Group #07 – Aboriginal Australians’ genomes may point to a single out-of-Africa dispersal

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59 Responses to Group #07 – Aboriginal Australians’ genomes may point to a single out-of-Africa dispersal

  1. Rajchel Milosz says:

    Wow, nice. I really liked the question & answer approach to presenting the information. Good job with remaking and discussing the graphs/data. The whole video was engaging and it is apparent that you put in a lot of effort. I liked the ending a lot although it was super cheesy. 😀

  2. Svitak Ethan says:

    A fun and engaging video that presented the information from the report well. Some of the visuals could have been done better than just pieces of paper with continent names written on them however.

  3. Sewall Christian says:

    I liked the Star Wars intro to the video. It drew me in and made me actually want to watch the video and the discussion of the graphs was amazing. I wish that some of the visuals were simplified and streamlined though.

  4. Dunford Eden says:

    Good job with the video! Not sure how Star Wars was related but it was a cute intro. The visuals were captivating. The terminology was good because you made it more in layman’s terms which made everything make more sense. I think you could have referenced more modules but overall, good job.

  5. Okudoh Victoria says:

    I love the rap at the end. Very lovely. The details were well explained too

  6. Chen Morissa says:

    Great job making the video relevant with the star wars intro! It definitely caught my attention and made me more willing to actively engage in the rest of your video which was very entertaining throughout. The only thing I would suggest improving on is editing the transitions.

  7. Polik Hayriye says:

    I really liked how you incorporated various pictures and made the transitions interactive. I enjoyed the rap in the middle and the Star Wars theme as well.

  8. Tokos Margaret says:

    This was great! I love how they obviously had some fun making this video. It came out to be very entertaining and memorable. Rap was a little cringe-y but it made me smile. The audio has a bit of a muffle or an echo that makes it sound unnatural and harder to hear clearly. Great Job though.

  9. Durrah Mirage says:

    Good explanation of the topic. I liked the rap at the end, it was entertaining and funny but the speaker was a little hard to understand.

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