Group 8 | The Genetic Basis and Fitness Consequences of Sperm Midpiece Size in Deer Mice

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73 Responses to Group 8 | The Genetic Basis and Fitness Consequences of Sperm Midpiece Size in Deer Mice

  1. Black Natalie says:

    I was shocked to hear that researchers used a t-test! I now know why we use these in lab. I didn’t understand what they were drawing at first in some instances. Maybe if the title is written first, I would understand it better and easily connect it with what the narrator is saying. Sometimes the drawings don’t add to what the narrator says, or don’t correlate to the words at that time. Good drawings, good script, but putting them together seems to be the tricky part. I did understand the scientific figure. Overall, good video and explanation of the research paper.

  2. Mavris Sophia says:

    I really like the speeded up hand drawings; they are well done. The sound quality is not the best but over all well done! I like the tie into the ending credits song with your topic theme. All the speakers were clear and easy to understand.

  3. Whitehead Jarah says:

    I like how you guys directly incorporated what we learned in class with the experiment in your article. I also like how you guys included the music when you explained the conclusion of the experiment.

  4. Carroll Sally says:

    I enjoyed the visuals. They were very funny and kept my interest, while still being very informative. The audio was also very clear and easy to understand. Well done!

  5. Kern Ryan says:

    Incredible i think this should be nominated for an award of some type, very good job.

  6. Stubbs Isabella says:

    The hand-drawn animation was done nicely. The relationship to the biological concepts of selective advantage, fitness, and genetics was made clear and drew relevant connections to information taught in class. Great job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Calhoun Ciandra says:

    I really appreciated how each aspect of the experiment and topic were explained in a manner that was easy to comprehend. The images that were drawn, did not take away from the voiceovers playing concurrently; rather, the images aided in highlighting the important elements of the genetic basis and fitness consequences of sperm mid-piece size in Deer Mice. I love how at the end of the video, a summary of the key points were mentioned in a concise manner.

  8. Vacko Katharine says:

    This was a great video! The drawings were well done and very clear. However, the graph drawn towards the end of the video I thought was hard to interpret and wished they had provided more clarity. The summary at the end was very helpful in conclusion of the video and I also enjoyed the song they played in the background.

  9. Adithi Anil says:

    The visuals were good and your voices were slow enough to understand the topic. However, the music that started near the end of the video was a little distracting to listen to your conclusion. I think overall the video was done well by covering the topic and explaining all concepts clearly.

  10. Aldrete Carlos says:

    I thought the song choice at the end of the video was hilarious and it made the subject more approachable. The illustrations were well drawn out and provided good back up to the script. One thing I would say though is that the sound quality is pretty poor and between audio clips the volume levels were noticeably different.

  11. Medina Tatyana says:

    My group also had this article and I know how difficult the article was to interpret. I feel you guys really understood the concepts and were able to explain concepts in a manner that is easier for others to understand. I really like how the drawings were interesting and almost cartoonish it made learning more enjoyable! However, when explaining the figure the speaker was too fast and it was difficult to keep up. Love the song at the end!

  12. Sheu Wendy says:

    Some voiceovers sounded a little unsure. Our group also had this topic and y’all did a better job on giving out background information! The drawings were clear as well. I like how you gave eyes to the sperm and how you drew the mice which made it interesting.

  13. Ghalayini Sarah says:

    The song choice at the end was great! I also thought that the drawings were well done, and the video was very interesting. There are times when the audio quality could have been improved, but good job overall!

  14. Koo Jun says:

    Pretty well made video. The visuals helped your explanations but the video seemed a little too slow paced.

  15. Murray Hannah says:

    I love how all the concepts were drawn out! The speed of the speech was also perfect- I did not have to stop the video to catch up on all the ideas mentioned. However, there were some times where the sound quality was not very clear. I also loved your song choice for the end of your video- it made me laugh!

  16. Harris Sarah says:

    I thought the audio was pretty good even though it was sometime questionable, but you all spoke at a good pace that was easy to understand. The background information was good and and thorough. I thought the illustrations and graphics were adorable and conveyed what you were saying. Overall great job on the project, it was obvious that you put in a sufficient amount of time and effort into the project.

  17. Bakare Oladipo says:

    The hand-drawn images were great, but the rise and fall in intonation made the video a little bit hard to follow. Overall, a good amount of information was learned.

  18. Anum Ul-Haque says:

    The video was great! Near the beginning, some of the sudio was a little low and the speakers sounded a bit unsure about the topic, but the rest was great! The ending music was cool, and when I saw the name, I thought it tied in really well with the rest of the video.

  19. Wilson Isaiah says:

    Information in this video was conveyed extremely well. I was able to comprehend the experiment itself and the implications that came from the experiment.Visuals did well to compliment the information presented.

  20. Milburn Emily says:

    I love that you ended the video with the song, Promiscuous Girl, to tie in the results. Sometimes I didn’t quite understand how the pictures went with what the narrator was saying, but overall, your hand drawn pictures were great. The audio was clear and easy to understand. Great job!

