be used in order to avoid unnecessary repetition. Otherwise, the information was engaging and clear to understand, and illustrations were very well done.

  11. Broderick Kirby says:

    It’s unclear whether all snails are hermaphroditic, or all in the study were, or it’s something some snails do and others don’t.

  12. Bakare Oladipo says:

    The video simplified terms by giving their definitions. The other part of the video was easy to follow as a result. The pictures used also made the video interesting to watch. References was made to trade-offs discussed in population ecology.

  13. Anum Ul-Haque says:

    The drawings are really cute and engaging! The audio was a little monotonous and some speakers were a little quiet in some scenes, but other than that, the video was really good.

  14. Blake Daniels says:

    I enjoyed the organization of this video starting off with vocabulary terms and important concepts. This held clarify the rest of the video. The slides were simple, but still effective on conveying information. I would try and include more inflection in the narrator’s voice.

  15. Kyzer Amelia says:

    I really liked the visuals in the video. The snails were really cute. I liked how the video listed the concepts in the beginning to give the viewer and idea/background of the information in the study.

  16. Zou Qing says:

    I really like the snails and the idea of the snails think about if they want to grow or have another partner to mate. That is so adorable.

  17. Vezeau Alexandra says:

    I really liked the snail drawings. It was easy to follow the concepts throughout the video, but I wish you had just used one narrator. It was a really good video overall though.

  18. Patel Amy says:

    I really appreciate the visuals. They were clear and easy to follow with the narrations. The definitions and explanations for the questions truly made this video stand out.

  19. Voravong Katlyn says:

    The pace of the video made it very digestible. I liked how there was time set aside to introduce the terms to the audience to clear up any future confusion. The drawings were simple but effective. Overall, a good video.

  20. Delgrego Megan says:

    The drawings were cute and clear. Everything was easy to understand and follow, especially since you defined the terms at the beginning and talked at a slow pace. Great job.

  21. Lever Alice says:

    My group also did this topic, so it was very interesting to see another take on it. The snail drawings were very cute and entertaining, and the graph displaying the results was very neat and easy to read. I also think explaining why the topic matters really added to the video and made me more interested in the results.

  22. Stratton Lauren says:

    It was a really good idea to include the part where all the definitions are laid out and described clearly. This helped me follow the experiment and its big picture later on in the video. I liked that the speakers talked slowly, making it easy to hear and understand.

  23. Carkuff Rachel says:

    This video was well-edited, and the visuals were nicely tied to the audio. The audio was very clear and easy to understand. I like that you all included the definitions at the beginning, as it made the experiment easier to understand. The results of this were very interesting!

  24. Fox Abigail says:

    I think the video had a very good flow and was easy to follow along with. The pace of the audio was also very easy to understand. The definitions at the beginning and the summary of the results at the end made the study and its ideas very easy to understand. I also thought the snail drawings were fun.

  25. Warren Tyler says:

    Like others have commented, starting with the definitions was super helpful. The drawings conveyed the information in a fun, informal manner. The audio was clear and the video was very well edited overall. Information about the significance of the experiment seemed a little lacking though.

  26. Ferguson David says:

    Overall the video was well designed. As well as the narration was clear and easy to follow. There were times however where it was somewhat monotonous. However as mentioned before hand, the definitions were good and the depictions were okay.

  27. Watson Kimberly says:

    Really great video! I like that definitions were included; it allowed for a better understanding of the topics discussed in your video. Visuals were well drawn and entertaining. I loved the snails.

  28. Kim Samuel says:

    I enjoyed this video overall. It wasn’t too fast, allowing for clear and easy understanding of the mechanics and results of the experiment. The definitions included at the beginning also helped tremendously, preparing the viewer for the more detailed explanations of the experiment ahead.

  29. Amoss John says:

    I’m glad that you defined the terms early on. It wasn’t the most engaging, but it was easy to follow. Visuals are very well done!

  30. Muenchen Alexandrea says:

    The snails look great! They made the presentation of the information more fun. I like that you defined scientific vocabulary at the beginning, as it helped me understand more later on in the video. The narration was a little monotonic and hard to hear but other than that, great job!

