Team S16-28 Video-Natural Selection

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3 Responses to Team S16-28 Video-Natural Selection

  1. GWetherbee says:

    The example you used to explain was very detailed. You could have added more information about Darwin’s experiments.

  2. DPatel says:

    This video was very helpful, and did a good job of teaching the principals of natural selection. In terms of presentation, I liked how their were element of video intertwined with still images. I will say, the lighting could have been better for the illustrating part, but overall, the information was well presented.

  3. NManocchio says:

    The use of a concrete example such as giraffes and then the use of such clear visuals really helped in understanding the material underlying the example. One constructive criticism would be to have had more inflection in voice to make the video more fun, since the material was presented in a visually fun way!

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