S16- 41 Electron Transport Chain




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10 Responses to S16- 41 Electron Transport Chain

  1. Minju Lee says:

    I like the transition between each pictures and the visuals are excellent. I don’t really see anything that needs to be improved. Maybe it will be nicer if more people participated in the voice recording.

  2. MVan Avery says:

    The content is presented in a really engaging way. The video was really great overall, but one improvement could be just adding sources for all the images at the end.

  3. OCote says:

    The video explained the electron transport chain very well, and the metaphor with the taxi driver made the process easier to comprehend. The visuals were very well done, and the bits of humor made the video entertaining. Great job.

  4. HRay says:

    The video had great animations and analogies that all flowed together very well in the description of the ETC. At times the narrator seemed to speak very quickly and it felt like he was rushing through the video. Overall, though, it was a well executed project.

  5. IDyagilev says:

    I really like how well done this video is. The taxi really helps explain the concept and the visuals are very well crafted. The audio could be a bit better synced and pauses removed. Overall, I have to say this is one of the best videos.

  6. VWu says:

    The video does well in explaining the electron transport chain. Though I find the visuals jarring due to the constant phase in and out of the hand. The effect was more distracting than helpful, especially when it just disappears.

  7. LBrewer says:

    Well done! The animations were really good and high quality. The only thing I would say to work on is maybe use less of the metaphor when actually describing the ETC; explain the metaphor before, then just use actual terms for the description.

  8. DPatel says:

    This was probably the most impressive video I have seen. Not only did you guys do a great job of teaching the ETC, but the video was created masterfully. As far as criticism, some of the images were a bit hard to focus on, but overall the video was wonderful.

  9. JHaines says:

    I greatly appreciated the inclusion of a summary slide with a table of the electron transport chain’s location and terminal electron acceptor in each of the major domains of life. This provides a useful visual and audio summary of the topic. I noticed the electron transport chain diagram you included was in German, this might be confusing to some who actually want to look at the diagram to learn what the electron transport chain looks like in the cell and know its parts.

  10. WPenniman says:

    Excellent visualization. I would suggest more content if you had had more allotted time.

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