Group 7: Is it accurate to think of coelacanths as “living fossils?”

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48 Responses to Group 7: Is it accurate to think of coelacanths as “living fossils?”

  1. ajds3 says:

    Really creative. Audio must improve. Great content

  2. mmiller315 says:

    Although I don’t understand Pokemon, I still found this clever and useful.

  3. yyang418 says:

    I loved how you tied this topic with Pokemon. It was both fun to watch and informative.

  4. estubbs6 says:

    The video was very creative. It clearly presented the information and was easy to follow.

  5. sreginauld3 says:

    This video took on a creative aspect as it incorporated a lot of comical ideas into a serious topic which actually helped provide a detailed understanding of living fossils. The video was altogether, well put.

  6. esims7 says:

    You guys did a great job with the Pokemon theme! I think that the video could use some more expository content, but I appreciate that this group stepped outside of the box.

  7. akvg3 says:

    It was a unique attempt at explaining coelacanths and living fossils but at the beginning, the actors were hard to hear and in the middle the white board was hard to read. Overall, it was entertaining and I understood the concepts being explained.

  8. kmccalley3 says:

    Very cleverly done! All really great information with some comedic relief mixed in, I enjoyed watching!

  9. psanghvi7 says:

    A very fun way to talk about the idea behind a living fossil. Who can resist pokemon?

  10. aeze3 says:

    The Pokemon theme made me all the more interested.

  11. hkim717 says:

    Nice work making the video related to catching pokemon and making it entertaining. Very informative as well as fun to watch.

  12. sbasta3 says:

    Cool theme, creative video!

  13. rforloine3 says:

    You related it to what we learned in class very well but the audio was somewhat unclear at certain points. Creative and informative.

  14. vvellanki3 says:

    It was a kind of hard to hear so check the mic. Other than that, I really liked this video!

  15. gmathew6 says:

    Funny tie in with pokemon, but the writing on the board as a little unclear. Good information throughout, very captivating and interesting.

  16. jcho300 says:

    because the video is comic, it was not boring at all. I like it.

  17. jkim3087 says:

    professional actor, and professional lecturer! really enjoyed this video

  18. wcook31 says:

    As a Pokemon fan I loved the theme you went with in this video. Your information was well informed and held my attention the whole time. Extremely well done!

  19. amorris45 says:

    Y’all are lucky that I am a pokemon fan. A very creative analogy, mixed in with a pretty good lesson about living fossils. May have drawn a little to far from the actual topic, and too close to pokemon. Regardless, I am showing this to friends.

  20. kdoughty7 says:

    Loved the creativity of referencing Pokemon while still explaining what a living fossil is. Excellent work.

  21. lballew3 says:

    Good story and I love the concept, the only problem is the sound is really bad and makes the video hard to understand at times

  22. jtruax3 says:

    Too much time devoted to non-informational pokemon bits. It was interesting how you incorporated your topic with pokemon but it should not have taken so long to start presenting your information.

  23. elisenby3 says:

    Difficult to hear at times, but the approach was really creative. The video broke down the development of fossils through both sufficient audio and video.

  24. sstewart39 says:

    Entertaining but also informative. It effectively showed why coelacanths are perfect examples of why directional selection can lead to a reduction in variability, slowing down evolution in a species.

  25. smehta73 says:

    Really creative and reelable way to convey your topic. I especially like how you mimicked the pokedex to recite the characteristics of the coelacanths

  26. achen87 says:

    Hilarious and informative connection to Pokemon. Kind of hard to hear in the second quarter but the rest was informative. IT WAS PIKACHU!

  27. bstacey3 says:

    Very informative and clever idea to link it to Pokemon. Had some trouble understanding what was being said in some parts.

  28. jlester31 says:

    Unfortunately there is poor audio, but I love the creative idea y’all had and enjoyed it more than I probably should have.

  29. klanthier3 says:

    The effects you used made it easier to pay attention

  30. jeverett30 says:

    The editing is well done and the explanations are thorough and strongly supported.

  31. tmvg3 says:

    very creative. I thought the organization was a little choppy and all over the place. Overall I enjoyed it.

  32. hwilliams42 says:

    Best video ever

  33. kmartin65 says:

    Very creative and presenting the information in a more fun way was helpful in understanding it

  34. smihm3 says:

    Good informative and funny video. The audio was a little rough at the beginning but got much better by then end. A creative approach to the topic that was both funny and engaging. I also learned about something I had never heard of before. Great video!

  35. gsanders31 says:

    I LOVE the pokemon music in this!!! And I love how the video is interactive and takes place all over campus, it taught me a lot! Great job! 🙂

  36. bhuggins3 says:

    The audio was a little quiet and hard to understand. However, I love the Pokemon addition

  37. jjs3 says:

    very creative in your presentation, you guys obviously put alot of work into this, great job with the video!

  38. dolaiya3 says:

    Awesome video. Clearly states your evidence for whether or not coelacanths should be considered as a living fossil.

  39. rmonahan3 says:

    I really liked the creative elements in this video! It was very informative. Good job!

  40. hchung76 says:

    At first the comical approach felt like it wasn’t very helpful to the information delivery, but as the video went on it was not only very engaging but also extremely informative. Learned something about the coelacanths!

  41. cfares3 says:

    Audio was difficult to hear but the video was creative, to the point, and explained the info very well.

  42. shoover30 says:

    I love that you all took advantage of the outside locations on campus because most Groups did not do that.Very unique introduction to your topic.

  43. mdt7 says:

    Very creative video. I couldn’t hear very well in the beginning. The content is very informative.

  44. jno9 says:

    It seems really interesting topic. But, I could not hear the conversation well.

  45. sswitzer3 says:

    This was a very creative video and I liked how you utilized the Georgia Tech campus in your video. The information was clearly presented but the audio could have been improved.

  46. nchhatriwala3 says:

    Nice Pokemon reference, I like how you use the campus in order to drive your point home. The analogy actually clicked and made sense.

  47. jpewitt3 says:

    I love your creativity. You conveyed the information well.

  48. icaballero3 says:

    Very witty and creative. The visuals were nice and helpful, although the audio could use some improvement.

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