Group 15 – Evolution of Squirrels’ Locomotion


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74 Responses to Group 15 – Evolution of Squirrels’ Locomotion

  1. Whitehead Jarah says:

    I really liked the beginning of your video and how you guys related squirrels to Georgia Tech. Your video was very informative and enjoyable to watch. Nice job!

  2. Black Natalie says:

    I liked the simplification of your scientific figure. I also like how you bring up a map of the world to show us where the squirrels are. AND what in the world? I’ve always thought that squirrels originated from here, but the research paper suggests that they’re from Eurasia? Blowing my mind. Thank you.

  3. Kern Ryan says:

    Your image transitions, seem very strange and out of place. Also this was very informative.

  4. Stubbs Isabella says:

    The experiment/research was formatted really nicely into a concise and informative video. The images were simple, yet still fun, to look at, especially the one with a colorful map of all the continents. I also appreciated the bit of humor thrown in! Great job overall đŸ™‚

  5. Sheng Erika says:

    The visuals were very professional and easy to process. The video was really professional! I really liked the flow and the explanations. Great work!

  6. Barone Cassandra says:

    I like how you related the video to our real life! Overall the visuals were good and the information was easy to understand.

  7. Calhoun Ciandra says:

    This video was very well made. I not only enjoyed the introduction where you made squirrels more personal to us students here at Georgia Tech, but I also enjoyed the method in which you made your video. It was very nice to see an alternate method of illustration that I had not seen in any other videos. The constant movement of the illustrations kept me engaged with the information that was being presented through the voiceovers.

  8. lwilson64 says:

    Animations were very impressive, definitely helped break down the info and made it easier to understand. Clearly a lot of effort put into this project.

  9. Vacko Katharine says:

    This video was so impressive! It reminded me of the Crash Course videos often linked in the readings for this class. Y’all used great comparisons throughout the video to help the concepts be better understood. Very well done.

  10. Olaniran Peace says:

    The video was well made, but there were just a few problems. The volume was low and the popping noise that would occur when a person was speaking was hard to miss. Altogether, the video provided wonderful information on the locomotion of squirrels. Who knew how much squirrels have evolved!

  11. Medina Tatyana says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video because the animations matched what the speaker was saying so it was very easy to follow and interpret. It made learning about squirrels interesting as well as still being informative. The humor was nicely added and did not take away from the science of the study. I also think this group did a good job with providing enough background information so that the viewer had a better understanding of the material. Great job!

  12. Su Steven says:

    Good humor. Really good visuals. Audio was slightly low for my computer to output clearly. The CC weren’t always correct. Everything was clear and concise. Good conclusion to wrap it up.

  13. White Samantha says:

    I never thought that a video about squirrels could be interesting, but y’all proved me wrong. The visuals and animations were very engaging and the video was concise and easy to understand. Great Job!

  14. Adithi Anil says:

    The audio was a little difficult to hear because of the background music, which was a little distracting. But the visuals looked very professional and well put together.

  15. Ghalayini Sarah says:

    The animations in this video were very well done! I really enjoyed watching this video because it was easy to follow the narrator, and the information was presented in a way that made it interesting and relevant to the audience.

  16. Harris Sarah says:

    The introduction was very cute and I like how you related it back to Georgia Tech. The audio was a bit wacky and had different volumes at different parts of the video but the speakers all spoke at sufficient rates. I liked it overall. Good job!

  17. Xie Jingwei says:

    Very professional and awesome animations! Although sometimes the visuals aren’t as relevant to the voice over, your demonstration of the study is still very easy to follow! Great job!

  18. Milburn Emily says:

    I thought this video was very well done. I like how you tied it into Georgia Tech and our squirrels. I was engaged right from the start! All of the information presented seemed revelent and added to the overall video. Parts of the audio weren’t great, but that didn’t hinder my understand at all. Great job!!

  19. Patel Krishna says:

    The visuals are very well made. I like the background music that is playing throughout the videos, it made the video engaging. The information flowed very well, and it was easy to understand. Good Job!

  20. Satapathy Aparajita says:

    This video looked very professional and did a great job explaining all of the concepts. I really liked the visuals and animations. Great job!

  21. Patel Tilak says:

    The visuals and animations were awesome. This video reminded me of the Crash Course videos; the video was informative, fun, and professional. This project was well done.

  22. Lever Alice says:

    The animations were very impressive and I think using real pictures of the squirrels instead of drawings gave a better understanding of the topic. The group also did a good job of relating the topic back to the evolution module and reviewing the topics covered in it.

  23. McCullough Hannah says:

    I love the visuals in this video! Information was presented clearly and in a way that was easy to understand. This is a really good and informative video!

  24. Bhakhri Arohi says:

    This was a really fun video to watch! I really appreciated the pictures and all of the visuals used. I also appreciated how the information was not presented in a jargon-heavy manner and it didn’t sound like it was simply copy and pasted from the original research. Really fun to watch!!

