Group 30: Eukaryote Origins


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42 Responses to Group 30: Eukaryote Origins

  1. mganues3 says:

    Very thoroughly explained; however, due to audio problems and lots of background noise, some of the video was very hard to hear.

  2. lbarre3 says:

    good job making the information easy to understand

  3. sbasta3 says:

    It would have been better if visuals were incorporated earlier in the video

  4. esims7 says:

    Good information, and good presentation. The speakers could have been louder, but overall a great video.

  5. cbattle6 says:

    Very informative, ties in all modules.

  6. hgreenwald3 says:

    Very informative

  7. aakosa3 says:

    Very inforamtive video

  8. cfares3 says:

    Good presentation of information

  9. jlee963 says:

    Voices were a bit quiet. Good information although I think some visuals might’ve been nice throughout the video

  10. mbarroso3 says:

    I liked the overall content of the video. I wish there were more animations and diagrams to explain the information further.

  11. psanghvi7 says:

    The audio is quiet, but the information comes across well. I would try to use more figures to explain the ideas and make the video more interesting. The video is still informative and clear.

  12. cgomez37 says:

    Not much in the way of visuals, but the explanation is good

  13. mmosgrove6 says:

    Simple and direct on information, could have used visuals to be more effective.

  14. nchhatriwala3 says:

    I really like the format that this video had, the use of diagrams really helps the viewer solidify the time frame and evolutionary relationships. Overall, it was informative and succint.

  15. shoover30 says:

    I think this group did a wonderful at describing the differences between the who hypotheses about the Eukaryota origin and relation to the Archean taxonomy. Great job Group

  16. wcook31 says:

    Sometimes the feedback was distracting but overall great video

  17. gpfundt3 says:

    Great video! I really enjoyed. It very well described the topic information and I feel like i have a good understanding of it. Good visuals too!

  18. tho9 says:

    Good different style of presentation. It would help a lot if there were more visuals. But overall, the information was presented really well.

  19. preisinger3 says:

    Slightly difficult to hear but overall the video was very informative!

  20. gsanders31 says:

    Had a difficult time hearing and viewing your hand-drawn pictures but the vide was still very informative.

  21. chaynie6 says:

    The audio and video quality weren’t the best, but I learened a lot.

  22. klanthier3 says:

    I was very engaged throughout. You did a great job keeping me interested

  23. jknipe3 says:

    I liked how you included the phylogenic tree and visuals at the end.

  24. amorris45 says:

    A little too quiet. I’m a visual person so this video was hard to follow. Otherwise there was little distraction.

  25. jpelzer3 says:

    A different method of presenting the information would have been appreciated as it was a little boring, and it was sometimes difficult to hear.

  26. ybelhseine3 says:

    I think the video would have been a lot better if it were more understanding.

  27. dherszenhaut3 says:

    The presentation style was very unique and still got the information across to the viewer. I would just say that the audio could use some improvement because the volume was very low and the speaker was hard to hear at some points.

  28. rmccord8 says:

    Overall the video presented the information well, however some of the audio was somewhat difficult to hear.

  29. apatel404 says:

    Great video, but the audio needs alot of work. The sounds are too quiet and there is background noise which overall takes away from the video. Increase the audio and this would have been perfect.

  30. nkapadia3 says:

    Your video was very informative and really allowed me to connect the modules together. However, the sound quality was a bit distracting throughout the video. However, the video did keep me very interested.

  31. nlee64 says:

    Some audio problems but the information was very solid. Good job with the teaching. Thanks for the video.

  32. shoque6 says:

    Was a little fast and hard to hear at times, but very informative.

  33. hbrar6 says:

    Hard to hear but it was an informative video. I like that multiple people were presented in the video and looks like it was a great group to work in!

  34. marija3 says:

    The audio was a little difficult to hear and visuals could have been used more to explain certain bits of information. However, the video was nonetheless informative and I liked that it was tied back to what we have been learning in class– relating it back to other modules as well.

  35. arathor3 says:

    The sound quality was not the best, but you had great information. Good job on the presentation!

  36. sreginauld3 says:

    The information was presented too quickly which made it hard to understand the concepts.

  37. icaballero3 says:

    Nice job, although more visuals near the beginning and the end of the video would be helpful. Also, the audio could use some improvement.

  38. btrugman3 says:

    Good although sometimes hard to hear

  39. mdt7 says:

    The narrator is a little fast, but overall, it is still easy to follow!

  40. aschultz32 says:

    Nice explanation and content.

  41. kshi31 says:


  42. Gene36As says:

    I think there could have been more engaging visuals and the audio was a bit hard to hear but other than that it was a good video

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