Upwelling of Deep, Old Waters – Group 9

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26 Responses to Upwelling of Deep, Old Waters – Group 9

  1. Elisia Hamm says:

    This really tied in what we covered in lecture about upwelling and atmospheric/oceanic circulation in a super cute and humorous way. The format of the video is also incredibly creative! Great job!

  2. Malak Muhammed says:

    This video was very informative and gave a great explanation about how ocean upwelling affects global temperatures. I really liked the methods used to convey the topics {Dr. Ocean Man 🙂 }. The maps and arrows were really helpful in defining how the ocean water circulates.

  3. Shelby Webb says:

    Awesome job! The way you animated the video was awesome. I loved how you used paint to create such vivid animations. You also seemed to really understand your topics as well and did a great job explaining them.

  4. Alishan Kaisani says:

    This video does a great job of presenting the content in an informative and questioning manner. The home-grown feel of the style of the presentation really keeps the viewer engaged and the use of MS Paint in such an effective way is mind boggling. Great video!

  5. Patrycja Kotowska says:

    The video was very creative and I really enjoyed watching this being presented in a new way. The maps and diagrams of ocean currents really helped in understanding the study that was conducted and did a great job at connecting it back to the information recently learned in the ecology module. Overall, this was an awesome video!

  6. Sierra Samie says:

    The images used are really interesting and unique, which makes the video more engaging. The background music is also nice. The only possible improvement would be to try to sound a little more enthusiastic. It was overall a very well put together video that clearly conveyed the information.

  7. Julianne Oliver says:

    SUPER creative way to do the video; I loved it! The audio and visuals were timed well, and you described the findings of the study in an easy to understand way. Also, great job incorporating module four material.

  8. Lindsey Wheeler says:

    Awesome video!! So informative and fun. Everything was tell aligned regarding the audio and video. The video formatting was well put together and creative.

  9. Andrew Helbling says:

    Very creative and really interesting. The production of the video is very high quality and the information is relayed perfectly. The findings of the study were relayed in a really informative way.

  10. Yanwei Zhang says:

    I like the fact that the animation is highly synchronized with the narrating. Well done! The music is very vibrant too. Very good!

  11. Thomas Evans says:

    You covered all the material and kept my attention the entire time. Everything is lined up really well, and this background music will be stuck in my head all day.

  12. Van Vu says:

    you all are creative and brilliant. Thank you for the video !

  13. Shelby Anderson says:

    This was a great video! The material was interesting and engaging, especially because of the wonderful visuals. The music complemented the video perfectly as well.

  14. Xiebin Gu says:

    The visuals was new and interesting, especially ocean man! The entire video flowed well and had great music to back it up.

  15. Celina Russo says:

    This video was exceptionally well done! I enjoyed it very much. The visuals was a very creative way to present the info. The info was presented at a pace that was reasonably paced and therefore easy to follow in addition to being very well explained. Awesome job!

  16. Tyra Owens says:

    The way that your visuals were presented was very creative and well done. And the music and narration did not clash which I think is hard to do so great job.

  17. Alan Tolar says:

    The visuals took what is a very difficult concept to grasp and made it simple to understand and entertaining!

  18. Simina Avram says:

    The video was very informative and very well structured. I loved how you animated the presentation in paint and the explanations were really clear and they had a great amount of detail. Great job!

  19. Youn Cho says:

    Awesome job! This is very creative and interesting video. I think you did a great job explaining the information also.

  20. Grant Kang says:

    Amazing job with the visuals, they went very well with the information being presented and the overall production quality was really good. It was also very informative, well organized, and engaging. I didn’t see anything really wrong with this video, great job!

  21. Riley Donahue says:

    Great visuals and great timing with the audio. Very informative and engaging. Conveyed the ideas well and made the topic easy to understand.

  22. Su-Yuan Yu says:

    Good music and nice drawings. One way to improve the video is that you can write out important terms. This helps people capture the main ideas.

  23. Emily Powell says:

    The production quality of this video was fantastic. It was fluid and easy to watch, which made the information easy to understand. Great job highlighting the most important biological concepts. They weren’t lost among the entertainment value.

  24. Joshua Congress says:

    Very interesting way to produce the video. Well done!

  25. Joshua Morgan says:

    The video was really well done and put together. I found the video really easy to watch the visuals helped me understand the information.

  26. Anant Bajpai says:

    The voice sync was well done and the content was very informative and apt. Great Job.

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