Nickel and the end-Permian Extinction, Group 5

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47 Responses to Nickel and the end-Permian Extinction, Group 5

  1. mmiller315 says:

    Very helpful and very creative.

    • jbrown375 says:

      I thought this was accurate. Information was presented cleanly and directly. Sometimes a little hard to follow. Very good overall.

  2. jpelzer3 says:

    The way the information was presented was very creative, but sometimes the pictures were a little disorganized and lacked formality. However, the group thoroughly informed viewers.

  3. sreginauld3 says:

    The video was very informative as it went into great depth to help show the history behind the fluctuation of nickel levels in the environment. The video was well put together, demonstrating a good flow from general concepts to a more specific topic.

  4. esims7 says:

    This video was difficult to follow because of the speed at which the information was delivered. Slow it down a little, and it would be perfect! The music was a great touch.

  5. mmosgrove6 says:

    Good, concise information on Permian extinction!

  6. dyaroshevsky3 says:

    Is it believed that this extinction set back evolution in way that we could have evolved as a species earlier had it not happened?

  7. rmccord8 says:

    The video was very informative.

  8. achoo3 says:

    Visual and oral presentation were slightly off at certain parts. The loop for the background song was buffering at various moments. During the slide with Siberia and Russia, the audio was cut off at the very end. Oral presentation started to speed up by the third slide, indicating too much information that is roughly compacted into 5 minutes. On the other hand, the background music added a hint of appeal and attraction to the video’s content. Pictures and drawings were extremely diverse and audio quality was perfect! The video fulfilled its requirement in the content area, providing much content of the end-Permian extinction that was easy to follow through and understand.

  9. bharris60 says:

    Great video! I love the background music and learned a lot about the major extinction events.

  10. ssmith369 says:

    The video is very well put together and the general style helps keep my interest (yay pretty drawings). The information is also concise and coherent. If I get very picky, there is room for improvement. Most notable for me would be the change in rate of information delivery throughout the video. The beginning of the video is very easy to digest. However, towards the end it gets harder and harder to follow.

  11. sbasta3 says:

    Love the visuals. Great video.

  12. lbarre3 says:

    very thorough and entertaining…hard to understand what was being said at some points

  13. mganues3 says:

    Your explanation of the events was very easy to follow and informative. However, due to editing, some of the audio is hard to hear, so i missed some information.

  14. schowdhury35 says:

    The pictures are very helpful and I loved the evidence and examples.

  15. jtrottier3 says:

    Fun to watch and easy to follow. All information was relevant. Voiceover was a bit spotty. I liked the background music a lot.

  16. tdiaz8 says:

    I liked your use of different colored markers and the timeline at the beginning of the video. The speaking could have been slowed down a little bit, but the video did provide sufficient information about the topic along with detailed drawings.

  17. xguan9 says:

    Good flow, but a little too long on the explanation of the general description of the concept of extinction.

  18. jlee961 says:

    very detailed and entertaining. thorough in explanation. visually appealing too. drawings match the words so easy to understand

  19. hgreenwald3 says:

    I like the background music! Very informative. Difficult to follow at some points.

  20. achen87 says:

    Anoxic means lack of oxygen, not energy. I was going to say we should introduce nickel and methanosarcina onto Mars so that the ice would melt and turn the planet into a planetary rest stop, but then you basically said that would just turn it into Venus 2.0 instead. Nice video though.

  21. klanthier3 says:

    you really made it both educational and entertaining

  22. sawan3 says:

    Did a really good job explaining impact and introduction of nickel into the environment and its effect.

  23. jeverett30 says:

    I like this video style with the written explanations. You made the context easy to understand through with the visuals.

  24. kahluwalia3 says:

    Tons of content, speed made it difficult to follow, but still enjoyed the style of video and information.

  25. kdhalla3 says:

    Material was very thorough, but the audio was too fast in some parts of the video making it hard to understand. Cool music

  26. fbush3 says:

    Wow! You were incredibly thorough and addressed all relevant aspects of you topic. It seems as if you really learned the information and knew what you were talking about!! Very well done.

  27. sparra6 says:

    I agree with lbarre3! The video definitely did a good job of making sure the material was covered thoroughly, but I did have trouble understanding it a bit at times.

  28. mbidwell3 says:

    I like the introduction. However, the audio fades in and out a few times.

  29. arathor3 says:

    Great video, the illustrations helped a lot in understanding concepts.

  30. tmvg3 says:

    Great job of thoroughly explaining the event. Sometimes it sounds like the voices were sped up and made it difficult to keep up with what they were saying. Overall it was engaging.

  31. smihm3 says:

    Although the narrator at times was hard to understand or was too fast, the video as a whole though was very good. The pictures/drawings that go on in during the narration are creative and very well done. It makes the video more entertaining and engaging. Also never realized the importance of nickel which was very interesting. Great thorough job!

  32. rgolding3 says:

    Very informative and loved the style of the video! It was very entertaining and full of pertinent information.

  33. tconnors3 says:

    Very detailed and expansive. A lot of information is provided in the video, so it provides great insight on the topic, though it is a bit overwhelming.

  34. cbotti3 says:

    This video was very well put together and creative, but unfortunately the audio was poor in a lot of places

  35. jdoolittle3 says:

    I really liked how the information was presented!

  36. kcorrell3 says:

    Interesting video! Love the introduction

  37. npittman6 says:

    Very good use of visuals. Wish we had done that in ours! LOL

  38. spatel400 says:

    The visuals and info were done well but the video editing could use a little bit of work. Some parts were hard to hear. Other than that, it was a great video.

  39. wsugianto3 says:

    Good visual on this video, however, there is some problem with the audio.. In some part of the video, I could not hear the explanation clearly. Fortunately, the clear visual and drawings really help me to understand the video better.

  40. shoover30 says:

    I agree with wsugianto3 the video was nice but one member was very low and just stopped talking in the middle of the explanation but overall was a great video.

  41. marija3 says:

    A little bit too much information all at once but that may have been due to rapid audio– it was hard to keep up with at certain points. However, lots of key points and nicely builds up to the importance of nickel in the end-permian extinction which was enlightening and interesting!

  42. mdt7 says:

    Information is concise and to the point. Good visual. Great work comparing the types of extinction.

  43. jbrown375 says:

    I thought this was accurate. Information was presented cleanly and directly. Sometimes a little hard to follow. Very good overall.

  44. sreginauld3 says:

    The visuals were very useful in explaining the narration making the information very direct and easy to follow and comprehend.

  45. jpewitt3 says:

    I enjoyed the background music throughout the video

  46. dgarg8 says:

    The video was very creative and well made.

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