Group #23: “Gut Bacteria and Growth Impairment”


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Group 9 – Origin of Sickle Cell Mutation

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Group M2: Eradication of Asian Tiger Mosquitos

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Group 20: Gut bacteria that prevent growth impairments transmitted by microbiota from malnourished children

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Group 22 – Gut Microbiota in Malnourished Children

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Team 7 – E. gallinarum and Autoimmunity

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The Link between Trehalose and C. Difficile, Group 14

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Using Mannosides to Treat Urinary Tract Infections (Group 19)

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Group 04(M) – Human Milk Olgiosaccharides and Growth

Sialyated milk oligosaccharides study by Mark R. Charbonneau et al.

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Group 18: Eliminating Uropathogenic E. Coli from the gut using FimH antagonist


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