Group 34: Cell Metabolism: A Predictive Model for Selective Targeting of the Warburg Effect

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52 Responses to Group 34: Cell Metabolism: A Predictive Model for Selective Targeting of the Warburg Effect

  1. Hayden says:

    Graphics are really good! Also, it is awesome that the KA was able to slow down cancer cells, and determine the difference between cancer cells and normal cells.

  2. Ellen says:

    I really like the choice of graphics. The study is described well and the findings are cool.

  3. Oluwapamilerin says:

    The graphics were very interesting and it allowed me to stay focused on the video.

  4. Nicole says:

    Cool way to represent the information that you guys read about. I like the visuals you guys used!

  5. Reagan says:

    Really awesome job of conveying the information from this study! Your visuals and audio were really clear and helped to show how the Warburg Effect works.

  6. Camalie says:

    I liked your explanation of the Warburg Effect. I wish the figures were bigger though.

  7. Aubree says:

    The audio for the video is very clear and the animations really grasp the viewers attention! The video is very engaging and I thought it was interesting how concepts of glycolysis were able to be related back to your topic.

  8. Faye says:

    Good pace and pleasant, clean visuals. Your video had a consistent aesthetic and was never too busy, so your content was easy to understand.

  9. Andrew says:

    Good, clean visuals, but it would have been helpful if vocabulary from the paper were redefined in terms of vocabulary from class as and when terms ere mentioned.

  10. Blake says:

    Overall good job. The information was presented in a well simplified manner. However, some of the visuals were impossible to understand due to their size. Solid work.

  11. Dorothea says:

    You did a very good job explaining the figures so that they were easier to understand. Overall a very good video with good images.

  12. Hannah says:

    I liked the design of the video, the fonts looks very nice and make the video look very professional. It would have been nice if there were more visuals created for the video; the diagrams were too small to follow in the second half of the video.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I like all of the visuals except I cant see the figures. i also wish it was one voice the whole time so it seemed more cohesive

  14. Ian says:

    The video quality is great and the animations are very encompassing. They kept me interested throughout the whole video.

  15. Hanna says:

    This was a visually beautiful and informative lesson. The graphics were awesome and the voice over was great and smooth

  16. James says:

    Video was amazing, and the breakdown was easy to follow.

  17. Vivi says:

    I likes the graphics. Very engaging and informative video

  18. Yifan says:

    Graphics are great, sound is really good

  19. Woohyun says:

    Video is very colorful, which is great as it keeps viewer visually engaged. There were one or two points where there was way too much on the screen in terms of graphics.

  20. Rahulkrishna says:

    I love how the entire paper was broken down and explained in layman terms. That, in and of itself, made the video very engaging

  21. Arfa says:

    The information was presented nicely. I liked the way the video was created as well as the visuals. The audio matched up the script very well. Great job!

  22. Riley says:

    I really liked how conversational this video was. It didn’t seem like it was a stiff scientific article – it kind of reminded me of the way we are taught biology in class.

  23. Irene says:

    The video was very informative and clear. I really like the visuals and the handwriting is very nice! The pictures were very colorful and eye-catching.

  24. Christopher says:

    Visuals were extremely engaging and really grabbed and held my attention. Handwriting was also clear and very easy to read. Great explanations and great job overall.

  25. Andrea says:

    Extremely sophisticated video. Animations were very cool and colorful, and I now better understand cancer cells.

  26. Juhee says:

    The figures were a bit blurry to see. However, nice job overall using a presentation method to give a clear information on cell metabolism.

  27. Kaitlyn says:

    Very easy to understand and follow. Great job of explaining some of the more complicated bits. Wish your figures had been easier to see however.

  28. Gleymi says:

    The visuals that were drawn out were really good but some of the images were to blurry to see. The explanation of the concepts and the audio was clear.

  29. Samantha says:

    The graphics were really awesome and the video was very informative.

  30. Joshua says:

    Excellent use of both animations and drawings for a great explanation

  31. Kelly says:

    The video’s visuals and voiceover both give a clear description of the research and are informative!

  32. Mirali says:

    The figures were hard to see because of the size but overall I like how the visuals were presented in a different manner.

  33. Marianna says:

    I think your recording was really good, very calm, very explanatory. The graphics were easy to follow and were synchronized with the script

  34. Alianna says:

    The figures were a little hard to see, but you did a great job explaining the experiment in a smooth and clear way.

  35. Shashwati says:

    You did a fantastic job on a pretty complex paper. The visuals are engaging and the audio sounds very natural.

  36. Katherine says:

    The visuals are really good in your video and it’s very informative and explanatory of the topic of your paper.

  37. Bailey says:

    You described the findings very well, but i feel like the visuals are more of a slide show than a video, there is a lot of dead time while reading where nothing is happening on screen.

  38. James says:

    I think that this video had the best visuals of any video yet. Sure, the actual figures may have been a little small, but all of the other visuals were great.

  39. Jarred says:

    Great graphics, especially the image of the T. koningii.

  40. Sahar says:

    The speaker was easy to understand the graphics helped tons.

  41. Xiaoying says:

    The narrator is concise and clear. The drawings help a lot. The order to elaborate the concept and experiment is helpful to understand the whole idea generally. Love the coloring of the drawings.

  42. Jalen says:

    The relationship of the experiment back to the module was the most interesting portion for me. Some of the visuals were small and hard to see, but the animations, especially at the beginning, I liked.

  43. Zhubo says:

    Great video, through it could be made better by improving the sharpness of certain figures.

  44. William says:

    The visuals in this video were really good, as was the voice over. Quality video!

  45. Mira says:

    The visuals were great. The audio was very clear, too. The material was also easy to understand.

  46. Graeme says:

    Loved the presentation software you used. Very easy to see the main points. Great video.

  47. Cassidy-Arielle says:

    The visuals supported the audio very well. Nice fonts and title slides with supporting details, though some of them were too small to see. Nice job overall though!

  48. Lauren says:

    The voice over was clear and I really loved your visuals. They were very nicely done.

  49. Vamsish says:

    The audio was extremely good quality. The speaking was well done with no breaks or stutters, and the visuals were really amazing and made the video pretty fun to watch.

  50. Carlos says:

    The graphics were truly captivating, I like how the audio flows in a way that sounds natural and barely scripted.

  51. Ria says:

    Not sure if it was just my computer, but the graphics were pretty blurry

  52. Carlie says:

    The visuals, audio, and script all matched up well. The flow of the presentation was nice.

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