S16-02 Cell Division- Cell Cycle, Mitosis, and Meiosis

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7 Responses to S16-02 Cell Division- Cell Cycle, Mitosis, and Meiosis

  1. OAdekonye says:

    This presentation was great and the graphic was really good with vpice presentation but the speed of the voice was too fast

  2. JAmero says:

    Your graphics are really good!

  3. GLee says:

    I liked how graphics were used and the information was enough for me to review and even people who don’t know the concept would be able to understand easily.

  4. JClancy says:

    This project has great visuals and information all presented in an effective way. The only change I would want to see that are not very possible within the rules of the video would be to space out the information a bit more as it seemed a bit rushed and tight for time

  5. JGeorge says:

    The animation in the presentation was really helpful as it gave a mental picture for what was going on during the cell division process.

    • JGeorge says:

      ^^Both processes could have been summed up however, that would have been useful. Other than that it was great!

  6. ADoshi says:

    Great video and very logical explanation. It did, however, seem a bit much by-the-book. Crossing over is a very interesting phenomenon, and it would have been a bit better if that were touched on more.

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