Biology Project- Group 29

Group 29

Bifidobacteria is a bacteria known for down regulating inflammation related genes most noticeably in infants. In 2015 a group of scientists decided to test which carbon source the bacteria grew on, made the organism the most effective at gene regulation. Two types of bifidobacteria were tested, B. beves and B. infantis, and each were feed three separate carbon sources: lactose, glucose, and HMO. HMO, which is found in breast milk, was determined to be the best carbon source for both types of bifidobacteria because it significantly increased the gene regulating power of the bacteria. This video provides an overview of the experiment and its findings.

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54 Responses to Biology Project- Group 29

  1. Berry Savannah says:

    Did not make the big idea of the experiment clear. Why does this experiment matter? Overall, well done.

  2. Kern Ryan says:

    Your constant camera movement is giving me motion sickness, you could have explained key-terms better as well.

  3. Barone Cassandra says:

    The layout for this video is effective and cool to watch although the camera not staying in the same spot made the picture shaky and distracting from the information.

  4. Groves Daniel says:

    The experiment was explained for an average person to understand, but raw data was still included in the video, so that’s good. Nice relation of inflammation regulation to the genetics module; it seemed like that tied everything together.

  5. Nava Eduardo says:

    The explanations of all of the vocabulary terms were very clear and concise. The whole video was well put together and conducted perfectly.

  6. Herath Dinushka says:

    The beginning drawing of a dna was unrelated to the audio. I think it would have been better if you had read out what were on the sticky notes.

  7. Medina Tatyana says:

    I really enjoyed the layout of the video. The drawings were really well done and using the post-it notes was very creative and aesthetic. When trying to incorporate concepts learned in class, I felt it may have been better not to explicitly mention the module because others not taking the class would not know what is being referred to. Very informative video!

  8. Ghalayini Sarah says:

    I liked the format of the video, and thought that the drawings were very well done. The introduction was also great. Good job, overall!

  9. Robang Alicia says:

    The drawings were really nice! The layout of each drawing was also well thought-out and matched the information given aptly. The question-answer format helped me better organize the concepts and understand the study.

  10. Blake Daniels says:

    I was impressed by the use of post-it note graphs which were both visually pleasing and unique compared to the other videos. The camera was a little too wobbly, perhaps a tripod would have helped? I might have discussed the implications of the research a little more, but a good video overall.

  11. Zibitt Meira says:

    The material that you explained was done well and the images looked really good. I wish you explained the human health impacts more so that I can better understand the bigger picture impacts of this. Also the camera movement was distracting. Otherwise, you did a good job!

  12. Ogan Soseimiebi says:

    The information was structured in a way that allowed the reader/watcher to really engage in the video every step of the way. Asking questions throughout the video was example of how they did this. The drawings and diagrams were really good. The speakers were clear and easy to follow. This was a very well put together video. I loved the use of sticky notes.

  13. Zou Qing says:

    The speed is good, and the explanation is clear. The camera is moving too much .

  14. Zou Qing says:

    The camera is moving too much. And some graphs I think would be better presented by using computer to make. Overall, it is clear and informative. I wish the camera can be more steady.

  15. Aldrete Carlos says:

    The material explained was well put and the post it notes were a good idea to provide information. One thing I would fix though is using a tripod to keep the camera from moving too much. This is especially noticeable when the video is sped up and it makes it hard to follow.

  16. Loftin Sidney says:

    The visuals were great for helping explain and I think y’all did a great job at explaining and keeping it interesting

  17. Broderick Kirby says:

    The drawings were great, and you laid out the different elements of the paper well

  18. Reeves Devon says:

    Loved the video format. The visuals were awesome and the sound quality is good. The topic was easily understood and interesting!

  19. Kang Jenifer says:

    The experiment was well explained. Key terms could have been more clearly defined. The camerwork was a little shaky and can be a bit distracting at times. The illustrations were nice and results were well presented.

  20. Watson Kimberly says:

    Visuals were cool and the audio was easy to listen to. The drawings along with the animation made the material easy to follow and engaging. The camera angle was sometimes distracting. The change in voices were used interestingly, and figures were created very well.

  21. Kim Samuel says:

    I liked the use of questions to guide the discussion of material throughout the presentation. I feel that the information presented would have been easier to understand with some subtitles, and the shakiness of the video somewhat distracted from the speaker. Also, some of the words being written on the whiteboard didn’t match up with what was being said in the audio, so it was a little distracting trying to multitask (which is extremely hard for me to do haha), but the information itself was presented well. The drawings were also lightyears better than anything I could ever hope to accomplish, so kudos to the artist.

  22. Iyengar Mayuri says:

    I really liked how you guys incorporated sticky notes into your video; it added a nice, unique touch! The tone of speech was clear and easy to understand. Camera work could have been better though. Also, the big picture could have been related to more as well.

  23. Muenchen Alexandrea says:

    The question answer format of the narration made the video more engaging. The animations and sticky notes were done well too. Only criticism is that the bigger picture could’ve have been explained better.

  24. Jacqueline says:

    The illustrations were very good and very detailed. At times, though, the drawing didn’t match the audio and I got distracted by the meticulous coloring. I’m not sure of the significance of the experiment, but I enjoyed watching it.

  25. Wilson Emma says:

    I really liked the pictures! They were so entertaining! Some concepts and key definitions could have been explained a little better. Also, the experiment was not really connected to a big concept.