  31. O'brien-Russell Charlotte says:

    Explaining the terms in the beginning was very helpful and made the rest of the video much easier to understand. The visuals of the snails did a good job enhancing the video and further explaining the terms and methods used in the experiment. However, there was not much of a connection made to Bio 1510, and sometimes the voices were very quiet and hard to hear.

  32. Newville Grace says:

    The visuals and figures were really good, and things were explained very well which made it very easy to follow along throughout the video. It didn’t seem like a bunch of information was being thrown at me at once like a lot of other videos did which was also a plus.

  33. Marquardt Kristina says:

    Excellent job of starting the video with the question being asked and why it was important to address the question. The visuals were very well done and made the video visually pleasing. However, the different narrators spoke at different volumes which made it difficult to hear at times, and I had to adjust the volume of the video a few times.

  34. Kouba Amelie says:

    Visuals are done very well, good figures. Good start to video, however the speed and volume of different speakers changed over the video. Overall it is very well done, with good information, like that there is music at the start. Also, refer to the class a little more in the video.

  35. Courtney Queen says:

    It was helpful to address the big question and key terms and the beginning. The visuals were done well, but the different speaking volumes of the narrators was distracting.

  36. Bentata Benezry says:

    I loved the visuals and drawings; however, the information was not conveyed very clearly. Sometimes I got confused, and the narrator seems uninterested. Overall the video is really cool though.

  37. Reeves Devon says:

    The drawings are super cute! The definitions were a great idea and the speaker was slow enough to follow along easily. The video overall was really good and informative!

  38. Iyengar Mayuri says:

    I like how you guys offer a lot of questions to think about throughout the videos, and also how you elaborate on key ideas and terms imperative for understanding the big picture. All your snail drawing were adorable! Sometimes the narrator loses enthusiasm, but great job overall!

  39. Stolz Alexandra says:

    The beginning of the video was really good -the visuals were awesome, the questions you proposed and the definitions you gave set up the presentation really nicely. The only drawback was the narration. It was hard to follow at times. Other than that I found this video very enjoyably and informative.

  40. Dubey Shresttha says:

    Perhaps a more visually involved video might have helped you get some of your messages accross. However, the amount of outside research and detail in this video is exemplary.

  41. Megan says:

    This was an excellent video! The drawings were adorable, and the music was cheerful. The visuals made the content more clear, and the voiceover presented the information thoroughly, yet clearly. I felt as though I really understood the study, but the video was also very aesthetically pleasing. Great job!

  42. Taylor Thomas says:

    I liked this video because the animations were really well done, as well as the video felt very educational. The audio felt a bit flat, which made if feel at times. But as a whole, very well done.

  43. Lin Min says:

    I like how definitions were defined in the beginning, and I also enjoyed the simplistic snail drawings that made the information given easy and interesting to follow.

  44. Bresch Troy says:

    The information was presented well and easy to understand. The drawings were very good and helped with explaining the information. Also it was nice that terms like survival were defined in the beginning. At times the audio was very faint which made it hard to hear what was being said.

  45. Taylor Micah says:

    I really liked that you provided the definitions of all the terms towards the beginning of the video, as it made the video as a whole very clear and easy to follow. Also the snail drawings are super cute!

  46. Noah Rittenberg says:

    I really loved the drawings in the video. The volume and tone of the speakers could’ve been better, but overall a great video. I especially liked how you defined some of the vocabulary at the beginning. This made it a lot easier to understand.

  47. Anderson Eric says:

    I like that this video began with the question. Also the slow and concise speech throughout helped with understanding. All the terms and the the methods of the experiment were clear along with the findings. Overall: very informative and clear video.

  48. McGlothin Molly says:

    The definitions helped to understand the concepts of the experiment. The drawings gave a visual depiction that was very engaging. Overall the team’s video was well presented.

  49. Umair Alvi says:

    The drawing were beautiful and really helped in my understanding of the information. The results of the study were shared clearly and the video did not put me to sleep, which is a great thing!

  50. Beruk Samson says:

    Awesome start on this video, the visuals not only work to grab the listener’s attention but also to help understand the processes being discussed. I thought it was especially helpful that some definitions were clarified at the start of the video because it really helped to understand what was being discussed better. Audio (speakers) were sometimes monotone or disinterested but not so much so that it took away from the overall product.

