The Origin of Life: Abiotic Compound Formation

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22 Responses to The Origin of Life: Abiotic Compound Formation

  1. CKELLUM3 says:

    This was a very well done video with smooth transitions between the drawings. The drawing helped me visualize the content especially when the describing that methane came from movement of tectonic plates. I would have liked to see more supporting evidence, but it is clear with the sources at the end much thought as put into the presentation of this information. Overall, I enjoyed watching.

  2. EANDERSON68 says:

    I really like how your group used pictures being drawn to illustrate your information. It really made your video stand out. There were a couple black spaces in between that were a little long but overall your video portrayed everything it needed to.

  3. JPROCK3 says:

    Wow! I really enjoyed the artistic approach and the cartoons. This was very creative. Great job.

  4. AGRIMES8 says:

    Excellent video! Very original and captivating approach to presenting the subject matter. A little bit of visible data might have been nice, but I’m not sure of how you would work it into the sketching aesthetic. Great job!

  5. GGRESHAM6 says:

    This video was great. It was very informative, clear, concise, and creative. This group presented the material in a way that flowed and allowed the viewers to develop a better understanding of the ways organic molecules could have been synthesized. I really liked all the drawings too! Well done.

  6. JBAIK7 says:

    I thought this video was very engaging. The artist was really good and it was entertaining to watch for sure. The only bad thing about this group’s project was that it seemed like the artist had tremendously more work. I am not sure if this was the case but I don’t think it was a well divided group effort. But, I thought it was a great video to watch.

  7. SWILSON74 says:

    Phenomenal production quality. The only gripe I have with this video is the focus on methane when it clearly states formate was the key contributor for early life’s development. I didn’t read the scientific article, so perhaps it focused on methane and you were beholden to what it talked about, but with the time remaining I feel you could have explored formate a little more.

  8. SBADNANI3 says:

    Very nice video! I really enjoyed the sketching of the images to help understand the main concepts. The narration was very clear and easy to understand.

  9. dkssud says:

    The video was easy to follow the concepts about the topic, and the concepts were also explained enough.

  10. YLIEW3 says:

    This video was very well made. The information was presented in an interesting and engaging manner. Artwork was very impressive!

  11. CQIAN31 says:

    Amazing drawing and perfect pacing!

  12. LBELL9 says:

    Very informative and creative! Explained the concept very well. Good introduction and answered the questions presented well.

  13. GNACEY3 says:

    The use of sketch me helped create great visual aids. Explained the topic very well. Would have liked some connections with what we had learned in class.

  14. JFEARS32 says:

    That was great. I enjoyed the time lapsed art. One or more of you is a very talented artist. I am humbled and impressed by your video.

  15. VPRADEEP3 says:

    I think this group did a great job with the video. Their content was accurate and they broke down the concepts to a level appropriate for a viewer with a background of introductory biology. Further their illustrations were excellent and it is evident that they put a low of work into the hand-made drawings and their transitions were effective.

  16. AVEITH3 says:

    Along with containing a ton of information about the origin of life and a very clear and well done voice over, your video was also very artistic and very well done. 5 out of 5!

  17. DBLACK44 says:

    I rate this video 9/10.
    The graphics were very entertaining and very well-rendered. The video was easy to follow and addressed viewer questions as it progressed.

  18. BPEABODY3 says:

    Wow–best video I’ve rated so far. Your video engaged the audience and conveyed information in a clear, ordered fashion–a feat made all the more impressive by the fact you did so in 3 minutes. The video, however, could have talked more about the statistical aspect of the study as stipulated in the rubric, but this did not detract from the video as a whole.

    Nice ART!

  19. CSHIRLEY6 says:

    Wow. Jealous of your drawing/doodling skills. It was very entertaining to watch the animations, and they went along very well with the context of the video. Also, this video was very easy to understand technically and conceptually. Definitely best video out of the four I have seen. GREAT JOB!

  20. ELIN37 says:

    I liked the intro and the video was very informative. The video provided good background information and organized ideas clearly. The speaker was clear, and the drawings were well done.

  21. YASIF3 says:

    This video was absolutely amazing. The art in the video were not only very well drawn, but made sense and could be understandable to people who do not have background knowledge of biology. I appreciated how the molecular formula was written out, such as when they explained the Miller-Urey Experiment. Overall, I loved the story-like flow of this video-if methane was the first contributor to the rise of Earth’s earliest biochemical pathways.

  22. MOGUNSUSI3 says:

    Probably the best video uploaded! You did an amazing job. The visuals perfectly portrayed the information in a fun and educational way. The time it took to make this!?!?! I learned a few new things, and that’s mostly because of the way the information was illustrated. Again, amazing job.

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