Group 10 – Guppy Courtship, Light Environments, and Female Receptiveness

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79 Responses to Group 10 – Guppy Courtship, Light Environments, and Female Receptiveness

  1. Black Natalie says:

    I like the fact that the paper is already explaining what the group is drawing, so I didn’t have to guess what point they were trying to explain or prove. The video was set up much like a lab report, and it sounded this way, too. I like the drawings and the content of the video. Interesting findings. I wonder if this transfers to other animals as well..?

  2. Mathur Anmol says:

    I found the video interesting from a broad perspective. The drawings were great and communicated the ideas clearly. However, I believe the camera angle could have been altered to get a better view of the drawings.

  3. Bernal Nicolas says:

    The video covers a very interesting topic and while the drawings prove to be a useful tool, the audio is sloppy.

  4. Kumar Gayathri says:

    I find this an interesting study, for light to be a factor in mating. The visuals were nice as they followed the information presented; however, I wish the camera angle were changed. Sometimes the drawings were covered up.

  5. Calhoun Ciandra says:

    Overall, this was a good video! I really appreciated how each of the papers were individually titled (reasoning, hypothesis, methods, etc.) letting me know what those illustrations were going to cover. The images were very organized and the manner in which they were presented, in conjunction with the voiceovers, was a unique method of illustration.

  6. Groves Daniel says:

    I really like how the video format paralleled a lab report. I think the results were cool – it seems like higher-level thinking for the fish to strategically choose their light environment.

  7. lwilson64 says:

    Organized in a very easy to follow way, very similar to the research paper itself. Drawings were good, voice overs were a little choppy and could use some work.

  8. Andrew Matson says:

    Great video! The drawings were good and followed along with what was being said, and the topics and procedure were covered in great detail.

  9. Herath Dinushka says:

    The audio was very choppy. The video editing could use some clean up. The angle you recorded at could have been changed to see the drawings clearer.

  10. Meyer Alexander says:

    The camera angle and shaking was slightly disorienting and distracting from what would otherwise be a nice presentation. At some points the speakers did not seem engaged with the topic and I lost focus as a result. Overall, however, the explanations were mostly clear and the article content understandable.

  11. Ghalayini Sarah says:

    Overall I thought that this was a great video! I enjoyed the drawings, and the organization of the video made it very easy to follow along.

  12. Koo Jun says:

    Pretty good video. Explanations matched the illustrations being presented but the audio could use work.

  13. Bakare Oladipo says:

    The video was great and it wasn’t difficult to know what section was being talked about at any moment. The illustration and narration were also a match. Well done!

  14. Robang Alicia says:

    Information from the study was well simplified and easy to understand. Drawings made the video engaging. The figures, however, were hard to read and could have been enlarged.

  15. Wilson Isaiah says:

    Recording your drawing was very effective method at conveying concepts visually and making the video engaging. You all did well relating the topic to concepts from the course. I particularly like how you all separated your video into different aspects of the experiment/ video.

  16. Milburn Emily says:

    The drawings and audio always correlationed to each other nicely. The video was very informative and easy to follow along with. I liked the structure of the video. The only thing I would change is that I wish the camera was looking straight on to the drawings instead of a side angle. Overall, great job!

  17. Filmer Andres says:

    The drawings were great but the camera shot was a little off. Also the volume on the voices were off when the speaker changed. The information was presented neatly and clearly. Overall a good video.

  18. Bentata Benezry says:

    The concepts are explained clearly, and the drawings are amazing. The only thing is that the camera is kind of shaky throughout the video.

  19. Qin Nina says:

    I really liked the simplicity of the drawings. I also thought it was creative how the hypothesis slide was explained. You guys did a good job making the study interesting to learn about.

  20. Patel Amy says:

    Nice organization, similar to that of a lab report. The camera was a bit shaky and became distracting sometimes but overall good explanation of pertinent information.

  21. Loftin Sidney says:

    This video was very engaging with the visuals and overall very well done.

  22. Aldrete Carlos says:

    The camera was a little shaky and the audio was choppy transitioning between speakers. However, the illustrations and presentation of the information was well put together.

  23. White Samantha says:

    I really appreciated how this group’s video followed the outline of a lab report. It made it really easy to follow and the drawing made it very engaging.

  24. Bhakhri Arohi says:

    This video was a cool concept. I liked how the information was presented clearly and how the illustrations coincided with the voiceovers. I would probably just recommend improving the camera angle to make the video more watchable.

  25. Grande Guillermo says:

    The paper was clearly explained by this video as a whole, and followed its structure very closely (like a video lab report). The visuals were great and the dialogue was clear and informative. Besides a few visual glitches and some shaky frames, the video was excellent!

  26. mcw0805 says:

    The content was very interesting! The video was kind of shaky in some parts, which I think can be improved. In addition, you guys’ drawings were awesome, but the color pencils throughout the desk was kind of distracting.

