Group 5 (M) Legionella pneumophilia Modulates Mitochondrial Dynamics to Trigger Metabolic Repurposing of Infected Macrophages

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Group 02(M) – Milk Oligosaccharides, Microbiota, & Growth

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Group 07M Legionella pnuemophila impacts mitochondrial functions by infecting macrophages

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Group 03 – Human Milk Oligosaccharides Help Infants Grow

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Group M8 – Translocation of Gut Pathobionts

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Group 7: Analysis of “Species as Stressors: Heterospecific Interactions and the Cellular Stress Response under Global Change”



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[Group 9] Telomere length is reflected by plumage coloration in barn swallow

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Group 40: Surveying the Sequence Diversity of Model Pre-Biotic Peptides by Mass Spectrometry

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Genital titilators in bush crickets: Group 3

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Group 18: Genes of an Avian Lilliput Effect across the K-Pg Extinction

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