Module 2 Molecules and Metabolism

0. Chemical context for life – an optional review of chemistry principles needed to understand biomolecules
1. Biological molecules and Protein structure and function

Application: Arsenic Life? arseniclife-v3

2. Membranes and Membrane transport

Application: Lipids as molecular fossils Molecular Fossils – lipid biomarkers

3. Cells

Application: CFTR, chloride ion transport and osmosis Cystic fibrosis

4. Energy, equilibrium and enzymes

Application: pain relievers and cyclooxygenases

5. Respiration and oxidative phosphorylation

Application: Redox energy and microbial fuel cells

6. Oxidative pathways: electrons from food to reduce electron carriers

Application: Tylenol poisoning case

7. Fermentation, mitochondria and regulation

Application: Patrick paralyzed

8. Converting light energy to chemical energy

Application: atrazine

9. Using chemical energy for carbon fixation

Application: deducing the Calvin cycle

10. C4, review of respiration & photosynthesis

Application: phototrophic aphids

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