  26. Courtney Queen says:

    The pictures/animations were nice! Great detail! The audio was clear, but the video needs more connections to the big picture. The only thing that bothered/distracted me was the excessive camera movement.

  27. Bentata Benezry says:

    Amazing pictures and drawings. I think you could have explained the concepts a little better, but overall the video is great. I really enjoyed it.

  28. Bonitatibus Rachael says:

    I really enjoyed the visuals in your video. They were exceptional. I wish you guys would have elaborated more on the big picture of this experiment. However, I enjoyed the question and answer format of the video. i understood everything else very well.

  29. Smith Jaeiza says:

    Although the camera was shaky, the video was very informative. I like how you had someone ask questions throughout the video.

  30. Vear Isabella says:

    I really enjoyed your visuals and your definitions were clear and concise. The way your presented your information asking then telling was also super helpful and allowed me to just listen rather than try and figure out what you were trying to explain, overall your video was really good however I wish you would have set the camera up on a tripod or something as the shaking was mildly distracting from your information.

  31. Tordoya Henckell says:

    The illustrations were great! The camera was pretty shaky, but I like how you presented the information. It was easy to understand in the q and a format. Good job!

  32. Lin Min says:

    The camera was shaky, so focus on the video and information given could be easily lost, but overall, the information given was easy to understand and the visuals were great!

  33. Mihalko Robert says:

    Small correlations are explained well, but the overall connections were not very clear. I also did not like how the camera was constantly shaking.

  34. Couvillion Cristina says:

    The visuals were really good and I liked the use of sticky notes. I thought the narration was well-written, but I would have liked more background on the processes being studied, definitions of terms, why this experiment is important, etc.

  35. Mount Conner says:

    I liked this video, and I thought you gave a great explanation that could be well understood by someone who had never heard of bifidobacteria. However, I didn’t like the awkward camera angle, and it was kind of blurry at times. Other than that, great job!

  36. Goggans Griffin says:

    The shaky camera took away from your video, but I think you provide significant information on the subject. I would, however, like to see more information leading up to your topic to get a good grasp on what you are trying to explain.

  37. Ortega Michelle says:

    I still feel as though I do not quite understand the goal of this experiment. Other than that, this group did really well in explaining the basic fundamental terminology, especially related to gene expression. In the case that a viewer who was not in the class watched this video, I would have tried to explain these fundamental concepts without relating them to the Bio1510 course. The video was depicted well, although it could have been less shaky. Well done!

  38. Stawara Lilla says:

    The drawings were very good! You did a good job of explaining the material and it was clear to understand. My only critique is that the camera was very shaky and the camera angle was a little too high. Other than that, the video was entertaining and overall good quality.

  39. Marcos Schwaycer says:

    I really appreciate the way you made this complex experiment simple to understand to the layman. The drawings and visuals were very helpful. The camera was at times blurry, which is the only downside to it I can find. Overall, it was good. Thanks!

  40. Cho Soo says:

    From the video, I learned what Bifidobacteria is. I liked they tried to connect inflammation regulation to the genetics module.

  41. Johnston Gregory says:

    The visuals were really great! Thanks for this video, it makes the topic a lot easier to understand.

  42. Jones Dillon says:

    I love the anthropomorphic depictions of bacteria. The drawings were pretty good. It was also pretty nice how you guys switched who was talking in each part. Having some students ask questions while others presented the answer was interesting.

  43. Jones Dillon says:

    I love the anthropomorphic depictions of bacteria. The drawings were pretty good. It was also pretty nice how you guys switched who was talking in each part. Having some students ask questions while others presented the answer was interesting.

  44. Mary Carolyn Hulgan says:

    I liked the idea of the illustrations drawn as they were being explained. However, what was being drawn did not always line up with what was being explained, which caused the illustrations to distract from the information.

  45. Jenkins Alexandria says:

    This video was very interesting and the graphics were well done. The actual video was a bit distracting as the camera angles were constantly changing. The details of this experiment were described well and I loved your bifidobacteria representations!

  46. Turner Emma says:

    The angle and movement of the camera made the video hard to watch. Also the information seemed to be unorganized with the pictures and not fully explained. The premise was good but not necessarily executed perfectly.

  47. Grant says:

    I liked the visuals, and the use of sticky notes was very interesting. You also had some great information about a topic that is new to me. Nice job. Great video.

  48. Rajchel Milosz says:

    Switching the narrators and having the nice drawings really helped to make this video more interesting. I did not fully understand the experiment, but the information presented was clear – just try to sum it up better! Good job.

  49. Bondarev Dmitry says:

    The visuals are compelling and the Q&A format is an interesting way to convey information. Good job!

  50. smortley3 says:

    The illustrations are very well done and really aid in displaying the research and main points of the video.

  51. Svitak Ethan says:

    The changing angles of the camera and its constant motion really detract from the quality of this video. A tripod would have been a good investment to increase the quality of this video. The illustrations and dialogue are well done however.

  52. Diaz Noah says:

    Next time put the camera on a steady surface for a steadier frame. I liked your information but some parts were hard to follow

  53. Polik Hayriye says:

    Visuals were engaging but sometimes didn’t match what was being said.

  54. Vagott Jacob says:

    The Q and A style peaked my interest. Overall, I found this video engaging, and I really enjoyed the material being presented, as well as the nice illustrations.

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