Group #07 – Aboriginal Australians’ genomes may point to a single out-of-Africa dispersal

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59 Responses to Group #07 – Aboriginal Australians’ genomes may point to a single out-of-Africa dispersal

  1. Carroll Sally says:

    Very interesting video!! I love how the music at the very beginning just draws in the viewer. It was very easy to understand, and I appreciated the rap at the end. Good job!

  2. Berry Savannah says:

    Star Wars theme was lots of fun! Not much connection made between the topic and why the Star Wars theme was chosen- this would have added an extra element. Very entertaining and very well done!

  3. Bernal Nicolas says:

    By far the most entertaining video; it was informative and related to the class. However, you guys should fail for making me listen to that rap.

  4. Bernal Nicolas says:

    By far the most entertaining video; it was informative and related to the class. However, you guys should fail for making me listen to that rap..

  5. Stubbs Isabella says:

    The intro was entertaining and informative! The way the pie chart figure was broken down was easy to understand. I liked how specific questions were asked and answered concisely as well. I liked the rap at the end too! Great job overall! 🙂

  6. Elisabet Ruiz-Torres says:

    I enjoyed the beginning of the video as part of the Star Wars main theme. The pie chart used was easy to understand and helped to visualize the data collected in the research. The questions presented also helped to follow the process of the information presented. The rap was also really unique and fun to listen to as it was pertinent to the research.

  7. Kumar Gayathri says:

    A very entertaining video! Your graphs kept information from being too confusing, your study, I believe, is thoroughly explained, and your connections to the class were prominent. An overall terrific job!

  8. Medina Tatyana says:

    This video was super entertaining! The star wars theme instantly draws you in and catches the viewer’s attention. The video effects are really well done and allow for smooth transitions in the video. The humor is nice because it make learning interesting and the rap was definitely fun and creative! The study was broken down into sections which made understanding the study much easier!

  9. Moye Lauren says:

    I loved the intro, and your visuals were very helpful in understanding this information! It was also very interesting, nice job!

  10. Robang Alicia says:

    The visuals were put together very well! The use of skits and cartoons made it entertaining. The rap was a lot of fun too! The stars wars theme was a bit distracting though, especially to big star wars fans. Concept wise, you guys did a good job of simplifying the information and making it easy to understand.

  11. Anum Ul-Haque says:

    The video was great! I loved the Star Wars theme throughout, as it made the video more engaging. I also liked the rap at the end. Awesome job!

  12. Wilson Isaiah says:

    Very entertaining video that conveys information adequately. I feel that explaining you figures in depth would have done the video well.

  13. Milburn Emily says:

    This video was super entertaining! My group also had this topic, so I know how difficult the study was to understand, but your group did a great job explaining! I love that each section was broken down and put into easier terms to understand. The rap at the end really fun. The only bummer was that the audio was unclear and hard to listen to at times. Overall, great job!

  14. Patel Krishna says:

    The theme was fun and entertaining. The video was very informative and engaging. I loved how you asked and answered questions; it made the video easier to follow and understand. Good job!

  15. Satapathy Aparajita says:

    This video was very engaging and informative. I loved the theme and how you all related the video back to the experiment.

  16. Qin Nina says:

    I enjoyed the stylistic choice for the video. The humorous inputs were much appreciated. The rap was on point. Don’t know why you guys didn’t add a beat to it. I would’ve bought the mixtape. 10/10.

  17. McCullough Hannah says:

    I really like this video. It was humorous, but also informative. The cartoons are great, the information was clearly presented, and I learned a lot! Good job!

  18. Bhakhri Arohi says:

    I love they way your group presented the information from your topic. It is pretty easy to understand and entertaining to watch, which makes the information much more approachable. I think the one improvement needed was the sound quality, but it is not awful and I don’t think it took away from the video. Awesome job!

  19. White Samantha says:

    I loved how entertaining this video was with all the cool special effects, animations and background music. It was very well put together and very easy to understand all the concepts being discussed. Great job!

  20. Grande Guillermo says:

    The video was very interesting and presented in a very unique, creative way! I loved the introduction and how certain points were presented clearly with a comedic twist. The video was engaging but also very informative. Great balance between the two! The rap at the end was also fire.

  21. Fox Abigail says:

    The stars wars theme is very cute and makes the video much more engaging. The ties to class topics like DNA sequencing make the information understandable, and I also like the “Origins of Human Population.” The rap added humor and grabbed my attention!

  22. Carroll Resa says:

    What an awesome video!! The Star Wars intro was both entertaining and still fitting for the topic, and then the rap was both hilarious and still informative as well. This video did a great job explaining the very complex article, and tied it back to our bio class extremely well! Overall, this video was interesting and engaging, but also was very informative. Well done!

  23. Warren Tyler says:

    Ignore the others, I liked the rap at the end. Good video! It took a big, complicated topic and broke it down very nicely. The background music was a little distracting, but the variety of visuals helps keep the viewer on topic. Definitely one of the most creative videos I’ve seen!

