Phylogenetic Puzzles: Origin of Eukaryotes (Group 32)

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57 Responses to Phylogenetic Puzzles: Origin of Eukaryotes (Group 32)

  1. fbush3 says:

    This was a great video. You presented the information well and included great detail!! Well done!!!

  2. npittman6 says:

    Very very thorough explanations! The information was well organized, but presented very quickly. You guys clearly worked hard and know what you are talking about

  3. lchen352 says:

    Good information provided. Useful for the test.

  4. ghadam3 says:

    i liked the visuals, informative and creative!

  5. sfield3 says:

    Video was very informative. The background noise was slightly distracting.

  6. stailor3 says:

    Lot’s of really good information, and the diagrams are good.

  7. imarkale3 says:

    The diagrams were easy to follow and presented well!

  8. estubbs6 says:

    Well done and informing.

  9. eferrando3 says:

    The way that the writing appears at the same time as the information is being said keeps the viewer engaged and does a good job of summarizing what is important and the phylogenetic trees help to better understand the relationships between the domains of life.

  10. sparra6 says:

    Very informative and well researched, but a little dry at times. Good job overall though.

  11. lballew3 says:

    Well explained and a great use of the diagrams for illustrating what they say. Good medium of presentation also keep it interesting.

  12. kmccalley3 says:

    Looks great, and also a pretty helpful review for the test!

  13. arussell32 says:

    Could have been a bit more visually appealing, if you had used other images/pictures, not just graphs and drawn pictures.

  14. tdiaz8 says:

    I liked your inclusion of the image toward the end of the video and explained each part slowly and clearly. Instead of switching between slides you kept it on the main picture which was much less distracting.

  15. lhuddleston3 says:

    Good video, and a good combination of visual devices. It takes a very thorough look at each possibility of the origin theories of eukaria.

  16. gwang76 says:

    Very factual and formal

  17. aakosa3 says:

    Good use of graphics and very informative.

  18. cfares3 says:

    Good job

  19. bhuggins3 says:

    Very informative. Smooth transfers

  20. amomin8 says:

    Your video was kind of like the videocast that Professor Choi does. =)

  21. ltran44 says:

    Nice video! It is easy to follow and very informative

  22. akvg3 says:

    Great video! Displayed the information well and the voice went well with the slides and graphics.

  23. smihm3 says:

    A lot of information expressed and I definitely learned alot however the video is not very engaging. It is all just the information and nothing that engages the viewer. Overall though, the video is very well done.

  24. gpfundt3 says:

    Great video! I really enjoyed. It very well described the topic information and I feel like i have a good understanding of it. Good visuals too!

  25. twommack3 says:

    Great video, all the drawing was very nicely done and easy to understand.

  26. woberg3 says:

    Easy to understand the concepts! Helped me review for the Test.

  27. sskram3 says:

    I really like this style of presenting, watch background noise

  28. ttsung3 says:

    Lots of information packed into smooth flowing diagrams

  29. ralt3 says:

    Neat and hopefully helpful for the test haha

  30. hjo35 says:

    concrete points, good video !

  31. dkssud says:

    Well pointed out the core concepts!

  32. mbonus3 says:

    great information

  33. nnuthivana3 says:

    This was a very informative video. Good job!

  34. skim817 says:

    Wow! I felt like I was watching the video lecture on Youtube!!! Welll done!

  35. ssmith369 says:

    Very informative and well put together. I can tell the topic was a bit dry… but some form of applied humor or a break from straight information would have helped maintain interest.

  36. aeze3 says:

    Awesome video! Your pictures and diagrams were very helpful in smoothly and informatively presenting your topic.

  37. jjohnson396 says:

    Informative, and fairly creative as a bonus. Nice vid!

  38. rforloine3 says:

    The diagrams really help you get your point across and organized your information in a clear way

  39. kbates9 says:

    Very thorough explanation to a seemingly complex problem. Presentation also had excellent quality.

  40. ryoung70 says:

    Good job! Well organized and very informative, however the background noise was a bit distracting at times. Otherwise, good work!

  41. mzanghi3 says:

    Good graphics and info. Pretty dense.

  42. vvellanki3 says:

    The whiteboard approach really helped me understand the information. The voice was a bit monotone but otherwise, great job!

  43. bpatel63 says:

    Good use of visuals and very informative.

  44. nkapadia3 says:

    I really enjoyed the whiteboard writing presentation style. It was very thorough and at just the right pace that I was interested throughout the entire video. Lots of great information and I really learned a lot.

  45. ehighfield3 says:

    The information was presented in a simple format that was easy to follow and understand.

  46. tmcphail3 says:

    I liked how you used various visual forms to represent the information! Well paced and informative. Great job!

  47. sreginauld3 says:

    The presentation was very informative and helped tie together many concepts.

  48. gmathew6 says:

    Creative and engaging. Video also was very informative and helpful

  49. smargan3 says:

    You guys made good use of diagrams; they helped your presentation a lot. You guys also delved into the core concepts well. Good job!

  50. jdoolittle3 says:

    The sped up writing was a really cool idea! It keeps it entertaining

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