  21. Ogan Soseimiebi says:

    The video was good, however the sound could have been a little better in quality. I could hear a great deal off background noise which distracted me a little from the speaker. The speech was very fast at times, but was very clear and paced at the beginning. The information was delivered in a way that was easy to follow. At times I got lost as the diagrams were not followed immediately by the speaker voice. Despite these minor things, the video was very informative and I was able to learn a great deal.

  22. Bentata Benezry says:

    Great video. Overall, I really liked it and enjoyed it. The fast pace drawings were super cool, and the research is well explained. The quality of the sound could be improved though.

  23. Qin Nina says:

    Did not know that t-tests were that legit. The video was really informative. I feel like I could totally use this video to review some concepts during finals week. The drawings were well done and immensely helped me understand the study.

  24. Patel Tilak says:

    The video was well made. Connections between the research and the lectures were clear and well done. The visuals were clear and understandable along with the speech. This video makes difficult concepts easy to understand.

  25. Grande Guillermo says:

    As a member of a group who was also assigned this paper, I know how difficult it was to understand and clearly convey the main points of this experiment, regardless, I think this group was able to excellently present it. The narration and the illustrations complimented each other very well and worked to create a very clear video. The connections between the material learned in lecture and how it relates to the study was also clearly conveyed. The quality of the audio suffered at some points, but it did not detract from the video overall. Great job!

  26. Reeves Devon says:

    Fascinating! ha- the longer the sperm the more fertilization! This was a great video and the concepts were conveyed in a fashion that made it easy to understand.

  27. Mohammad Awan says:

    The video had a good job of giving the basic idea and explained it quite well. I liked the drawing and it was overall engaging and interesting.

  28. Wauldron Natalia says:

    The visuals and overall content of the video were really good. The voice over was a little to slow for me, because I kept losing track of what had been said. I liked how you guys tied information from class very clearly.

  29. Muenchen Alexandrea says:

    The hand-drawn animation was well done and fun to watch. The connection to selective advantage, fitness, and genetics was clear and nicely incorporated. I loved the song in the conclusion, it made it a lot more engaging!

  30. O'brien-Russell Charlotte says:

    The visuals helped to explain the experiment but could have been better. I felt that some of the drawing were unnecessary. Furthermore, the volume was off during the video; some voices were very loud and clear while others were very quiet. I would also change the music at the end.

  31. Hebert Mason says:

    This is a very interesting video, I had no idea that the midpiece size in sperm affected its fitness! Well done, and great visuals.

  32. Iyengar Mayuri says:

    The voice over sounded very bored and unenthusiastic. The camera was very steady, and the images were very good. The video seemed very basic though, you guys could have maybe added some music or something in the background thoughout. But the information was presented and understood clearly! Good job!

  33. Mathur Anmol says:

    I enjoyed the visuals and the music. The ideas and information presented were clear. I think that audio could have been better at a few points. Apart from that, I think this was an excellent video.

  34. Higgins Lisa says:

    I loved how you added the song at the end of the video it added a touch of humor and made me laugh! I think this video was a little repetitive and gave some information, on length of mid piece, twice. Besides this I loved the hard drawn graphics, especially the racetrack image with the sperm, it was very creative.

  35. Vear Isabella says:

    Nice video! Visuals were engaging and your audio was clear and easy to understand. Your camera was also very steady which was super nice and allowed me to actually see your visuals, your drawings were super creative and show a lot of effort. The information overall was very clear and you did a nice job explaining the study. (the song at the end had me cracking up for a solid couple minutes)

  36. Lucas Council says:

    This video was great. It was very easy to watch, and the music was not distracting. It was very explained very well.

  37. Hoey Maeve says:

    The drawings were great quality and were very helpful in understanding the topics being discussed. The camera work was also done very well. The audio is sometimes difficult to understand or too quiet to hear. The overall presentation of the topics was clear and helpful, though! Great video

  38. Arpinar Omer says:

    Great drawings, I’m glad that you chose to speed them up. They add a lot to the video but do not distract the audience from the message.

  39. Oliver Greta says:

    I really enjoyed the visual representations for this video and felt the information was presented clearly. The audio was hard to understand at parts.

  40. Karius Alexander says:

    The visuals were very engaging and the information was presented in a very successful way. The song at the end fit in well and closed out a very good video.

  41. Mahajan Divya says:

    The drawing are very well made, however, the narration became a little monotonous. Nice video overall.

  42. Cho Ha says:

    I really enjoyed this video! The drawings were really helpful and relevant to the topic, but the audio was not clear at times. The introduction was good, and the audience could understand what is happening. Overall, I thought you guys did a great job in explaining the materials!

  43. McGlothin Molly says:

    The visuals were done nicely which made it easier to understand. Also the speaker’s clarity added to the quality of the video. The audio at times was a distraction.

  44. Umair Alvi says:

    This video was great in the sense that it really boosted my understanding of the study you guys analysed. I wish you would have done something a bit more creative, but the video was great either way. Whoever was drawing drew very neatly and the speaker spoke clearly, great video.

  45. Green Madison says:

    I thought the video was super informative and I learned a lot watching it! I liked the humor the group used throughout the video. All the information was clear and easy to comprehend.

