Group 27 – Electric Bacteria

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36 Responses to Group 27 – Electric Bacteria

  1. nchhatriwala3 says:

    Awesome job, I like how you tried to act like JC, it was very funny and quite engaging. The LC question really through me for a loop. Well done, I actually learned something interesting today.

  2. lballew3 says:

    Funny intro and good presentation all around, also I like how to imitate the lectures that we have in class and continue to keep it interesting.

  3. esims7 says:

    The Dr. Choi imitation is funny! Creative use of the classroom setting and PowerPoint slides. Great job.

  4. smudrinich6 says:

    I really liked the creative presentation of your video. It put the interesting content in a cool and easy-to-follow frame of reference!

  5. tmvg3 says:

    Very creative with the class lecture set up! I thought the info was very detailed. Nice job.

  6. cfares3 says:

    Good Video! Concise, interesting, and funny

  7. smitra36 says:

    Nice use of humor! The voice over was fast at some points but it was probably needed because you had a lot of information. Well done.

  8. psanghvi7 says:

    The video itself is kind of boring, but the intro is interesting and funny. Overall the video is fun and informative.

  9. cgomez37 says:

    Interesting approach haha, I liked the learning catalytics questions

  10. achen87 says:

    Nice incorporation of humor! Ideas and concepts were engaging to the viewer.

  11. shoover30 says:

    I like the way they used this video to convey the way we learn things in our biology classes. Good job guys.

  12. gpfundt3 says:

    Great video! I really enjoyed. It very well described the topic information and I feel like i have a good understanding of it. Good visuals too!

  13. twommack3 says:

    Great intro! I really liked this video, great job!

  14. tho9 says:

    This is great! very different from other videos I have seen. Liked how you pretend to be Dr. Choi and the learning catalytic part was great! My attention was kept going while learning interesting new facts.

  15. ttsung3 says:

    Very nice intro, it hooked me in

  16. jhill67 says:

    I really like the humor in your video!

  17. gsanders31 says:

    I really like the powerpoint format you guys used and your illustrations, it made it easy to understand!

  18. jno9 says:

    It was fun to watch

  19. mlcj3 says:

    You can tell you put a lot of effort into this video

  20. kchan45 says:

    Nice video with good content and a fun idea. The voices of the second and third narrators are kind of hard to listen to and understand.

  21. nnuthivana3 says:

    I really liked your implementation of the lectures from class. It’s very creative and funny. Good job!

  22. chaynie6 says:

    It was both informative and hilarious. Nice job!

  23. achoo3 says:

    Although the drawings weren’t very clear, it was nice to see a presentation replicating a lecture. The information was extremely informative, and using the powerpoint slides from the actual BIO 1510 catalogue was supportive of the group’s argument. This presentation could use more creativity and more enthusiastic action.

  24. jpelzer3 says:

    I liked the real world applications of the electric bacteria, and I thought the class theme was very cute. Good organization and overall good video.

  25. schowdhury35 says:

    this was a very entertaining vodeo tp watch and it was very informative so good combo of both!

  26. ryoung70 says:

    Great video! Very informative, and you seemed very knowledgeable about the subject. Creative, entertaining, and engaging! Good job!

  27. rpuvvada3 says:

    Informative, and met all the requirements, but it was kinda boring. I was just shown slides that could have been shown to me in a lecture presentation.

  28. nlee64 says:

    Not only was this video humorous, it was a great source of learning for me. Great job and good visuals. I enjoyed it very much.

  29. arathor3 says:

    Very funny video and informative. It was really cool how you formatted your presentation based on how the lectures are.

  30. sreginauld3 says:

    The presentation was very thorough and the visuals helped throughout the explanations.

  31. smargan3 says:

    The humor in this video made it really fun to watch and kept me engaged while I was watching. I especially like the touch of the learning catalytics question. I learn a lot from this video!

  32. swyfl3 says:

    Great job with the video guys! I liked the approach you guys took in order to present the information.

  33. lfeher3 says:

    Good use of humour, loved the intro and LC question.

  34. tshaw30 says:

    I felt like I learned a lot by watching this video, I understand Electric bacteria even more now! Nice amount of information

  35. kshi31 says:


  36. akell3 says:

    great video

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