Group 23: How does smell affect coral and fish recruitment to reefs?



Group Members:

Kenon Bates, Brandon Huggins, Brian Posadas, Gretchen Sanders, Elise Sims

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34 Responses to Group 23: How does smell affect coral and fish recruitment to reefs?

  1. shoover30 says:

    I like the hook idea, it was funny. it was nice to hear different voices which means that all group members were involved in the video and not all behind the scenes, great team work group 23.

  2. preisinger3 says:

    The video moved fairly quickly at some parts, interfering with the viewer’s understanding of the information. The visuals were extremely helpful and creative.

  3. bharris60 says:

    Great video! Love the “hook”.

  4. rmccord8 says:

    The video was very informative and made great use of visuals.

  5. apeters35 says:

    I thought the video was very well done. I really liked the visuals where you showed two things side by side. I thought they really helped make the points you were trying to make.

  6. drusso8 says:

    This video had a constant and rather strange echo for the entire narration; I don’t know why. Regardless, it made it very difficult to actually understand what was being said, so I relied almost completely on the drawings for information, which were decent and incorporated several different aspects of ecology that we have learned.

  7. sbasta3 says:

    The information was explained thoroughly. I also liked the drawings used in presenting the information.

  8. smitra36 says:

    Very thorough video.

  9. nderussy3 says:

    Never knew that about bleached coral. Good video you guys.

  10. jtrottier3 says:

    Very good video. I thought the pictures were good; they seemed relevant and supported the information. The narration sounds echo-y and has minor errors in flow between speakers, but overall the words are clear. Clever “hook”. Great job!

  11. psanghvi7 says:

    The audio sounds a little off to me, but other than that the information is presented well and the visuals go along with the information being provided.

  12. gpfundt3 says:

    Good video! I like the visuals but the voice over was a little weird and hard to understand. I do think this video presented the information well though.

  13. wcook31 says:

    The narration echo threw me off but after I got by that I found the video very informative. Great use of visuals!

  14. ntaylor37 says:

    I liked the hook idea, very funny. Some parts were a little fast moving but overall the project was good!

  15. stailor3 says:

    The video used visuals very well, and over all it was very informative.

  16. jbuehler3 says:

    The video informs the viewer on the information necessary in an artistic and relevant way.

  17. smudrinich6 says:

    Y’all did a good job of presenting the information, and I liked the majority of the visuals! Well done!

  18. cgomez37 says:

    The visuals are different, but interesting. The information is presented well but a little fast

  19. Shane Clawges says:

    The information was well put together, but the echo throughout the video made it a challenge to pay attention to the video.

  20. vvellanki3 says:

    Great job! One of my favorite videos so far

  21. ajds3 says:

    Check the audio for the video. However, it really entertained me and the information was well explained

  22. mweaver9 says:

    Good visuals! Audio was a little fast at times but it didn’t affect how well the content was presented in layman’s terms. Solid video.

  23. akell3 says:

    I liked the incorporation of multiple/all members into the narration, and the visuals were well done and informative and tied in well with the narration.

  24. xguan9 says:

    Move a little too fast at some place.

  25. rpuvvada3 says:

    A very good video! Very informative, and the pictures are really nice and keep it interesting. However, this is just like that other video…so I’m docking points on creativity. 😛

  26. jrogers89 says:

    The hook at the beginning was so creative!! Great job with the rest of the video, too! It was very informative!

  27. asellers9 says:

    The video was very informative and descriptive. The audio sounded weird at some points, but other than that the video was very well made! The pictures are very helpful and I liked the hook idea in the beginning – that was funny. Great job!

  28. jtruax3 says:

    This video is very thorough. The visuals helped reinforce the information that was being presented.

  29. sreginauld3 says:

    The information presented was very thorough. I thought the information was sometimes presented a little too fast, which made it hard to comprehend certain topics.

  30. cloftus7 says:

    The video was very informative in a detailed yet creative way because of the visuals that were used in it. I really liked the hook idea since I probably would not have thought or known about that. Great job on this video!

  31. ralt3 says:

    Awesome and loved the hook funny.

  32. mchandler30 says:

    This is a great video. very informative and comedic!

  33. Casey Moore says:

    Great visuals and team work!

  34. Gene36As says:

    Good incorporation of visuals and things we learned in class. The intro was a good grab.

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