Group 16 – Species richness in ancient Egypt

Group Members: Brenan Wayland, Samuel Stewart, Rebecca McCord, Alexis Calvert, Chinami Wade, Arielle Myerson

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81 Responses to Group 16 – Species richness in ancient Egypt

  1. yyang418 says:

    I like the way you guys wrote and drew out the concepts. Except for some of the parts not matching with the audio for a few moments, you guys did a great job on presenting the topic of species richness which we learned in class with Ancient Egypt.

  2. mbonus3 says:

    great summary points and explanations

  3. aeze3 says:

    There were moments where the audio played without continuous visuals but overall you were very informative.

  4. twommack3 says:

    I really liked this video, the narrator’s voice was perfect and the drawing were so great! It was also very easy to follow, good job!

  5. akvg3 says:

    Very interesting video. I thought this project topic was really interesting and the information was really good. The only complaint I have is that the handwriting was a little small at times and hard to read, but the voice-over did a good job.

  6. jpelzer3 says:

    A graph might have more effectively demonstrates some of the relationships/concepts demonstrated in the video. Otherwise, it was understandable and well organized.

  7. drusso8 says:

    The information was very thorough, but parts of the video seemed to start and stop relative to the narration, which made cut the flow of the overall presentation. Nevertheless, the video was pretty good all things considered.

  8. cfares3 says:

    Interesting Video! Narators voice very clear and easy to follow.

  9. kdoughty7 says:

    Overall the video got the message across, but at some times it seemed a little abrupt in explaining a concept or a concept’s greater implications.

  10. shoover30 says:

    I personally think the giraffe looked more like a cow. However, the pace was just right for the viewer to get enough time to take in all the information.Very detailed and just awesome, good job.

  11. kmccalley3 says:

    Someone’s a nice artist, that was really fun to watch. The information and narration were well matched and kept me interested.

  12. estubbs6 says:

    The video was good. Some of the audio didn’t match up in certain areas and on occasion what was written on the white board was too small to read.

  13. ehighfield3 says:

    At times the voiceover did not match the visuals, but the information was well-displayed and easy to follow. I liked how you presented the analogy between what happened in Egypt and what could happen today.

  14. mpzd3 says:

    The narrator’s voice was good but it may have been good to include more than one speaker. The drawings were cute although they didn’t always match up with the audio. The handwriting was sometimes difficult to read- you could have also incorporated some actual text to help with that. I liked the drawings and the inclusion of different types of diagrams that you got from other sources.

  15. mbunker6 says:

    Some more pictures or drawings could have enhanced the visuals and the introduction was a little long, but you all definitely knew the information well.

  16. cbattle6 says:

    Sometimes the lighting caused the lighter colored markers to be hard to read but very good information.

  17. nwatson9 says:

    the transitions seemed a little choppy at times. Otherwise, the vide was great. Nice work on the delivery of facts, and creative sketches.

  18. apeters35 says:

    The narrator spoke very well and it was very clear. I thought visuals were helpful, and overall, the video was very informative. The images helped make things more clear.

  19. wsugianto3 says:

    I really like the visuals in this video. It is simple and easy to be understood. Moreover, the narrator did a good job in explaining the visuals.

  20. sswitzer3 says:

    I thought you guys did a great job of presenting your ideas and displaying the key concepts and ideas. Sometimes the writing was a bit hard to read and the audio and video didn’t always match, but the actual information given was really good and clear.

  21. anfc3 says:

    The narration was clear and steady, which made it very easy to follow. There were a few glitches in the visual flow of the presentation, but overall this was a very good video!

  22. jlee961 says:

    very simple and straight to the point. learned a lot. Great job!

  23. sbasta3 says:

    The narrator’s voice was very clear and presented the information very well. I also really liked the drawings used, especially the giraffe!

  24. marija3 says:

    key concepts and definitions outlined clearly, and related back to changes in species richness in Egypt. Very nice! Simple and easy to follow

  25. mdt7 says:

    The content on the board is really hard to view because it is too small. The narrator should talk a little louder. The video is interested. Nice job!

  26. mganues3 says:

    The visuals and drawings are great!! the only problem is that some of the writing is hard to see do to reflection of light in the room. Other than that, the presentation of the information was very easy to follow and the topic was very intersting

  27. kchan45 says:

    Good use of visuals; the presentation could be more fluid. However, the single narrator made the video easier to listen to and more consistent which aided in understanding the overall theme of the video.

  28. kahluwalia3 says:

    The narrator and visuals were really good, but showing the writing of something long, like keystone species definition, could have been replaced with something else.

  29. ghadam3 says:

    Interesting video and great illustrations! Great job!

  30. jpopp7 says:

    I really liked that there was one solid narrator throughout the video who was super clear and easy to understand. Not only that, but the information was presented in a logical, concise manner. However, as others have mentioned, the handwriting was a bit small at some points, and the audio didn’t always have visuals to back it up. But overall, you all did a great job!

  31. ltran44 says:

    Great video, very informative! I also like the ways your group connect your topic with the material learned in class! Great job

  32. gpfundt3 says:

    This was a great video! It was interesting and thought provoking and I really understood the information presented after watching it. Although the handwriting was not the best for a visual.

  33. sskram3 says:

    I love the format of the writing just make sure it all is lined up

  34. lballew3 says:

    I like the quality of the video, and it is very informative. The only problem I have is that out of the 4 videos I have watched, 3 have been the same drawing format, but that is not a fault of the group itself

  35. wcook31 says:

    I like how you wrote down some of what you were talking about so I did not have to listen to every single detail but instead read the important segments. When the video image froze but the audio continued it was a little distracting but overall great video.

  36. tshaw30 says:

    The drawings were nice, and there was a lot of information presented. However, I think the visuals didn’t really help explain the information that well. There were definitely some points where I think more than just a cute picture of an animal or writing out of a phrase was needed.

