S16-33 C4 Plants

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6 Responses to S16-33 C4 Plants

  1. GWetherbee says:

    This video had a good summary of C4 plants, but it could have included more details about how carbon is fixed and the different forms it takes.

  2. MMcdaniel says:

    This video offered a lot of good information and the visuals looked good with fun drawings. I would say however, that sometimes the visuals didn’t seem to go with the script completely. Also the voice over was very fast and sometimes hard to keep up with.

  3. EYearwood says:

    I liked the content that was presented in this video. This group was very thorough in their presentation and presented a lot of good information in a concise amount of time. The only thing I would change is better/more informative visuals.

  4. ADoshi says:

    Excellent, speedy explanation of C4 plants. The visuals used were very instrumental. One suggested improvement would be to draw out the chemical structures of Rubisco and/or the intermediates.

  5. CKim says:

    This video was a very informative and well-organized video. Their drawing pictures really helped me understand whats going on and whats consisting of inside c4 plants. One thing that could really improve the video is better visual quality in the middle. Slowing down the video could’ve helped me more easily understand.

  6. NOlczak says:

    I liked your visuals and the different video styles. You were very clear and presented the information well.

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