  25. Grande Guillermo says:

    This video kept me engaged throughout its entirety. The dialogue was clear and professional, and the visuals and background music complimented it and created a cheerful tone. The dialogue did a great job interacting with the viewer, constantly promoting the viewer to think with rhetorical questions. Great job!

  26. Carroll Resa says:

    Wow, I had no idea that squirrels originated from Eurasia! This video was very informative, and I felt like it conveyed the message of the authors of the original article well. Furthermore, I feel like I learned a lot from the video, as well as was entertained by the bits of humor thrown in. Overall, this video was very good!

  27. Warren Tyler says:

    I liked the animation, it made things easier to interpret. The connections to what we covered in class could probably have been expanded on a bit more. I liked the wide variety of sources you used, it shows you really did a lot of outside research on the topic. Good job!

  28. Watson Kimberly says:

    This was the most interesting video I have watched so far. The visuals used were awesome. Your topic was fairly interesting, and the video was extremely informative. I liked how you related squirrels back to Georgia Tech. Awesome video!

  29. Mohammad Awan says:

    Good video. I really like the way the material was presented, which kept the ideas very interesting. The layout and design was phenomenal. Overall great.

  30. Amoss John says:

    Engaging and easy to follow script and visuals. I thought that the audio was sometimes too quiet, but I did enjoy watching the video nonetheless, and it did make me chuckle a bit.

  31. Punyarthi Sayali says:

    The video definitely looks professional and neat. Multiple transitional pauses that allowed viewers to comprehend what was being said.

  32. O'brien-Russell Charlotte says:

    The beginning and connection to Georgia Tech immediately caught my attention and was very intriguing. The animations were fun and really helped to explain the paper. I learned a lot of “fun facts” which I did not in many other videos. However, there were no prevalent connections to Bio 1510 in the video.

  33. Taylor Sydney says:

    The background music is a bit too loud for the narration. The subtitles helped, but some of the words are off. Your animations are great! The information is presented very clearly.

  34. Smith Jaeiza says:

    I really liked the animation. The illustrations and graphs enhanced your discussion of the paper.

  35. Higgins Lisa says:

    I think what made this video grab my attention was the fact that it is done very similarly to the videos in our class readings (which is a good thing because I learn a lot form them). The visuals along with explanations were great and I loved how you guys connected squirrels and Tech.

  36. Stolz Alexandra says:

    Great video. I found it very interesting and it definitely grabbed my attention. I really liked how you took the information and related it to real life. Overall the video was to the point, and it was very informative and engaging to watch.

  37. Dubey Shresttha says:

    The visuals were incredibly engaging, I bet you guys spent a lot of time on the animations. Some of the audio was strange, but the connections to concepts we learned in class and real life are very impressive.

  38. Vear Isabella says:

    I loved this video it was adorable and you made the information clear and easy to understand. Your illustrations were fantastic as well and your narrations/audio were easy to hear and understand. Further, I liked how you connected it to our campus and made it more engaging (insane that they didn’t originate in north america I always had assumed they had).

  39. Megan says:

    The design of this video is excellent! Very clean, simple, and engaging. The way the information was presented made it very easy to understand. My only issue is that the narrator was a little difficult to understand at times. They hesitated a bit and it sort of interrupted the flow of the video, but other than that, very good job!

  40. Taylor Thomas says:

    The visuals were very well done. The audio was not as polished as the visuals were, but all together a good video.

  41. Hoey Maeve says:

    The visuals in the video were great and were very helpful in understanding the information. The topics were also presented really well and connections to class topics was done well. Great video!

  42. Oliver Greta says:

    I really liked the use of computer animation- it kept the video interesting and helped to convey the information well. I also enjoyed the part about Georgia Tech, and really enjoyed this video overall.

  43. Taylor Micah says:

    This video is very well presented! The animations are simple enough to be interesting to watch without distracting from the explanation provided by the narrator, which was clear and easy to understand!

  44. Noah Rittenberg says:

    I really liked the way you connected the topic back to the things we learned in class. The animation was really good too! The only thing that wasnt perfect was the transitions from one speaker to another and the volumes, but that is not that big of a problem. Overall, this is an amazing video!

  45. Courtney Queen says:

    Amazing video! The animations are excellent and engaging! Nice job connecting squirrels and Georgia Tech!

  46. McGlothin Molly says:

    The animations in the video were very helpful due to the quality of information. The overall video was well done. With the squirrels around campus, it was cool how they link them from the video to Georgia Tech.

  47. McKean Thomas says:

    The visuals were very striking, but sometimes felt like they had a little lag. Otherwise, you had a great project. The GT reference at the beginning gave me a hearty chuckle.

  48. Green Madison says:

    I thought the video was very entertaining and informative. Besides some minor issues with transitions between speakers and ideas I thought it was great!

