Group 28 Electric Bacteria

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50 Responses to Group 28 Electric Bacteria

  1. npittman6 says:

    Nice Visuals! Very helpful! Did you design these graphics yourself? If so, CONGRATS! If not, make sure you cite them 🙂

  2. sswitzer3 says:

    The speech was very clear and at a good pace. The graphics were very simple and easy to follow. Good job!

  3. lchen352 says:

    Good use of graphics and cool animations!

  4. stailor3 says:

    Really good information, and the production is solid.

  5. eferrando3 says:

    The visuals that accompany the narration are very engaging and keep the viewer interested. They also help to give a visual of the bacteria themselves and help to better understand the narration.

  6. sparra6 says:

    Excellent video! I found the presentation to be very original and very well done. The information also made good use of the concepts we have learned in class.

  7. kmccalley3 says:

    It sounds really professionally narrated and definitely presents information well!

  8. lhuddleston3 says:

    very informative video. I actually learned a good bit. While the voice over is not particularly original, the animation portions were a redeeming quality.

  9. ahendrix9 says:

    Love the animations, and nearly all the narrators were very well spoken.

  10. mbunker6 says:

    Cool visuals and well researched.

  11. gwang76 says:

    Good editing and transitions

  12. mchandler30 says:

    This was a very engaging video!

  13. mweaver9 says:

    Cool animated visuals!

  14. aakosa3 says:

    Great video, graphics are very well done and help to better understnd the concepts.

  15. jpewitt3 says:

    The animations were very effective in teaching this information. Great job.

  16. cfares3 says:

    Good presentation of information! Good job

  17. jlee963 says:

    First voice was very clear and articulate. Second voice was a little loud and not as clear. Overall great informative video.

  18. sglandorf3 says:

    Easy to understand and good visuals, but some parts were hard to understand what was said

  19. mbarroso3 says:

    This video described electric bacteria really well. I liked the animations and the descriptions that went along with the video. I also like how they presented the uses of electric bacteria and its significance.

  20. cbattle6 says:

    Very well done! Very engaging visuals!

  21. akvg3 says:

    Very interesting topic and well designed video. Provided the information in a logical and detailed way.

  22. tconnors3 says:

    Great video guys! Great visuals and great explanations

  23. gpfundt3 says:

    Great video! I really enjoyed. It very well described the topic information and I feel like i have a good understanding of it. Good visuals too!

  24. sdonaghy3 says:

    Very good production, and the video was very informative.

  25. woberg3 says:

    Great visuals in the movie? They really helped me understand the material! Well done!

  26. preisinger3 says:

    The visuals were well done and the information was presented in a great way! Overall really good!

  27. sskram3 says:

    The graphics were great and I felt very informed!

  28. sward40 says:

    Visuals really added to the video as a whole. Narrators were effective and were able to successfully communicate the information in a way that viewers became interested.

  29. jknipe3 says:

    Great visuals and clear info content and delivery!

  30. yyang418 says:

    Nice visuals. They were clear and eye-catching and matched the content very well.

  31. aeze3 says:

    Great use of animations! They guided your video very well and clearly aided in describing electric bacteria.

  32. schowdhury35 says:

    the video was very interesting to me personally and really helped me grasp the information in a meaningful way! good job!

  33. dherszenhaut3 says:

    The speakers were very clear and the visuals really helped the viewer follow along with the information being said. I would just recommend starting over the audio recording if you trip up over a word to make the video even better.

  34. jjohnson396 says:

    Real good visuals made this video fun to watch. Exciting way to portray information!

  35. rforloine3 says:

    The visuals and animations were really helpful. They really helped get your point across. Very engaging

  36. kbates9 says:

    Very clean presentation! Graphics add tremendously to the quality of the video.

  37. bpatel63 says:

    Nice visuals and good narration.

  38. ehighfield3 says:

    The narration was clear and well-paced. The video graphics were great and made the information easier to understand.

  39. ajds3 says:

    Really impressive animations. Awesome job!

  40. marija3 says:

    The video was engaging especially with the visuals, the voice-over was clear and easy to understand. The information was simplified nicely, capturing the main points and the overall significance, relating the research to what we learnt in class. Good job 🙂

  41. tmcphail3 says:

    I really like the animation when discussing respiration! The speakers were all clear and easy to understand. Good job!

  42. jdoolittle3 says:

    This video was very well-made!!

  43. kcorrell3 says:

    Great video! The visuals made it really appealing

  44. icaballero3 says:

    Very professional. The images were easy to follow and clear.

  45. Shane Clawges says:

    The video had an excellent pace and great visuals.

  46. asellers9 says:

    The pictures are really cool and the information is easy to understand and follow

  47. jtruax3 says:

    Very informative and the visuals really help with the presentation.

  48. mchandler30 says:

    This is a great use of visuals!

  49. Gene36As says:

    really incredible visuals and use of editing, that was really cool!!

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