  27. Kim Samuel says:

    The content of the video itself was informative, but the editing could have used a little work. The volume was inconsistent between speakers, and the camera angle was a little distracting. Other than that, good job.

  28. Punyarthi Sayali says:

    Used the advantage of simple visuals to help explain the experiment to others. The voice over was complex but the visuals were simple, allowing for both aspects to help understand the topic.

  29. Muenchen Alexandrea says:

    I really liked that each paper was individually titled because then I didn’t have to guess what the narrator was talking about. I appreciated that the pictures were drawn in the order that you presented them. The angle was a little weird and the narration was monotonous but overall, good work.

  30. Marquardt Kristina says:

    The group did a good job of explaining the experiment, and it was laid out very explicitly. Though this made it easy to follow, it made it less intriguing and engaging. This layout, however, made the video very informative, and I learned a lot. The angled recording made the visuals slightly hard to see, so that could also be improved on.

  31. Reeves Olivia says:

    The video was simplified to the point where we could understand but also showed that the group knew what they were talking about. The pictures went well with the audio, but the angle was a bit weird and threw off some enjoyment. Also, the video was a bit try/it was hard to pay attention sometimes. Other than that, it was a really good video though and got the point across well.

  32. Stolz Alexandra says:

    Overall this was a great video. However, I found it got choppy at times, and in turn became hard to follow. The visuals looked great and it helped that each paper was titled (so it made it slightly easier to follow). Other than the choppy moments/camera shakes it was a well done video that was very informative and well put together.

  33. Reynolds Kirsten says:

    I appreciated the credit to the conductors of this research at the beginning of the video. The voiceovers were very clear; the only thing I would change with the audio is maybe adding some background music to keep the audience engaged! The approach to the drawings allowed more in-depth and detailed illustrations to be drawn, which aided my understanding of the study. I liked how you separated the parts of the video into the results/conclusion/etc… like a lab report; this helped me understand what was happening! Also, the results were very clear! Overall, the video was colorful and interesting. Well done!

  34. Taylor Thomas says:

    The audio was very clear, but became monotonous over the course of the video. The information clear and easy to understand. The visuals were kind of simple, but they conveyed the right message.

  35. Arpinar Omer says:

    Overall the video was very good but the camera was a bit shaky at times and I feel as though it could have been done a bit more professionally.

  36. Stratton Lauren says:

    Overall great video! I thought the information was displayed very clearly and was easy to understand. The visuals were kind of boring at times, but I liked the colorful aspect and for the most part they were very helpful. I liked the logical flow of the video. It worked really well.

  37. Oliver Greta says:

    I liked how this take on a drawn video included some computer generated images as well, and the audio made it clear what the visuals were trying to represent. The flow of ideas made a lot of sense and was easy to understand.

  38. Noah Rittenberg says:

    I really liked the visuals, and the information was conveyed clearly and concisely. Sometimes the camera was a little shaky and there were parts where the speakers were talking too close to the microphone, which made it a little hard to hear. Other than that, great video!

  39. Mihalko Robert says:

    I liked how the drawings were informative and to the point. I did not like the audio which was very rough, and the video itself was shaking a little.

  40. Taylor Micah says:

    The drawings in this video were very helpful to making the information clear and understandable, but the audio quality is low enough to be distracting. The information is presented well however and the video overall is very good!

  41. Guilherme Pinto says:

    I really liked the drawings which helped me to understand the experiment and how the research was conducted. The formatting of the video was also good. The only problem was the audio that got choppy during some parts.

  42. Bhayana Shivika says:

    The concepts were explained clearly but the visuals didn’t really match the concepts. Plus it was a little shaky which made it hard to pay attention.

  43. Couvillion Cristina says:

    Super interesting hypothesis. The video went at a good pace. Good explanation of the concepts, particularly the difference between receptive and non-receptive females.

  44. Green Madison says:

    I thought the video was good overall. The drawings weren’t the best but the information was presented in a very understandable manner. I thought the information presented was interesting and the video portrayed it well.

  45. Leal Antonio says:

    The visuals used were very creative, engaging, and complemented the script such that it easy to understand. The video ended quite abruptly but it was a good video nonetheless.

  46. Beruk Samson says:

    I thought it was very helpful how the video was organized in a cohesive lab write up format. It really made each stage of the experiment clear and easier to understand and the drawings provided useful visual support to better convey the content to the audience.

  47. Joseph Shaver says:

    Drawings were very good, and helped explain what was being discussed. The audio was not the best and the camera was shaky at times.

  48. Mount Conner says:

    While the explanation was good, the camera angle and drawings were distracting at times. The audio levels weren’t very balanced either, but overall a good video!

  49. Goggans Griffin says:

    Excellent explanation of the experiment, but it was hard to show excitement towards the video due to lack of enthusiasm in the video and distracting camera shakes. For better consistency, I would record the audio using the same equipment.