  24. Punyarthi Sayali says:

    The transitions were very well done and the background music added an intensity to the video making it more interesting to watch.

  25. Marquardt Kristina says:

    This was easily the most fun video to watch, it was very entertaining and creative. The visuals fit well with the topic that was being covered and the timing was good. The figures were explained extremely clearly, making the video even more informative. Overall an excellent video.

  26. Iyengar Mayuri says:

    Star Wars theme was definitely the way to go, great idea! You made it slightly humorous so that was a nice change from a number of other videos I’ve watched. The speaker’s voice is very easy to follow as well. I also liked the paper thing you did, very creative!

  27. Mathur Anmol says:

    The video clearly stands out for the entertainment factor. I found the information was presented in a coherent format and also liked the visuals.

  28. Smith Jaeiza says:

    The video was engaging with a fun spin by having it star wars themed. I think the information was given in an easy to understand way.

  29. Stolz Alexandra says:

    The beginning of your presentation was awesome and engaging (I loved the star wars theme)! The information presented was well done because it took complex topics and broke them down nicely so it was easy to understand. Overall this was a great video, all the visuals and information worked well together, making it enjoyable and informative at the same time.

  30. Taylor Thomas says:

    One of the more creative videos for sure. The Star Wars theme was very fun. The rap was ridiculous, but in a good way. All of that, plus it managed to convey a lot of information on the topic.

  31. Bresch Troy says:

    The video was very informative and had good animations. The beginning with the star wars theme was cool. The rap was creative, but the lip syncing was bad at times. Overall the video made complex information easy to understand.

  32. Mihalko Robert says:

    I may be slightly biased about this, but I really liked the background music at the beginning. I found the animations, graphs, and charts very informative and to the point.

  33. Karius Alexander says:

    The video was very informative, contained good illustrations, and was entertaining. I felt as though the audio quality could have been improved, but the good aspects of the video certainly outweighed this minor flaw.

  34. Mahajan Divya says:

    The visuals and narration is very good. However, the starwars theme interferes a little with the narration.

  35. Torres Samantha says:

    I really liked the Star Wars theme at the beginning! The video did a good job of breaking down the information in a way that made it easy to understand.

  36. Stawara Lilla says:

    This video is so great! I really liked how you chose to present the material. It was very entertaining and unique. The information was explained very well too. Awesome job. My only critique would be the sound quality was a little iffy in some areas, especially the rap at the end, but that’s it. Again, really fun video!

  37. Marcos Schwaycer says:

    I really liked your approach to this video. It was different, which was refreshing after watching so many similar videos. You managed to explain everything very clearly and concisely, and it was very effective.

    Thank you for sharing!

  38. Jones Dillon says:

    I like the video. The star wars theme was fun, but at times, distracting from the content of the video. Creative explanation of aboriginal genome origins/significance.

  39. Zachary Karpenko says:

    I really like how different this video is from most I’ve watched. Y’all definitely seem like you had fun with it while also providing great facts that made it very engaging.

  40. Muthuchamy Tarun says:

    Great video! I loved the Star Wars theme as it was an interesting take on this subject. You guys did a good job simplifying the topic so people who had not read your article could understand. Overall, I felt like you guys had a great understanding about your article.

  41. Forsmo James says:

    I’m not entirely sure why the video had a Star Wars theme, but it was entertaining and effective. You guys covered all the material really well and the visuals/comics were interesting to watch while listening to the presentation. Interesting musical number at the end. Overall, well done.

  42. Patel Parth says:

    I loved this video. The animations and the visuals were fun and engaging. I especially loved you guys used a Star wars theme analogy for the topic. It made the video memorable and easy to understand. I did have a little trouble with clarity while listening to the video. Overall, good job!

  43. Mary Carolyn Hulgan says:

    Really creative and fun to watch! The audio was distracting at times (especially right after the Star Wars theme ended), but otherwise it was very well made. Great job!

  44. Ali Shan says:

    The Star Wars Theme made it very engaging and creative. It was hard to hear the audio at times, and also, visuals should be hand drawn. But overall, the video was very effective and fun to watch! Good work.

  45. Turner Emma says:

    very interesting! kept me entertained while being informing. Hit the nail on the head with making an entertaining video on your topic

  46. Reymond Brian says:

    Very nice video! The sound quality, images and drawings were very well done and helped me understand the information provided. I especially liked the intro, which was very unique. However I think the background music might be too loud and distracting.

  47. Amoss John says:

    I really liked the ideas and themes behind the video, but the editing wasn’t the best and it ended up being a bit distracting- but it was definitely more fun to watch than a lot of the other videos!

  48. Sills Ann-Marie says:

    Nice rap! I also love Star Wars so kudos to you guys. Really well done project, plus the animations were amazing. Way to make biology fun and match it up with what was discussed in class!

  49. Bondarev Dmitry says:

    The general concept is intresting, but the poor sound quality ruins the experience.

  50. smortley3 says:

    I loved the star wars themed intro and this video was very entertaining and informative, though the audio could have been clearer and louder.

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