  37. akrohn3 says:

    This video was informative and detailed, but the change from fast writing to a still screen was sometimes jarring and the narrator’s voice was too fast for my taste. The large amount of varied pictures, on the other hand, was well done.

  38. ntaylor37 says:

    I thought writing the points out was a good way to convey the information. Great video!

  39. jno9 says:

    This video was great. I could follow the video and explanation about why there are many species in anciant Egypt

  40. gsanders31 says:

    I was really interested in your topic and I liked the scattered pictures of ancient Egyptian artwork and pictures of Egypt through your video! The sources were very neat and organized as well.

  41. gnoh6 says:

    Interesting Video! It was well made and put together.

  42. jbuehler3 says:

    The explanations and definitions helped to understand all the information in a well thought out and easy to understand format.

  43. smudrinich6 says:

    What an interesting topic! Very cool. Great visuals and clear explanations. Well done!

  44. swyfl3 says:

    Very nice and colorful video. It was quite informative. The ending was a bit abrupt, but overall it was pretty good.

  45. ttsung3 says:

    The drawings were very good and laid out all the notes in a visual and helpful method.

  46. mmcintyre7 says:

    Good job. The narration was concise and informative, and the visuals were interesting.

  47. aheil3 says:

    Very good video. It was like watching a documentary.

  48. nabdulkadir3 says:

    The narrator was very engaging and provided a great explanation on the topic that was detailed and supported by images.

  49. cgomez37 says:

    The video had god information but the visuals could have just as easily been typed. Diagrams could have been helpful

  50. Shane Clawges says:

    The pace of the video was excellent. The information was presented well and was easy to understand.

  51. klanthier3 says:

    The concepts were logically connected which really helped my understanding

  52. ajds3 says:

    I really like when people use markers in their presentation in a dynamic way. Also, I love when some science merges with history, it makes it more interesting. Great job!

  53. arathor3 says:

    Well made video. I liked how you combined hand-made illustrations with pictures you got from the internet to display your information. Some of the illustrations were not really necessary in displaying your information, however. Despite this, your project was still very good.

  54. shoque6 says:

    Liked that they spoke clearly, were informative, and wrote clearly while explaining their concepts.

  55. mweaver9 says:

    Well done! A little weird that it paused on some visuals for so long but the audio was at a great pace and very easy to understand. There were obvious connections to what we’ve learned in class. Great job!

  56. ahendrix9 says:

    Great video. Lots of useful information and the narrator was easily understood.

  57. bmcfarland7 says:

    The video was really informative and well organized, but sometimes the drawings were hard to see!

  58. jlee963 says:

    Very easy to follow. Clear voice as well.

  59. akell3 says:

    Narration was clear and easy to understand, and the video overall was very informative.

  60. lhuddleston3 says:

    The information in the audio makes sense and is well laid out but the whiteboard drawing is distraction. It seems that most of the drawing only slightly go with the audio. Good video but it could have been more creative and better laid out.

  61. ybelhseine3 says:

    Great video, intro was a bit long though.

  62. rpuvvada3 says:

    The pictures of the animals were the best part. Really cute.

    However, I think this video could have been a little more interesting… why not delve deeper into more research, rather than just restating what the paper said? Just a thought. đŸ™‚

  63. lbuchanan3 says:

    Nice clear vocals for the video however, I found the frequent changing of the white board size and angling slightly distracting. But overall, good job.

  64. asellers9 says:

    I really enjoyed this video! There was a very good use of visuals, although they did get distracting sometimes from the actual information. Very informative but not overly detailed! Really well done!

  65. hbrar6 says:

    This video was very informative and presented the material in a great way. Writing out the key concepts was helpful keeping track on what was going on. Loved it!

  66. jjohnson396 says:

    You all did a good job of tying this topic in to what we are currently learning in class. I enjoyed this!

  67. zgunnz3 says:

    The introduction was a little long but overall great video. I enjoyed the way you wrote out everything followed with dialogue.

  68. sreginauld3 says:

    The presentation of the information was given in a way that was understandable and very easy to follow.

  69. ccaldwell31 says:

    Your information was good, and you obviously did your research. However, transitions between ideas in the illustrations part of the video need to be smoother, and it would have been nice to hear more than one person talk.

  70. kkinser3 says:

    This was a good presentation, however the timing of some of the slides left information out, and disrupted the flow. Also, I feel like more than one person should have spoken.

  71. lsmith302 says:

    Very informative and well made. It may have been a little more interesting with a more creative approach

  72. cloftus7 says:

    I think this was a good presentation except for when the audio did not match the video. The flow could have bee improved a bit, though overall I believe that all concepts were covered decently. It might have also been a better choice to make more than one person speak.

  73. nwatson9 says:

    Excellent narration. I found this video to be a good example of how to successfully tie together entertainment and education. The information followed a logical order and was clear, great work.

  74. athakur32 says:

    Really clear voice, and the information presented related to the topics in class well. Awesome video!

  75. imarkale3 says:

    The concepts were made clear in the video ad the narrator did a great job of keeping a steady pace when presenting the information.

  76. ralt3 says:

    Liked the narration of the video.

  77. mzanghi3 says:

    Nice summary of information. Narration is a bit fast.

  78. jparikh8 says:

    It was very simple and straight forward. I think the narration was easy to follow and helped me to understand the visuals.

  79. kdhalla3 says:

    Voice over and visuals were very good and helped to convey the information well

  80. slee913 says:

    Very good visuals and calm voice explaining the topic of this video. Good explanations

  81. Gene29Pa says:

    The audio was clear and informational, and the handwriting was a good touch. However, the audio did not match the visuals at times. Overall, good job!

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