  50. Kayastha Ayush says:

    There were areas when the audio/narration sounded kind of spotty. I’m not sure what it was, but it sounded like the person speaking was hitting the mic on accident while speaking. The drawings to follow along with the presented information was a nice touch, as it provided a visual to represent the information. The pace of the narration was also easy to follow.

  51. Likes Taisha says:

    This was a neat video. I enjoyed the simple drawings that were relevant to the narrator’s words. The camera was shaky at times, but all around this was a great video.

  52. Stawara Lilla says:

    Nice choice of presentation! The drawings were appropriate for the material being discussed. The only thing is that the angle of the camera wasn’t that great, because a lot of the time the drawings were covered up by the person who was drawing them. Also, the audio quality wasn’t uniform, so it was a little bit distracting. The information was very thorough and it was an overall good video.

  53. Jones Dillon says:

    The material was presented well, but narration was not always excellent volume. The camera angle and stability could have used a bit of work, but a quality video over all.

  54. Quintas Gabriel says:

    Video was engaging and clear to understand. Only improvement would be to put the camera in a better position so it’s clearer to see what is being drawn.

  55. Patel Parth says:

    The video was good and entertaining. The organization was good but I had a problem with the camera angles. It was shaky making it harder to concentrate on the content. Overall good job, this video reminded me of a lab report.

  56. Kumar Nishant says:

    Visuals were nice and colorful. Maybe you could have tried holding the camera directly above the head of the drawer. Information was solid though. Good job.

  57. Nagesha Anirudh says:

    This video is very informative. I had a problem with concentrating on the visuals because of the shaky camera. I’m sure other people have suggested this, but a camera angle directly above the paper probably would have fixed that problem. Speeding up the video was smart, but I think at times it was going a little to fast. Good job.

  58. Ortega Michelle says:

    What I really liked about this video was the way that it was presented. Using someone to color on paper that is already titled is a really smart idea and a way to keep the audience aware of what exactly is being discussed. The only thing I did not like about this style was that you could not really analyze the figures well; the camera was too far from the paper. The information was also presented very well, though. Good job!

  59. Phillips Matthew says:

    The video was very easy to follow with your group always showing us what step of the scientific process we were on throughout the video. i liked the visuals ,and I thought the video had a lot of good information that was explained very well. the only critique is that sometimes the editing of the video would run an image over the next part of the video for a few seconds. Overall, a job well done.

  60. Amoss John says:

    Script was informative and helpful. Audio and visuals seemed very rushed and sloppy. Information was thoroughly presented but it wasn’t very enjoyable.

  61. Sills Ann-Marie says:

    I like the approach- having the voice-over with corresponding visual aids. My only critique is that I’m not a huge fan of the side angle view, but this didn’t take away from the overall content. Good project!

  62. Cho Soo says:

    It’s interesting because light environment paired with female receptivity affects mating habits. I think it was informative, but the voice was too fast to listen to everything.

  63. Swope Jason says:

    Good job using the different visual style with the colored pencils to present the topic. Along with the good commentary on the topic it was very well explained. I enjoyed learning about this topic.

  64. Rajchel Milosz says:

    The information was definitely there – I don’t think you missed anything. The narration was monotone and could have been done better though. The camera angle needs improvement. Good job overall!

  65. smortley3 says:

    This video was overall very informative but the audio could have been better and more interesting to engage viewers.

  66. Brockman Christine says:

    Good job! I felt that the organization of the video and audio was great, and the information was presented in a way that was easy to understand. However, the audio was at times a bit difficult to clearly hear and understand.

  67. Garg Pallavi says:

    The results of the experiment were presented in an easy-to-follow way and explained thoroughly. The audio and camera angle took a little bit away from the overall video but it was effective nonetheless.

  68. Berlinghoff Adam says:

    A lot of people didn’t credit the authors of the original work so good job on that. The hand-made animations were cool, and the information was presented clearly and in a way that was easy to understand.

  69. Sewall Christian says:

    Despite the simplistic presentation, I was engaged the whole time. This approach to the video I think was a smart one, as it helped the video as a whole stand out from the rest.

  70. Ferguson David says:

    The video was good with visual descriptions. The audio could be improved, however the drawing and visuals were engaging

  71. Okudoh Victoria says:

    I think this visuals are the best I have seen so far. I like that the individual headings are on each of the scripts. It is very interesting.

  72. Diaz Noah says:

    The drawings were good but hard to see at times. I liked the information being presented though

  73. Chawla Rishab says:

    Perfect flow of ideas and explanations. Audio quality was slightly off and the drawings could have been enhanced more, but a job well done nonetheless!

  74. Perry Timothy says:

    Information flowed like water, but the presentation fell a little short due to audio and visuals. Still, great job.

  75. Mendoza Franco says:

    This project explains the topic very well but it becomes a little boring after a while

  76. Popovici David says:

    Drawings could be better. Overall good video.

  77. Bondarev Dmitry says:

    This video is well-organized and the content is very clear. However, some of the visuals could have been more detailed.

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