  51. Kayastha Ayush says:

    The intro music was funny and caught my attention immediately. The drawings were also really funny and appropriate. Each drawing was presented with the appropriate information very clearly, so it was easy to draw parallels between the visual and the information. I thought this as a great video.

  52. Warner Chase says:

    Overall the video was very good. The visuals were adorable, and the little speech bubbles above the heads of the snails at certain points were quite humorous and attention grabbing. By putting the definitions of each of the major talking points of the study at the beginning of the video, you were able to describe the class contents and information throughout the video. One problem is that the stagnant visuals make the video uninteresting to watch, a viewer can take one look at the picture then just listen to the audio without watching, until it changes again, repeating the process. Further, the difference in audio between narrators made parts of the video stand out more than others, as some parts were easier to understand than others, which may have been unintentional.

  53. Jones Dillon says:

    Excellent snail drawings! Good video. very clear and straightforward. If the snails were not actually exposed to crayfish, just the chemical traces, how can we know exactly how the predators affect them?

  54. Quintas Gabriel says:

    Very well presented, animations were very well done. The information was clearly linked to the drawings so it was easy to follow. Great video.

  55. Zachary Karpenko says:

    This was done very well and also stayed extremely informative. The information got across very easily, however the video could be hard to hear sometimes and tended to seem to drag on for certain pictures, but overall it was very good!

  56. Jenkins Alexandria says:

    This video was very informative. The vocabulary list in the beginning was very helpful. I enjoyed all of the ties back to the ecology module. The graphics in the video were great, but the voices became monotonous at times. Overall, great job!

  57. Sommer Elias says:

    The drawings were very cute and helped enhance my understanding of the concepts presented. Great job!

  58. Nagesha Anirudh says:

    The best part of this video was definitely the explanatory definitions in the beginning. That really helped with being able to follow the flow of the experiment and then in turn the results and explanation of the results. The visual elements worked very well here by keeping the video engaging and fun, while still providing information about the experiment.

  59. Turner Emma says:

    The definitions were a smart way to give a background of information and the illustrations made it easy to follow

  60. Reymond Brian says:

    Overall the video was amazing. I really love how the information was presented. The drawing and images were very engaging and definitely helped me understand the information better. I especially liked how the group presented explanatory definitions at the beginning. The explanations and the start helped me understand the topic of the study.

  61. Reymond Brian says:

    Liked everything about the video. The drawing and images were very engaging and definitely helped me understand the information better. I especially liked how the group had definitions at the beginning of the video presentation. The explanations and the start helped me understand the topic of the study.

  62. Dunford Eden says:

    My group also had this topic so it was neat to see what you had done with it. The visuals were really cute and I loved the snails’ speech bubbles. You did a good job with the definitions because there is a lot of difficult vocabulary. Also the way you connected the information to the course was well done. I don’t know what could have been improved. Good job!

  63. Swope Jason says:

    Great video! perfect use of audio as well as the great visuals made for a fantastic, engaging video that perfectly explained the topic and any terms within it.

  64. Wah Katie says:

    I loved the snails and thought they were very well used. They made the video very engaging and definitely were one of the reasons why I loved watching this video and learned as much as I did. The definitions that you gave at the beginning were executed and placed very well because they gave me a little background information abiouot the topic that I may have not previously had. Despite the fact that the speakers in the video had a big contrast in terms of speaking style and how well they were able to convey their information, I found this video very informative and entertaining.

  65. Jehle John says:

    Excellent drawings and excellent narration! I loved the way you mixed up the narrators so that the audience didn’t get bored with one person. The video flowed well and I never thought there would be that much interesting information on snails!

  66. Chawla Rishab says:

    The animations were colorful and overall went well with the story. I particularly liked how you engaged the audience by asking pertinent questions that will leave us wondering more. Also, I like how you clarified the definition of survival to fit the evolutionary/ecological context. I’m impressed that you were able to fit in all the material in only a few seconds above the allotted time without talking too fast.

  67. Moore Collin says:

    Your drawings made me laugh. You also did a good job explaining how the data would be evaluated.

  68. Perry Timothy says:

    Illustrations were cute, some of the voices were lackluster in terms of enthusiasm which is understandable. Overall though, well done.

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