  49. Beruk Samson says:

    Strong integration of audio and visual aid to keep listeners’ attention throughout the video. In specific, I thought the use of the world map animations was most useful in visually representing the information being discussed. The content was also provided in a very easy-to-understand format, which I thought was good.

  50. Joseph Shaver says:

    Graphics were very engaging and well done. Video was very interesting and held the viewers attention. Great connection to Georgia Tech in the intro.

  51. Kulkarni Amrut says:

    I didn’t know that squirrels were that interesting until this video, plus really cute visuals. Over all, really great video.

  52. Goggans Griffin says:

    This video is well put together and very entertaining. The background music is fitting, ad the animations are professional. The only thing I would suggest you do is slow down the narration and increase its volume in reference to the rest of the audio.

  53. Kayastha Ayush says:

    The video was very entertaining with the nice upbeat background music and the appropriate animations. I liked how the animations were interactive with the information, and as more information was added, more animations occurred. Also, the narration was good because the narrator spoke clearly and at a good speed.

  54. Zachary Karpenko says:

    All of the visuals really help better understand the subject and the voiceovers help with as well, while also being of good quality. I would lower the background music noise but other than that it’s a great video.

  55. Muthuchamy Tarun says:

    Loved the video! The animations were a nice touch but didn’t distract from what you were saying. Also, the light guitar strumming in the background is a nice touch. I felt that I learned a lot from watching this video and thought that it had a Crash Course vibe to it.

  56. Patel Parth says:

    I enjoyed watching this video. The visual and pictures were easy to follow and it kept me interested and well informed. The audio was not clear but other than that this project was good.

  57. Bullock Kate says:

    I really enjoyed your video! The visuals were perfect for the informative audio. I also enjoyed the soft background music. Although I though that the phylogenetic tree could have been a bit simpler, so it would be more understandable.

  58. Jenkins Alexandria says:

    I enjoyed this video because of how informative it was, as well as, all of the ties back to our evolution module! The graphics were very interesting and easy to follow. The audio was a bit spotty at times, but overall, great job!

  59. Irondi Ogechi says:

    I really enjoyed the explanations and animations. There was a great flow to this video and also it relayed a great deal of information efficiently.

  60. Phillips Matthew says:

    The beginning was really good relating the topic to the students of Georgia Tech. I loved the visuals and the structuring of the video. Your group has had the best visuals that I have seen so far ,and the video was different than all the other ones which made it more interesting. It had good information and was well done!

  61. Grant says:

    The animations and visuals were great. They accompanied your information well and made your video easier to understand and more entertaining to watch. I also liked how you related the video to Georgia Tech Students. Well done. Nice video.

  62. Turner Emma says:

    good videos that were easy to follow! Made following the topic super easy and interesting.

  63. Reymond Brian says:

    I really love the fun yet very informative vibe that the video has. The video and images make the presentation very engaging and helped me better understand the locomotion of squirrels, especially the different types of squirrel species.

  64. Sills Ann-Marie says:

    This video was awesome. I felt like I was watching one of those Brain Pop videos. Making learning fun is possibly the most effective way for one to learn (in my own humble opinion, haha). Who knew squirrel movement was so different from species to species! Well done!

  65. Vezeau Alexandra says:

    The voices were very muted, but the information was easy to follow and the pictures of squirrels were really cute!

  66. Jehle John says:

    I loved the phylogeny tree with the squirrels. It was very cute. The volume on the narration could be a bit louder, but the outstanding visuals made up for that. Great job on relating the topic to Georgia Tech.

  67. Dunford Eden says:

    This video was really great. The animation was well done and looked professional. I think the audio would have been better with only one speaker but it was nice that you all participated. The information was also related back to the evolution module in a way that made sense.

  68. Diaz Noah says:

    Great video. I liked the visuals and how you made this applicable to real life

  69. Park Cassie says:

    Very visually appealing; it kept me attentive throughout the whole video. The sequence of material was thoughtfully and logically laid out. I like the background music – it did not overpower the speakers at all. Also enjoyed the intro and connection to Tech. Great job.

  70. Polik Hayriye says:

    Engaging video. The animations help explain the information are very helpful.

  71. Parikh Krishna says:

    This video is incredibly well done. In addition to the completeness of the information presented, the animations and images used make this seem like a very professional production.

  72. Tokos Margaret says:

    The bad:
    The audio wasn’t aways clear and has blips in it that are distracting.
    The graph at ~2-2:30 was difficult to see and understand.

    The good: All the visuals look very pristine and professional.
    The speaker has a nice, clear voice and explained the topics with enthusiasm.
    The video as a whole was very genuine and nice to watch. Well done!

  73. Mendoza Franco says:

    I really like how they challenge preconceived beliefs from the beginning, giving the viewer a reason to watch. The visuals were really good. I would maybe add better connections to the class material

  74. Bondarev Dmitry says:

    A good video with nice, colorful visuals. However, the speakers could have been a bit louder.

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