  46. McKean Thomas says:

    This presentation was very informative and engaging, keep up the good work!

  47. Leal Antonio says:

    The drawings complemented the explanations and results quite well. The data was very easy to follow and the sound quality and the script made the information easy to understand.

  48. Mount Conner says:

    I thought the drawings were great and the explanation was well done. I was genuinely interested in the research! Great job.

  49. Goggans Griffin says:

    The video contains excellent background information to communicate this experiment to someone who is not familiar with the topic. I suggest you make parts of the narration more enthusiastic and possibly include light background music to fill up the awkward silence between clips.

  50. Kayastha Ayush says:

    The beginning narration sounded a bit odd, but as the video went on the narration became more clear. I really liked how the information was displayed by hand drawings that were sped up to follow along with the information. It was much like the professional youtube tutorial videos. Very well done.

  51. Sommer Elias says:

    I really enjoyed the drawings. They were incredibly creative and helped me connect the concepts together.

  52. vjohn6 says:

    I enjoyed the use of timelapse when creating the video. The visuals were good and really introduced the topic to someone who doesn’t know anything about. At some points, the video was slow paced, but other than that, it was pretty good.

  53. Warner Chase says:

    The video was very good. The visuals were informative and interesting. The only major distracting problem was the variation in sound quality between different narrators. One suggestion would be to connect concepts to in class topics as they are mentioned, for example discussing differences in gene expression just after explaining how transcription and translation are both necessary for the expression of a gene. The music at the end added a humorous touch to the video and made it overall quite interesting.

  54. Quintas Gabriel says:

    The video was great overall. Some room for improvement include making all narrators have the same microphone volume/quality. Also, maybe some parts could be sped up to keep the viewer engaged. However, overall the video was really clear and informative.

  55. Zachary Karpenko says:

    While the information presented was great and the group definitely seems like they know what they’re talking about, it is not a very engaging video and loses viewer interest easily.

  56. Muthuchamy Tarun says:

    I loved the hand-drawn animations! However, the voices are kind of monotonous and does not capture the listener’s animation that well so it is easy to tune out. On the other hand, I liked the video and felt that I learned something.

  57. Irondi Ogechi says:

    Glad to know the t-test is actually utilized in research and that we didn’t learn how to use them in lab for nothing! Great video. Animations were great but there could be improvements to the voice overs. Still a great job however.

  58. Mary Carolyn Hulgan says:

    The illustrations and narration were engaging, but writing the title of the illustration at the end of the section was sometimes confusing. Overall, good job!

  59. Nagesha Anirudh says:

    The idea to speed up the drawings is very cool. My group did this as well. It seemed a lot like some of the videos that are on the site as part of the modules and that made it seem a little more professional. I liked the illustrations and thought they were very informative. Good job.

  60. Reymond Brian says:

    Excellent video. The constant images/drawings were very well done, interesting, and helped be understand the topic better. The pace and volume of the speakers were also very clear.

  61. Grant says:

    I enjoyed the visuals and the paper drawings were very interesting. The explanation was also very clear and easy to understand. Great job. Awesome video.

  62. Amoss John says:

    Script was very clear and straightforward; very easy to understand. Audio editing was a little iffy, and the video overall was not entertaining- but overall a pretty good presentation of information.

  63. Rajchel Milosz says:

    I could tell that you put time and effort into this video. I liked the drawings and the voice over quality. Interesting topic too…. lol. The best part was the conclusion – I was able to easily understand the information. Well done!

  64. Sills Ann-Marie says:

    Funny visuals! Y’all really kept my attention! I also really appreciated how you guys matched up with what we covered in class. The pace and the script were concise and clear. Great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Bondarev Dmitry says:

    The content is clear, but some of the speakers talk too fast and the sound quality is uneven.

  66. Vezeau Alexandra says:

    Haha I really liked the song choice at the end! I thought the video was pretty good overall. I think it would’ve sounded better with one good speaker narrating, but the explanations were clear anyway and the drawings were cute. Good job.

  67. Okudoh Victoria says:

    Nice job. Very detailed explanations.

  68. Crane-Moscowitz Kenneth says:

    I think your video was pretty good. I liked the way you presented all of the information and I liked your use of pictures. I do think that you would have benefited a lot from having a better quality microphone or even using the same microphone for each voice over.

  69. Chen Morissa says:

    Great drawings. The video had good graphics and good audio quality. However I thought the best part of your video was how it tied together concepts form the research and our in class learning very well. The music was a great added touch too.

  70. Polik Hayriye says:

    Engaging pictures and easy to understand narration of the information. I really liked how you defined vocab that was learned in the previous modules.

  71. Tokos Margaret says:

    The drawings were great. Took a little long sometimes but they were very cute and well worth the wait. The video lacked some energy and the dialogue was unclear at times but still a solid effort.

  72. Popovici David says:

    The promiscuous gene drawing with the rat was very creative. Nice touch on the bow.

  73. Dowling Margaret says:

    This was a great video! Awesome job demonstrating your understanding of the topic at hand! I really appreciate the effort put forward, especially with the drawings! Awesome work!

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